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  1. Water Buffalo Hide with thew fur on. It is just about 7ft long and 40 inches wide and has a 2ft tail attached! Super steal price $190 plus shipping
  2. I call this my John Wayne rig, 3inch Texas Jack Web Belt with 38 Loops and tow holsters for the 4 3/4 barrel guns. Will only fit the 4 3/4 barrel guns will fit clones also. Pictured here with my Old Model Vaqueros. Belt Measures 37 1/2 to the first hole and 43 1/2 to the last with space for two additional Holes/ $260 Shipped to you is my No Haggle Price!
  3. How about 45 Schofield cheaper to shoot than 56-50 and still an original caliber
  4. 2 pair of buffalo checkered gunfighter grip for Old model Vaqueros and Blackhawks on Gun Broker
  5. They are blue and I am a poor cleaner! Looked them over hard SEVERAL times
  6. I sold my ss 44-40s to a guy a couple of months ago. I now feel it was a mistake. You should keep them, they are few and had to find!
  7. If you have 7 1/2 Rugers you just got to have these holsters!
  8. Here is a great Fully Curved Texas Jack Holster set. If has 44/45 loops and is for 4 3/4 barrel guns. Belt is a wide 3 1/4 inches and is 42 inches to the middle hole. Pictured here with my Ruger Vaquero Birdshead old model guns. This fully curved set would be $700-800 new . My no haggle price is $325 shipped . The two holsters are not exact the cross draw is a Collector grade Lawrence holster. I got the set this way and never noticed they were not identical. Shipping is included however insurance is on your dime. Belt is suede lined holsters are unlined. See the pictures This is a real Steal!
  9. I not good at mixing things and getting the right look but thanks for your suggestions. Brownells doe have what I an youring for I think HERTERS - FRENCH RED STAIN. But of course it is out of stock. It also doesn"t give any info on the stain if it is a alcohol base.
  10. I have a stock to stain Walnut, normally I use Minwax or Watcos then cover with True oil. I am wanting a oil only stain then wax over finish. I have been trying to find a alcohol based walnut stain. I do not want a water base that will raise the grain in the wood. If you know of a good product and where it can be had I would be tnakful Thanks WW
  11. The old smith shop, he has all the lightning parts available in the US
  12. Colt Lighting grips frames do not fit Uberti
  13. I sent you an email with pics and price
  14. I have two one with Checkered grips, the other with real Ivory grips, the grips are new and not final fitted to the gripframe until it is on the gun
  15. Are the rugers blue or SS and what is the barrel length
  16. So you want the correct Wild Bunch Hat complete with medallion, which is removable, and leather strap. This is the real deal Government issue. In very good condition. size 7 1/8 maybe slightly larger $65 plus shipping
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