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  1. I will take . Rossi 92 stainless, .38/.357, 16inch barrel, very low round count, light scratches on stock. $400.00 shipped CONUS
  2. I will take the 140 rounds of cowboy 38-40
  3. Yup put it bold and in Red
  4. Here are the best boot I have ever owned they are as soft as a baby's buttox. They are All leather and completely stiched. They no longer make this but told me comparable boots would be $900. I ask a moderate $150 Shipped to you in the lower 48. These are Black and a size 9D. These feel like bed room slippers. WW
  5. for my 2 cents practice with a 22 does not have a direct crossover to a 45 or 38. You might just as well buy a 22 Ruger or Clone gun and practice with it .
  6. Rustler will keep your offer in mind would like to the 40 plus really a very fair price
  7. Cleaning out the boot rack Texas brand boot size 9 1/2 hardly worn $40 and what ever it takes to ship them too you.
  8. Yep bought them for my son, he wore them maybe two or 3 times was a sandels guy
  9. Here is a pair of like new Tony Lama Boots Black in size 6D these are like new condition with the box. All leather boot, shaft, lining, heal, sole see pics $100 shipped to you!
  10. https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/sw-14-5-6-38-special.101715/
  11. is there something magical about the S&W 14-3 or an S&W 14 will work?
  12. 8 X 58R; 90% original blue, good bore, good stock, 33'' barrel, Carl Gustafs manufacture, frame dated 1871, conversion date 1895. Original blue finish, casehardened frame, birchwood stock.
  13. Your Feet are TOO Big free up great boots!
  14. Told me he was getting them from Ruger for $134 new, I said that was a great deal
  15. Anyone know if the river junction shooting society Donigal Pa is still having matches
  16. Pictured with my 4 3/4 Vaqueros they will only take up to 4 3/4 barrel There are 12( 44-45 cal ) loops . Belt Measures 42 inches from the bar of the buckle to the center hole. Both holsters are lined as is the belt. This is a $1000 set of holsters see the workmanship in the pictures $425 Plus the shipping to you.
  17. I have a brass grip frame grips and trigger guard if that is what you are looking for, if you are looking for steel that are steel ones that will fit I have found Uberti made at least two sizes the on you have is like the 1st model Colt, what is called the black Powder model, the new model or 2nd 3rd model will not fit. Now I do not know how to tell the difference from looking at them just try them and see if they fit. I believe the AWA uses the first model on their guns
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