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  1. I have an ASM cavalry sharps. Great gun. The "safety that was attached to the hammer was annoying so it was removed. My Sharps has a very heavy trigger. I've always thought that was because tlyou don't want a hair trigger while shooting on the move via horseback.
  2. Is this cart still available? I may be passing through your area this weekend. I will PM you
  3. You won't get any argument from me. The 1895 Winchester has always been a part of the old west, but it doesn't fit into the SASS vision of how things should be. It was good enough for some fancy Rough Rider who ranched in the Dakotas to carry up San Juan Hill, but it's not legal enough for SASS (even in long range matches). Why is it disallowed? Who knows...box magazine fed? Not cowboy looking? Shoots real rifle cartridges? A 30-40 out of my rolling block isn't any more effective than a 30-40 out of the 1895. IMO it just boils down to someone or some group doesn't like it so it's disallowed. Maybe Winchester should pay the mordida to get stuff authorized like Henry did.
  4. I am not taking trades.

    Sleepy Floyd.

    You can text me at 623 570 8385.

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