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  1. I want Ruger to get the Marlin 1917 Machine Gun (product improved Potato Digger) back into production! Also, remake the Marlin Model 62 so it could feed from 30 Carbine mags. When I get a 30 Carbine Blackhawk it needs a non-semiauto compadre. However, any support for Marlin 22's is gone. Ruger bought Marlin to finally kill off any domestic competition to the 10-22.
  2. Northern climes and the subsequent basements make for great storage ideas. WRT reloading...I'm either frugal, old school, or a mix of both. I use a basic Lee single stage press. I try to run brass through every step I can and have it laying around. I use a RCBS hand primer and when primers were available would crunch out cartridges while watching TV. RCBS powder throw works great. My little reloading bench is square in shape and mounted on casters so I can rotate the entire setup.
  3. Reloading room is in work after moving to the land of poisonous nuts (aka Ohio and Buckeyes)
  4. My most ridiculous "pairing" with the 45LC 18" Buntline is my 32 H&R Ruger Baby Vaquero Birdshead.
  5. Being the Peanut gallery they didn't elaborate on their insinuations. All I heard was "those aren't legal, next match you can't use them". It was my first match with this club. There will be more to follow at next months match. I'm planning my SASS-legal fun now.
  6. I shoot buntlines, both short (10") and the long tom version (18"). Both my revolvers are 45LC. I experience no problems with either. the Long Tom came from Uberti with an older Army grip vs. standard SAA one so you have more to hold on to. Getting a hold of the target is no problem whatsoever. With targets being as close as they are today for main matches...if they move any closer all you will need to do is lean forward and tap the targets with the muzzle in the proper order. Saves $ on bullets! Only problem is drawing the 18" buntline. Functionally its great, accurate, and a good pistol. My next experiment is to try out shooting stix with it!
  7. Good read with lots of good info. My standard 9mm Luger reload uses a 121g lead conical bullet. Works great in practically anything thats not a Glock (polygonal rifling). Have like 20k of them loaded.
  8. The rulebook that I quoted above in the initial post talks calibers then refers to cartridges. The rule as its written is using/confusing caliber and cartridges. My question (and the title of this thread) referred to the term "commonly available". What is commonly available? If one can obtain a new made gun that is capable of shooting multiple calibers (i.e. the Ruger Vaquero Convertible models) does that make said calibers/cartridges "commonly available"? To go to the point that other Pards have posted, Magnum Arms makes a 45-70 Single Action Revolver that one could order and have in a few days. They've made said guns for years. If the ammunition is loaded to SASS specs as written in the rulebook what prohibits it? Its 2021, almost 2022. Gun manufacturers have/continue to make SAA revolvers in multiple legal calibers and said calibers are capable of using an even wider variety of cartridges. The rule as written basically allows anything, which I completely agree with. Variety is the spice of life. If the intent of the rule is to limit calibers/cartridges then I'm against it.
  9. Please tell me where I have a misunderstanding of the rule since I am the OP.
  10. That sounds like an awesome idea! I'd love to have one of those 45 Walker Magnum BP conversions too that people made out of 460 Mag.
  11. I would love to shoot in such a match. In the past I've shot with permission verbotten pistols at a SASS Match. 45LC 1909 Colts, 1917 Colts, Broomhandles, Webleys, Lugers, and Trench guns. For LR stuff I've used Krags, Cavalry Sharps, Trapdoors, and 1895 Winchesters. The local match did draw the line when I tried to use the BAR...mainly due to save the targets!
  12. Pards, At my most recent match on Sunday I overheard peanut gallery remarks about the ammunition that I was using in my revolvers (9mm Luger out of Ruger NMV convertibles and 40 S&W out of a Ruger OMV 38-40/40S&W convertible). Ruger for many, many moons has made/continues to make convertible revolvers in 38/357 Mag that come with an extra 9mm Luger cylinder. They also have made/continue to make 45 Colt revolvers with 45 ACP cylinder. Other manufacturers/importers have made/continue to make similar conversion cylinders for their wares With regard to the revolver ammunition requirement in firearms covenants section of the shooters handbook, it states that: - Must be centerfire calibers of at least .32 caliber and no larger than .45 caliber or percussion calibers of at least .36 caliber and no larger than .45 caliber. - Must be in a caliber commonly available in revolvers. Examples include, but are not limited to, .32-20, .32 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .44 Magnum, .44- 40, and .45 Colt. What is the definition of "commonly available"? If the revolver is capable of shooting a cartridge (9mm Luger, 40 S&W, 45 ACP), and said cartridge meets the requirements (centerfire, caliber, power, & loaded to proper power requirements) what's the call? Revolvers have been/are being made and are available for sale/order (if anyone can find anything in this "out-of-stock"/shortage world) in a pleathora of cartridges. One doesn't have to look terribly hard to find revolvers capable of shooting 32 ACP (Nagants), 380 ACP (Uberti 1862 police conversion [revolver may have SASS issues...not sure]), 9mm, 40 S&W, 10mm, 45ACP.
  13. Could be worse he could be dragging a Buntline around!
  14. Ole Alec deserves every bit of whatever appropriate legal blame can head his way. He gets no sympathy from me. His prior actions and statements stand as a testament to his violent tendencies and his hatred of the Second Amendment. He stands completely for depriving law-abiding Americans of their freedoms. If any of us had such a horrific incident happen to us ole Alec would be Twitting about how ignorant we are. He was the producer, so even if it was a propmaster/armorer failure...he hired them. He is responsible. He pulled the trigger and his deliberate action killed someone. His Hollywood status should not give him a pass in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately in Wujan Luhan's state it may very well...
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