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  1. Some recycling centers will chew up old tires into rubber strips that can work well too.
  2. "oh, yes, they call him the Streak..."
  3. "If she looks young, she's old. If she looks old, she's young. If she looks back, follow her!" Bob Hope
  4. We moved to North Central Arkansas in December just in time for a good snow, but that was a rare occurrence. Beautiful folks, great SASS clubs, consider it.
  5. My wife married me because she likes sales She can't resist anything half off..
  6. Thank you for posting this and especially her picture. Been praying for her and now I can put a face to the prayers!
  7. Yes, I removed the seat. I keep my ammo boxes in the bottom and they keep the butts from sliding around. Keep your center of gravity as low as possible. I put the rain cover back on so if it does rain, I can keep the guns a little dryer. I am planning on changing stuff as I go, so this is kind of the Mark 2 version. I figure around Mark 5 I will feel satisfied.
  8. My first two cars were Chicago rust buckets that cost a total of $350 for both!
  9. Don't have any, never could think of anything I wanted for 50 or so years.
  10. I am not too far from this plant and yup, their parking lot is full whenever you go past!
  11. As this is a prototype, I used electrical tape temporarily. I may just put some silicon caulk over the heads if this location continues to work. I have looked at those same bins/boxes at Hobby Lobby!
  12. Yes, I used those automotive gun magnets screwed into the forward plastic crosspiece. they hold the long guns securely over rough terrain.
  13. When working in a max prison it was amazing what some of the biker tattoo artists could do with cobbled together stuff. They turned out incredible tats. I asked one one day why he didn't just do them for a living on the outside as he could be really well paid. He was like, "I just keep getting called to run jobs, so I have to go."
  14. The end of May I will have been retired 4 years, thank God He kept me alive and reasonably sane in that career!
  15. You mean @Pat Riot, SASS #13748 has a pin up of @Alpo in a bikini too?
  16. Okay, I use Simple Green and hot water to clean my nickel guns.
  17. Is it an automatic or manual safety?
  18. I saw those....must resist...must resist...
  19. Is it true he has a pinup of Rosie O'Donell in a bikini in his reloading room?
  20. Yup! Cheer on the Arkansas Razorbacks here.
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