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  1. Saw it on the wall in Crossville at the new Bucees Didn't take long
  2. I agree Widder. I see all the hootin and hollering and weird celebrations and remember what Emmitt Smith did after a touchdown. He dropped the ball and trotted to the sidelines.
  3. I shoot 1145 fps loads but I shoot my 97 from the hip. Easy on the shoulder but occasionally I get a boo boo on my trigger finger if my grip isn't firm.
  4. I use a Lee 4 hole turret press with separate heads and powder drops for 38 and 357. I'm happy with it.
  5. Well...he left a few in there for the state match. Dangit!
  6. You probably only need Medium Speed Bobby to work on it. He does all my work.
  7. My main match pistols are 7-1/2" 1875 Remington Outlaws. I shoot 38s. They look like 1858s but give a little extra room between the grip and rear of the trigger guard. I've never used the sights though.
  8. There was a Pressman's Home in East Tennessee for training and convalescence for members who became I'll. It is still there but deserted.
  9. I had an excellent time at my first Tennessee State Match. It won't be my last. Misses Badly and I got to sit and visit with some gracious Wartrace folk at the banquet as a bonus. And I got to posse with some great shooters in multiple categories. Shooting with new people is my favorite part of this game.
  10. Mister Badly


    97 shooters eject live rounds from time to time.
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