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  1. I’ve got a Navy Arms I bought off the wire here a few years back that I might be talked out of for the right amount pm if interested
  2. Bond still has them in their catalogue BUT barrels are all made to order at this time and the wait time is a few months. Add to that, I reside behind enemy lines in Calif and Bond won’t ship anything to this state sooooo I am hoping to find one on the used market.
  3. I have two Bond Arms Derringers with an assortment of barrels but I am now trying to add another. I have recently developed an affinity for the .32 H&R magnum and have a few guns in that caliber. If any pards out there have a .32 barrel for these these little tanks that they are not using, I sure would like to buy it.
  4. Joachim Slim, I assume you have large hands and the grip frame is a tad short. I have this short barreled .44 mag Super Blackhawk that did not fit my hand all that well. Jack Huntington at JRH Gunsmithing in Carson City, NV added material to the bottom of the grip frame and then made custom grip panels to fit it. You cannot even see the seam where he welded on the stainless steel to to the end of the grip frame. It is a little spendy but boy does it fit my hand good !
  5. I bought a complete rig from Old Pueblo Leather ( Eugene Brown ) when I lived in Tucson back in 1994. Belt, single cross draw holster and knife sheath. Bought a couple more holsters from him later and I’ve bought a couple of his off the wire here. All of them are VERY well made !
  6. Check out Sleep Floyds post on this page. 45-70 trap door carbine. Nice looking. Lighter that the buffalo guns and still good out to 400-500 yards
  7. Almost ANY knife can serve as a “boot knife”. The knife shown here in my right boot is a custom made copy of an 1860s period bowie knife with a 9” blade and 14” overall. I carried that knife for several years on horseback
  8. I don’t have anything for sale at the moment but thought I’d share a couple type I Richards in .44 Colt. These are probably my favorite handguns. Feel great in the hand and I really love the caliber. I sure do hope you find what you’re looking for. You will love it!
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