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  1. I found myself sitting on a horde of primers, Federal, Winchester, and Cci. I checked GB and was astounded at the scalpers prices. I posted on a local gun website and sold at $50.00 per thousand, a good profit for me, but waaaayyy under GB.
  2. Just a follow up, finally got the Tyler T, yoday, 12/24. Now, I have had these before, carried a Colt Cobra 2", for years with one. Putting this one on, the fit is poor, the "high polish," isn't! Find a used one, 7 months plus wait, I'll be shopping on e-bay!
  3. Yeah, new ones "are available," I ordered one for a round butt k frame in May, still don't have it. I contacted them, got a reply in September that they were shipping, then that they had not gotten to post office, then "will send tracking number," then nothing. Sent another text today.
  4. Hello...


    Please send $$$ to:

    Gary R. Ladd

    1020 So.  4375 West

    Cedar City, Utah  84720




    Many thanks



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