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  1. If you want to change your SASSnet name, just send me a PM. We can do that for ya!
  2. The bird just went in the oven. So to one and all I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!
  3. SASS requires that "All items posted for sale must include a price. This is NOT an Auction/bidding site, and “Make me an offer” with no posted base price is prohibited."
  4. Here's the list again, but updated into alphabetical order by State and then by Name Arizona - Jim Bowie, Cowboys and Indian Store, Mojave Valley, AZ (714) 210-2720 Arizona - The Dusty Bunch, Old West Guns & Gunsmithing, Maricopa, AZ, (520) 568-2852· Arizona - (by Appointment Only), Johnny Meadows, James Peoble johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com Arizona - Ol' #4"s Tuning & Repair, Tucson, AZ, olnumber4@gmail.com, (503) 890-7440 Colt/Colt Clones (C&B, Cartridge); 1873’s; BSS Shotguns (by appointment only)· California - Shotgun Boogie, Uwe Bartch, Shotgun Boogie Gun Works, Glendora, CA (512) 645-4247 Colorado - Boonedocks Guns & Smithing, Clinchcutter, Troy G Kerr, 900 Il Ranch Rd, Boone, CO 81025, (719) 248-8581 Florida - Gun Craft Inc. - Dave Smith, 2102 24th St. S.E., Ruskin, FL 33570 (813) 645-3828 Florida - Island Gunsmith - Tommy Bonnet (alias - El Q Jones) Amelia Island, FL (904) 557-4909 Georgia - Goons Gun Works, Mike Brackett, (Percussion Revolvers) http://www.goonsgunworks.com/ goonsgunworks@gmail.com Georgia - Hogleg Smith Gunsmithing, Hogleg Smith, Neal Spruill, 4970 Poplar Springs Rd. Gainesville, GA 30507 (770) 503-7572 Georgia - Joe West, Dahlonega, GA jwest397@windstream.net Illinois - Cowboy Carty, Carty Allaman, Western Gun Works, Monmouth, IL (309) 536-0163 Illinois - Sgt Eli, Mark Cribelar, Victory Gun Works, Fairfield, Illinois, (618) 204-9972 Indiana- Coyote Moon Gun Works 10749 E. Green Hill Road Otterbein, Indiana 47970 765-427-2201 text or leave a message Maine - Gordon Levitt, Single Action - Gray, Maine. (207) 344-9320 Massachusetts - Rust Blue Gunsmithing, Sergey Lyalko, Natick, Ma, Rust Blueing.com, (508) 545-2450 Minnesota - Ahlman's Guns, (formerly Coyote Cap), Morristown, MN (507) 685-4244 Montana - Munden Enterprises, Inc. - Becky Muden/Jeff Ault, (406) 494-2833 (8AM -8PM Mtn time) Revolvers & 1911s only Nebraska - Run-N-Iron Customizing, Bertrand, Nebraska, (308) 472-1445 New Mexico - Ken Griner, El Mulo Vaquero, Griner Gunworks, Bloomfield, NM (505) 632-9712 North Carolina - Three Cut, James Club III, Norwood, NC (981) 474-3218 Ohio - Lassiter, Tom's Single Action Shop New Lebanon, OH 45345 937-687-1039 Oklahoma - Creek County Kid, The Gun Shop, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, (918) 370-0781 Oklahoma - Roy’s Creek Dan, Jere Korthanke, (405) 615-4577 Oklahoma - Snake Oil George, Doyle Stockstill, (918) 729-0430 Oregon - Pioneer Gunworks, Portugy Joe, Joe Alves; Jr., Springfield, OR (541) 515-6084 Pennsylvania - Encks Gun Barn, 17 East Main Ave., Myerstown, Pa., 17067, (717) 628-5084 Tennessee - Widder, Maryville TN - Henry .22 rifles only 865 / 696-1996 Texas - Boomstick Jay, Jason Widmer, Boomstick Arms Co LLC, Leonard, TX 254-368-4540 Texas - El Valdez, Lonnie Amman, Tejas Long Rifles, Hearne, Texas, Primary Cimarron gunsmith, will occasionally take on outside work, 979-279-3400 (no shortstrokes) Texas - Lefty Wheeler, George Kucinich, Wheeler Gun Works, Willow Park, TX (817) 264-6463 Texas - Long Hunter, Jim Finch, Long Hunter Shooting Supply, Amarillo, TX (806) 342-0000 Texas - Nate Kiowa Jones, Steve Young, Steve's Gunz, Lampasas, TX (512) 564-1015 Texas - Ten-Ring Precision, Inc., 1449 Blue Crest, San Antonio, Texas 78232, 1-210-494-3063 Vermont - Jimmy Spurs, Jim McMahon, Cowboy Gun Works, Island Pond, VT, (603) 425-1189 West Virginia - Cody Conagher, Donald Jones, The Cowboy Shop, Berkeley Springs, WV (304) 258-1419 Wyoming - Spring Creek Armory, Bill Fuchs, Ten Sleep, WY, (307) 431-9194
  5. All firearm sales must comply with all Local, State, and Federal laws.
  6. If they won't accept credit cards, stay away. Scammers want payment sources that don't leave you any recourse if they take the money and run.
  7. Go to the main page of the SASS Classified Forum. On the right hand side, below the top, you'll see a light blue flag that says "Follow". Notifications about every classified post will be sent to you. However, some people have had trouble receiving them in Gmail. I set up a Yahoo account just for this purpose. Make sure your SASS email address is still valid.
  8. John, The post was moved and a link was posted for folks to follow it, to here:.
  9. Simply putting an item title doesn't tell anybody if you are Buying or if you are Selling. If you have Sold an item, especially if it wasn't through a visible "I'll take it", sooner or later someone is going to be asking to buy it. You won't answer because you are not expecting a reply, and the prospective buyer is left hanging. Do the right thing and edit your post to reflect SOLD or SPF!
  10. "Trail Markers" is a memorial to those who have left us, and gone on ahead. There are several websites and social media pages that have done this already. But, many of our members do not subscribe to Facebook, or know about those other sites. We invite those who have such archives to co-post here. One excellent memorial site is maintained by Utah Bob: Cowboy Memorial "Dedicated to our dear friends in the Single Action Shooting Society who have headed for the last roundup" A Facebook album is maintained by Allie Mo: RIP, You Will Be Missed There may be other sites, please post a link if you know of more. Feel free to post photographs and memorials of our friends and members.
  11. Title says it all. Offers to Buy/Sell/Trade posted by Guests or Members not including their SASS Number will be deleted without notice.
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