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  1. Travis, I have a TTN, purchased new in 2008. Lassiter action work. I've used it in exactly 2 matches. PM me if interested. Randy
  2. Buffalo Arms Jim409420M4 .409 "420 Grain "Money" Bullet. Very little use. $175+shipping Buffalo Arms Jim409400M4 .409" 400 Grain "Money" Bullet. Very little use. $175+shipping Buffalo Arms Jim395415E .395" 415 Grain Elliptical Paper Patch Bullet Mold. Very little use. $185+shipping Shipping UPS extra small flat rate is $10.15 CONUS.
  3. 405 grain lead, smokeless. New Factory ammo. 74 rounds and 6 empties. F-C Headstamp all the same lot. Shipped USPS
  4. 1 box of new factory black hills 255 grain FNL 1 box of black hills twice fired brass (WW) 2 boxes of new factory Winchester Commemorative 255 grain S.P.
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