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  1. I used this one time to cast about 200 bullets. It's like new. 448" 520 Grain Paper Patch 1-Cavity "Money" Flat Base Bullet Mold https://www.buffaloarms.com/448-520-grain-paper-patch-1-jim448520.html $155 plus shipping
  2. DMJ, I have 200 twice fired 44spl. This was Houston Cartridge ammo, remanufactured with once fired brass. $60 plus shipping Randy
  3. The H&R Target and Buffalo Classics have Green Mountain barrels.
  4. 1874 Sharps Creedmoor Rifle built in 2015 by Shiloh Rifle, Big Timber, Montana. Pack Harden Finish Extra Fancy Wood Steel Buttplate Drilled & Tapped with installed scope blocks Double Set Trigger MVA Long Range Soule Sight Baldwin Front Sight with inserts Hard Case Brass, Bullets, Dies, Bullet Mold $3,800 price is firm. Shipped Insured in the Original Hard Case to your FFL for $150. MVA Series 4000 30" Scope fitted to this rifle for additional $850.
  5. Hi Freddy send me your zip code and I’ll get this boxed up Thanks
  6. 135 pieces of Starline 45-90 Brass (.45-2.4). Most of this is once fired. $165 plus shipping USPS MFRBox
  7. $45 plus UPS Shipping (around $10-12) 100 pieces of new, nickle plated, primed with Federal SPP
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