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  1. Jasper, I have this Lee Production Pot 90009 Lee 6-Cavity Bullet Mold 358-125-RNFP 90306 Lee Commercial Bullet Mold Handles for 6-Cavity Lee Bullet Molds 90005 Lee Bullet Sizing Die Kit .358 90048 Plus about a 1/2 bottle of liquid alox. All used and all in good shape. How's $95 plus shipping sound? R.A.
  2. Thanks, Jack doesn't have it. Jim Wisner said he's not going to make any.
  3. Anybody know of a source for Older Marlin Parts? Specifically an ejector for an early 1894 44 mag. Marlin part number 314168 Thanks
  4. Voiced an interest in the 1897 take down shotgun. FFL to FFL 95973 zip. Sent PM but hadn't heard anything back yet. Is the shotgun still available?


    Steve (Doc Ironbeard)

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