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  1. Some cast bullets combined with a 300BO upper would be perfect for steampunk.
  2. For those interested the shooting order in the video I posted earlier is as follows: 1) 1.0cc of GOEX 2fg 2) 1.0cc of GOEX 3fg 3) 1.0cc of APP 3fg 4) 0.7cc of APP 3fg In my opinion the only load that produced significantly less smoke was the last load of 0.7cc of APP. All the other loads were pretty close. Again I stand by my earlier claim that humidity and wind make far more of a difference in perceived smoke than the type of powder so long as the amount of powder is the same.
  3. Let me know if the video works or not. Whoever can correctly guess the order of loads fired I owe a drink. All loads used the same bullet, same filler, same primer, and were fired in the same gun. Five rounds were loaded with 0.7cc of APP, five rounds with 1.0cc of APP, five with 1.0cc of Goex 2fg, and five rounds with 1.0cc of Goex 3fg. IMG_6695.MOV
  4. I understand how the current testing is done though have never seen it done. The proposed change would seem to remove a lot of the subjectivity and make a more standard load.
  5. Wind, temperature and humidity play far more of a factor in perceived smokiness. Again not saying there isn't a difference between various subs and even various brands of BP but requiring frontier cartridge shooters to be loading at least 1.0cc of their given choice of a wide range of approved powders doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me.
  6. Prices are high on everything right now for a number of reasons. I suspect a lot of that price is inflated because we have about one business week left before Christmas.
  7. Are most Frontier Cartridge shooters shooting loads so light that a test load of 1.cc of APP could really disqualify them? I’ve never seen smoke factor tested. I figured it was sort of like the belly button rule.
  8. Why not? As long as there is 1.0cc of an approved BP/sub powder in there the shooter is go to go.
  9. Again I'm not disagreeing that some powders produce more smoke. I am also not disagreeing that because it's a smoke category we should be comparing smoke. I am just saying a 1.0cc volume standard is a good move because one never knows what powder will be available. Powders come and go, shortages are still present, what might be common in one area might be impossible to source in another. 1.0cc is not perfect but I don't see how its a big deal either unless you are a shooter barely making minimum smoke powder factor as is with a charge of APP that is less than 1.0cc.
  10. I'm not understanding the issue of simply switching to a standard 1.0cc volume? Seems way easier to verify if you need to pull a load apart rather than a subjective and visual comparison of fired rounds. Don't get me wrong I do understand that certain subs produce more smoke than others. For the shooters that are really splitting hairs they might see an advantage to shooting pyrodex.
  11. Some of these categories are starting to look like today's gender identities.
  12. What surprises me about a lot security footage of porch pirates is often times there are average looking middle aged people driving decent cars, not kids or druggie looking people on foot.
  13. What type of rifle you end up with can also be a factor. For a Bowning and Rossi 92 I found that only cartridges with an overall length of 1.58-1.59 fed reliably. For a Marlin 94 carbine 10 rounds of 357mag length cartridges won't quite fit in the tube, but 10 38s can squeeze in there just fine. The 1873 style action is more forgiving when it comes to cartridge length. No matter what if you run a number of 38s and then want to switch to 357 brass your chamber/s will need a good cleaning.
  14. I'd be curious and willing to bet the loads in question were well below published load data. He may have verified that each load had powder but it just wasn't enough. Luckily no serious damage occurred. Load manuals have minimum and maximum weights for a reason, unfortunately a lot of SASS shooters seem obsessed with using a a load that is about 0.1gr over a squib most of the time. Another possible explanation is old or questionable reloading components.
  15. The rig is currently listed on gunbroker but there are no bids at this time so if interested in making an offer I can end the auction early. Not sure what your questions are but both the belt and holsters are made by Murphy. Only interested in selling all together at this point in time.
  16. Just out of curiosity how would female shooters feel about doing away with gender based categories? In a lot of threads it frequently gets mentioned how SASS already has way to many categories, would seem like combining the genders would be a simple way to half the categories. Most female shooters I have talked to (both fast and average) are sometimes embarrassed to get a buckle or award in a category that only had 2 or 3 shooters.
  17. I have large lube groove style molds from both NOE and Accurate.
  18. While it might exist, I have never seen cast/coated bullets loaded in factory 9mm ammo. In order to have SASS legal ammo one would pretty much have to reload. I can understand the appeal to have a single action revolver in 9mm if you already happen to have a bunch of 9mm semi-autos but for SASS use its pretty hard to beat the 38/357s.
  19. EDIT: My bad I though we were talking about pistols.
  20. ***moved to gunbroker, please close*** Murphy Custom Gunleather rig. Technically the holsters are double cross draw style but I see a few SASS shooters that wear these as strong side holsters with an extreme muzzle forward cant. Black with silver studs and silver dollars. Made for Ruger NMVs with up to 5.5” barrels but will work fine for Colt clones too. Center hole measurement is 42”. Cartridge loops are for 44/45s (ammo is not included). Some wear but overall a nice fancy looking rig. Asking $300 +$30 for shipping. Sorry for any goofy picture rotations.
  21. If Stoegers are hard to find locally you probably don't have many alternative options for SxS. Might need to try and pick up a used one from a SASS member at a local club. Another option is to buy one on Gunbroker and have it shipped to your local FFL. Older SKB and Browning BSS shotguns can be tuned to be very nice SxS for this sport, but unfortunately neither are made any more and the prices are really climbing. No SxS out of the box will be race ready for SASS, but just about any SxS with extractors will work to get you started. When you are ready for a slicked up SxS I would recommend buying an already tuned one either locally from a club member or directly from a gunsmith that has a tuned one on hand. Longhunter is the first gunsmith that comes to mind that tries to keep and inventory of already tuned guns available for shipping, but I am sure others will chime in with other smiths they can recommend. https://www.longhunt.com/web/index.php?page=firearms
  22. My advice would be to opt for 44-40. Easier to find rifles and components for the 44-40. Also easier to find handguns chambered in 44-40 (if you want the convenience of having everything in the same caliber.) Of course if you really want a 38-40 or 32-20 don't let me stop you.
  23. I really like these little probes for smoking and baking. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005254TAK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 One can easily set the desired internal temp and an alarm will sound as soon as it gets there. I prefer to bake my turkeys breast down and covered with the oven set to 225*. My goal is an internal temp of about 168* with the probe placed in the thickest part of the breast.
  24. I amend my earlier comment to say, in my experience for me to even come close to my times with a SxS they require extensive gunsmithing and practice. YMMV
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