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  1. As soon as I read the title about losing a best friend I knew it would be a dog. Lots of us have been there. I lost my Labrador, Phoebe, 13 years ago and I still miss her. Her successor Lab, Josie, is now 13 and of course really slowing down and I know our time together is closing soon. I feel for you and I am very sorry for your loss, and I know you will grieve, but remember as doors close doors open. Your next best friend is waiting for you.
  2. An addendum to my comments re: Pietta parts kits and the Lee's springs, in case anyone cares. With the 1860, neither all new nor any combination of old and new parts created a functioning revolver. With the 1851, the only thing that worked without fitting was using the new hammer with original parts. All new didn't even come close. The Lee hammer springs are too long to use as is, but trimming won't be difficult. The trigger and bolt spring is a no-go because the trigger leg is too short. Yesterday I ran across a Mike Beliveau video that mentions this point and even shows a special spring packaged for Piettas but no mention of where to find them, and I've not located any via Google. He also mentioned those trigger springs are actually too long, but are easily trimmed. So, all in all disappointing but not surprising given customer reviews I read before purchasing the parts kits, where the majority of users did say the parts would need fitting. Now I will cipher on whether to leave them as is (much improved from original) or undertake the fitting of all those beautiful new parts (with which I'm a rank armature at best) or send them to someone for professional work. I'd love to hear your recommendations!
  3. My parts kits came in from Cabela's today. Those folks are fast! I was amazed at how much better than the originals these parts are. There's just no way anyone could have taken the originals (hammer, trigger, hand, bolt) and improved them them to even close to these new ones. Just amazing. Earlier this week, I spent about three hours apiece on each gun trying to improve the original innards. The illustrated instructions Sedalia Dave linked are very good and I also tapped into some You Tube videos. Both guns got a lot better than they were starting out, but those little projects are about to be undone for the new stuff. Long Hunter's came in today too with the Lee's springs and Slix Shot nipples. Hope I can find my nipple wrench. Haven't seen it about 20 years. I thank all you fellows again!
  4. OK, then we're talking using the kits made for "Colt SAA and Colt SAA Clones" then? Just want to get it right the first time! And I see he also sells the Slix-Shot nipples as well.
  5. Thank you and the other fellows for the great suggestions! I've found the parts kits, but the Lee's Gunsmithing kits don't seem to include anything specifically mentioning Pietta Cap and Ball revolvers. Which of their Main Spring Kits should I select?
  6. I hoping someone here can talk about any significant differences there might be between the 1851 and 1860 Pietta revolvers I purchased from Cabela's back in 1994 and those of current Pietta production. My only experience with C&B is with those two, bought new 25 years ago, and it was not too good. After maybe 25 shots or so apiece, both were deadlined for broken springs; one hand spring and one trigger spring. They were easily replaced under warranty, but Army stuff and raising kids got in the way of any further work with them, and now I've got tons of time on my hands and I'm wondering if I should give them some more opportunity or go with new ones. Or both? Any help from you hard core capgun shooters would be greatly appreciated!
  7. If someone asked, I would sure endorse Long Hunter. He worked over a couple of my Ubertis about ten years ago, including converting the hands from leaf to coil springs. Excellent work at a very fair price.
  8. You know a lot of us are holding our breath here. Did you get that squib out????
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