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  1. I've been a SmugMug user for more than 10 years. Yes, the current basic account is $40 per year (I liked it better when it was $25 per year, but that was some time ago...). I find it very easy to use, both for uploading pics and for posting said pics in web forums. I will say that picture uploading is much faster than it used to be - maybe the extra annual cost paid for some better equipment on their end? So it can be said to be expensive (but I can afford $3.33 per month), but it works, it works fast and it works well. Gratuitous rifle pic of a recent build to celebrate the upcomin
  2. The Henry Big Boys have nice wood and a high level of fit-and-finish, especially for the price paid. And, of course, they are all American made. The single one I owned (357M, Big Boy Steel) was fine for plinking and/or hunting. The guns are highly over-sprung, I guess to make sure that they go Bang every time you pull the trigger. Mine sure did. There was nothing special about mine as far as smoothness of the action, and I didn't like the amount of side-to-side play that the lever had when extended. But it did feed 38 SPL cartridges just fine and it seemed to shoot accurately enough (
  3. One of the guys in our club got a pair earlier this year. First time I saw them was when I was working the loading table, and all I could say was "wow". They are really beautiful guns, which stand out very nicely on the table and in the holster. I have not shot them, but to my knowledge in the 4 or 5 matches where I have seen him shoot them, he has had absolutely no issues with them. He's not one of our highly competitive shooters, but he's no newbie either.
  4. I just went through this decision making process after deciding to start shooting BW after this year's Western Regionals. In order of main gun, then back-ups, I chose: 1) Newer production (post-"JM Stamped") Marlin 1894 CSS, 357M/38SPL, which I had bought used and had had some action work done by Cody Conagher; 2) Marlin '94 Cowboy Competition chambered in 38 SPL, with only the Marlin factory action work done to it; 3) Taylors & Co. (Chiappa) 1892 chambered in 357M/38 SPL. The '94 CSS initially gave me some fits in use, having previously used a Winchester (Miroku) '73
  5. I just got the standard stuff (the first one on the page you linked). In my experience the standard cure adhesives (of almost any flavor) cure stronger than their accelerated cure cousins. When I did my new loading gate (I bought a replacement one and JB'd it even before I picked up the new rifle) it took about 3 hours of first applying, then shaping it back up (to deal with gravity sag), letting it sit, and repeating. After about 3 hours at room temperature I was able to make final shaping adjustments which did not sag away. So not something to do right before you are going to bed,
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