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  1. I dont have a lot of bears here in middle tn, but here is a picture of a tick I caught in my back yard.
  2. I could see someone saying, hey man those are some groovy lands but would they also say landy grooves?
  3. Welcome! I bet it wont be long before you start shootin in some matches. That's where the fun is. You don't have to be fast or accurate, or even purdy for that matter. Get out there and have a little fun. You'll be glad you did. Take care, Tennessee W
  4. Yes, really wanting the limited but may be open to others. I didnt know anybody replied. I guess I didnt follow my own thread. Will now.
  5. I "shadow shoot" every stage while at the loading table after I'm loaded up. This helps me get the rhythm down and doesn't take up unnecessary time on the line. I dont have to actually have the firearm in my hand to do it. When I'm on the line, if I can see the target from where Im standing, then I can shoot the target from where I'm standing. That being said, everyone pays their entry fee like I do. Its THEIR time when they're getting ready to shoot a stage. I don't care if they do a jig as their preshoot routine. I dont rush them. Now, some shooters routinely restart 3 or 4 times per stage and that gets old as heck.
  6. Ha! I get no respect. I think I'll post a short story about a couple fellers. Let's call them Weeder and Red Eye. Hehehe
  7. Only two? I wasn't expecting it to help me THAT much!
  8. I'm actually having some now. By the way, Andy's has better ice cream than DQ. I'm hoping it helps me this mid month shoot.
  9. A man lay on his deathbed and looked deep into his wife's eyes. "I have one last request", he said. "Yes dear anything you want" she replied. He struggled and whispered, "promise me you'll marry John after I'm gone". She said "I promise I will but I thought you hated him". His last words before passing on were, "I do".
  10. Anybody have an STI dvc limited 2011 they want to trade off?
  11. Looked like me when the checkout lady at walmart scanned my first item.
  12. I been holding on to that for 2 years thinking the same thing. I came up with better to post it now, than the day after.
  13. Dave was a great guy and fun to shoot with. He noticed some new things I was trying out and really encouraged me. I'll miss shooting with him.
  14. Best time was .82 or .83 alternating targets starting the timer myself.
  15. Well said Buck. I totally agree, especially with the last paragraph.
  16. I agree totally its up to the shooter to decide what to do. Thats part of why its a sport and so many different opinions. I just wanted to point out, it can be improved if one desires. I couldnt share a link but heres a screenshot off of one of the sites.
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