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  1. That's right Cat. I thought it was answered and solved too, until the original poster came back and said nobody thought it was a miss until they found an unfired round. That changed things.
  2. I'm glad ain't nobody heard that joke but me
  3. He told me he was running around in diapers when light was invented. I thought he meant the light bulb, but naw. Actual light.
  4. You'd be surprised how many folks don't know just how old Widder is. Why...he's so old when he goes somewhere and orders a hard boiled egg, they want the money up front! ...not to mention his blood type has been discontinued.
  5. I'm trying to figure out the irrelevance.
  6. Take it off. Take it all off. Remember, when that house was built, it sat under the wind and rain for 3 months... Some people like the foam behind the vinyl but I don't.
  7. That's a fact. Difference is a cheater did it when they knew it to be illegal. A gamer would adapt. It's funny. In football, someone who put in extra time at the gym, practiced in the off season, studied the plays, and ended up getting more tackles, or blocks or touchdowns were called gamers. Took steroids you were a cheater. In wrestling, the ones who ran extra stairs, measured their food and water intake, and ran extra miles so they could outlast their opponent were called gamers. Do a few Illegal moves and you were a cheater. In boxing, they guy that hit the gym at 4 in the morning and ran 5 miles before school started then did the regular workout after school was called a gamer. Load your hand wraps and you were a cheater. In basketball...well. The only team I made was the church league. But I had the most tackles in a single season.
  8. Except that one comes from the dictionary. The other comes from supposition.
  9. Probably why PWB is overworked. I posted the definition. Twice. Probably because they had a misconception of the word. Or you had a misconception of what they were talking about. As outlined in my example above. Therein lies the problem. Peoples' guessing instead of knowing. As applies to us, I agree. No he didn't. You inserted the bold part. He said exactly: we all play this game. So what is a gamer? I am going to throw this out there. We have rules against making belligerent remarks toward other shooters. If you believe gamer has a deragotory meaning, you'd better be careful calling someone a gamer. No difference in your eyes than calling them a cheater, or liar, or something else like that. So, what are you saying about the other "card carrying" members here?
  10. Actually, the truth of the matter is that there IS a definition of the word and it is not derogatory but in fact complementary. It's just that some people don't know the definition of the word. Everything you described defines the word cheater. Just because I don't have a nanner split to eat this morning, let's look at how "gamer" could've become ill-defined in the first place. Shooter runs the heck out of a stage. Mr so and so, knowing the shooter has been practicing, says out loud He is quite the gamer. Mr notso, next to him hears it and has no idea what it means. Instead of asking what Mr so and so means, he draws his own incorrect conclusions and starts using the word gamer incorrectly. For 30-35 years I have known the word gamer to be complementary. Exemplary even. Here is the definition of cheater and gamer:
  11. Because Sprite goes best with popcorn. And Krystals. Pepsi is best for Vienna sausages.
  12. Clearly, there is not enough for sharing.
  13. I've played different sports my whole life. The term gamer is not new to me. From wrestling, to football, boxing, Judo and even darts, it has always meant the same thing. I don't know why there is always confusion about a words meaning here on the wire.
  14. I have a name for that type person and it ain't gamer.
  15. If it doesn't say from behind the table, I don't see a problem with it. That doesn't mean that someone else can't crowd the table like they're trying to make little baby tables if they want to. Bottom line is, not everybody enjoys SASS for the same reasons. Some want to shoot clean regardless of time, some want to dress the part down to the socks. I applaud them for whatever reason keeps them coming back and I'd never knock them for it. I just like for people to let me enjoy why I like coming too.
  16. It's gettin bad when a feller don't know whether to take offense or not. People need to start wearing a sign so I'll know if yer being derogatory or not. Could be that the people that mean it to be offensive take umbrage at the fact other folks' aptitude or gumption exceed their own. Or could be they just need a different word to use. I don't recall ever hearing anyone referred to as a gamer in a bad way. If people are using gamer and cheater synonymously, they probably better be careful who overhears it. To me when someone says gamer, it means someone who thinks outside the box and may or may not go against the norm on occasion as far as the way they run the stage. Or say maybe the stage says shoot the shotgun from a table starting with it in hand. I'll not crowd the table but be a good step back(where I can still ground it) and shoot. 2 reasons. 1 is my shot spreads that itty bitty bit more. Another is, chances are, I'm taking that gun with me so it gives me more room to maneuver. Maybe if you think about these little things you are a gamer...or maybe just competitive.
  17. As a spotter, I don't call it a miss unless I KNOW it is a miss. As a TO, if I see an edge, I'll point it out. The spotter may or may not change their mind.
  18. Well, sounds like you're gonna be out the use of one arm for 6 weeks. Then the other arm for 6 weeks. So, you'll be able to dry fire all that time with the non gimpy arm. Now, you won't be able to hold a full glass of water in your off hand while you're drawing and firing and trying not to spill it like I do, but beggars can't be choosers. What I did after I got a cracked knuckle on my hand from punching a bear to save those kids a while back was get up next to a wall and do a hand stand. Once I was up there I'd just do 50 or 60 one arm push-ups. You dont want to over do it right off the get go. Just make sure you keep track of how many you do, and do the same amount on the other arm. You dont want to walk around looking all crooked like widder. I do hold the nanner split trademark, but Imis pays me royalties to use it, so all is good! I hope all goes well with the surgery and you have a quick recovery. If you need anything, let me know. I'll be over here half way across the country.
  19. Yeah, that's awful. I miss enough on my own without getting some added! I almost had it happen to me as well. Spotters all called clean, then one seen an unfired round on the table. They said wait, theres an unfired round, that's a miss. I picked it up and put it back in my belt and said it came from here.
  20. I figured you knew. You got that Extry Sensitive Perception.
  21. I know an unfired round is scored as a miss but Y'all are missing the point. The Original Poster came back and said the shooter fired everything in the correct order without any actual misses. He then says it was only after the shooter came back for the rifle that they noticed a live round on the table. What everybody is ASSUMING is the round came from the rifle. In fact it could've came from his reloading strip, his hat, or even someone else putting it on the table. To give the shooter a penalty for a round setting on the table is in my opinion wrong. Correct order was hit. Nobody seen a miss or unfired round. This isn't like getting to the unloading table and finding an unfired round still in a revolver. You don't know it came from the rifle ESPECIALLY if nobody seen a miss or a jacked out round. Time to swap some spotters, not arbitrarily assign a miss to a shooter. In all fairness, that was a tidbit of info the OP should have included.
  22. Ace ole buddy, did you read what I had quoted at all before you responded? The original poster himself came back with more info that I quoted and said the shooter shot everything right and NOBODY KNEW he only fired 9 until he came back for the rifle and seen a bullet on the table. They didn't see a miss.
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