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  1. Yes they are sass legal. Mudflat Mike has a set raced and short stroked for a great deal too. Only thing is they are very finicky with reloads no doubt I got rid of my set
  2. John Barleycorn is an honest guy that I have dealt with several times over the years. As far as his pistols the Ruger Vaquero is the best sass gun on the market hands down just my two cents
  3. Midway and Brownells are both out of stock. Primarytactical.com has them for 30.00
  4. This is a great set up, I shot with Splitthumb at EOT he used them for his B Western. Very impressive set up at a fair price for sure!
  5. Mike let me look and see where I put mine if I find it I’ll hook you up
  6. If you zoom in on the picture I think they are 357’s
  7. Update all shotgun primers spoken for
  8. Ok I’ll find you I think we have table 41
  9. Nitro's are all sold and I will try to get better pictures of the rifle and pistol Thursday and post thanks
  10. I’ll be at table 34 at tge swap meet
  11. 10 boxes of 25. I actually have 2 unopened cases and another one with 6 boxes of 25 in it
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