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  1. Good to see that you are still shooting , Copenhagen and I are heading to Twin Falls for the Regionals in Mid Aug. . Splitthumb

  2. SOLD\\ I have a two sets of Eagle Ivory polymer Gunfighter grips, checkered, for Ruger New Vaquero. They are like new. Never used, fitted to a gun frame then removed. Nothing wrong with them, just changed my mind on color. $190 $175 shipped.
  3. Okay all, please don't assume the seller did this or had knowledge of it. It is unknown for sure who is to blame. I have assurance from the seller that he did not. I would like to leave it a that. This matter is closed.
  4. Purchased from the SASS wire classifieds.
  5. I'm still here, problem is unresolved. Thanks all for your comments.
  6. The gun that has the most problem has a .012 gap, the other is .006.
  7. I'll look into shooting my ammo in other guns. But the breach face look all chewed up! I didn't notice until now.
  8. Actually the face of the primers is pretty distorted, very uneven in appearance. If you see the above pictures they are all very convex in shape proud of the brass face with a deep primer indentation. They are not flat and smooth such as when they are fired from my 1873 rifle.
  9. Not really on the drag marks. They are pushed out, you can clearly see and feel them drag across back side of the revolver face (think its called a blast shield). I reloaded the spent brass this morning with it on half cock, drags really bad. If I really twist hard I can get it to turn. Load just one and the cylinder spins easily until it gets to the top and stops. Then twist supper hard to get it to come around.
  10. They should be all the same, I bought 1k new from starline. non have been drilled out. edit: I have no other 44-40 brass to compare too.
  11. There seems to be a lot of this going around, now I have a 44-40 issue. Loading for new to me Uberti Taylors Gunfighters (SAA replica). Both guns exhibit the following problem one worse than the other. Primers are backing out. My loads using 200gr RNFP Desperado Bullets, 2 or 3 times fired starline brass, Federal LPP, light roll crimp, Shuetzen FF, three loads tried, 19gr, 24gr, 32gr (full case). Gun 1 fired okay but once all five rounds were fired there was so much drag I could not turn the cylinder further. Gun 2 was worse, it would seize up with just one or two shots fired. All primers were backing out. This is not an issue with the guns fowling all guns were clean, Gun 2 was squeaky clean when I tried the full case load for FF and seized up with one shot. I also tried some smokeless to see if more pressure would solve the issue, guns were thoroughly cleaned. With 5.5 grains trail boss, using MO Bullets 200gr RNFP coated. Both guns exhibited the exact same issue. What I have checked, primers seated completely from the remaining batch. I’m pretty sure they are, all are below flush. I loaded a few test rounds fresh and carefully seated the primers, I can feel them bottom out as always. What I want to check is using different primers, I have Winchester LPP, CCI and Federal mag match yet to try. I don’t think it is a light load, a full case of BP is not a light load in my book. Nor is 5.5 grains of Trail Boss, kind of standard stuff people shoot all the time in SASS. Any ideas on what I should check, would the light crimp be an issue?
  12. Try SKB directly. I have ordered a few parts from them. https://www.skbshotguns.com/parts-tools/
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