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  1. I have a T3 lite in 270WSM. Weighs in at a hair under 7lbs with a scope. Pleased to pack all day long. Holds a quarter size group at 200 yrds with factory fed trophy. Really hard to beat in the price range Bump for DK
  2. Gus, I'll sweeten the pot if Uriah agrees. I'll sell ya a Lyman 3 die set for cheap Let me know Thanx
  3. Theres a lyman set and a RCBS set on ebay right now. Where I found mine awhile back after given up on back-order status
  4. Dillon SL900 12g Tool Set Complete & currently set up for Win AA hulls $750 F2F $875 shipped
  5. Just realized the rifle in question is 18 and not 16. Crawlin in my shoe an hoppin off now
  6. Forgot...This carbines mag tube had approx 2.5" of space for the compressed spring. 10 rounds just fit with a hair to spare Looks like the shorter tube would only leave 2" for the compressed spring with only 9 rounds. Granted, the spring would likely be shorter.
  7. Think we're all on the same page there. I have a few of these in 20" & 18". Don't have a 16". I do happen to have an 18 that's tore down right now, so here's some pics for reference. Notes: Tape measure doesn't capture the space requirement for the mag end cap or spring follower, though this is minimal. This particular rifle has a barrel length of 19" and the mag tube length is 18 3/8. Fairly safe to extrapolate relative measurements to a 16" carbine. Right side of the blue tape is 2" back, ROUGHLY simulating what a 16" rifles mag tube would be. Probably should kick thi
  8. Same here, staged closed & empty. Even when staged at "the ready" position.
  9. Pretty sure ya need a little over 15" to get 10 in. Don't leave much room for a spring, less ya got a magic one I'll buy it if I'm wrong, either way
  10. I think my message box was maxed out. Cleared it out. Please try PMing again Thanx
  11. cant pm you try to pm me 


  12. Do you have any $$$ figures that you would take for the USFA and the Marlin 45-70?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      USFA is already gone

    3. Tgodley


      Going to pass on the Marlin...

    4. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      OK. Thanx fer lettin me know

  13. Hi Y'all, I'd like to put together a set of 4 3/4" Colts in 44-40. Actively watching GB and other sites. I'm hoping to trade, part trade for one or two. I have several pieces up for trade and I'll include a few here. A response from interested party or leads are appreciated. Crazy market these days and I'd rather deal here with you good folks if I can Please PM me with any interest or leads JM in 44mag/special. Polished guts, spring kit, jewelled hammer/trigger and lever wrap. Very slick action USFA is gone
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