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  1. Try Pioneer gun works. Ask for Joe. They specialize in 73s, short stroke kits etc. They’re in Oregon. heres the number. 541-515-6084 Tell em Daniel referred ya
  2. Eileen towards the 73 as well...good choice Sorry for the corny joke. It's been a long week, it's Friday...couldn't help it
  3. We'll....they could look like that after yer done checkerin 'em
  4. Fast Freddy

    Sharps Rifles.

    My LGS has 2 Shilo Sharps hangin on the wall ready to go. One in 30-40 Kraig and one in 45-70. I'll get the particulars and repost if you're interested. If I remember right, there priced a hair under 3k.
  5. Still is, It's yours I'll reply to PM
  6. Even more dumbed down...for us laymen....Keepin the safe at a higher temp than the outside air keeps things in the safe from them nasty condensates landin on 'em, I have marveled this phenomnom my entire life watchin them condensates gather on my whiskey glass
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