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  1. Sent ya an email JB. Thanx SIr I'll be pairin 'em up with my latest affair, the Lady in white
  2. OK. Haven't seen any emails. Don't know what zone yer in so I'll call tomorra
  3. Got one on order as well . I’ll be hopefully fitting it to my Dillon 650
  4. I'll take some pics & post. I have mine tore down I believe it's just a matter of where the width & length measurements are taken If I were usin a stick to measure this....I should be beatin with it instead A little credit please when yer done gigglin
  5. I'm askin 'cause I measured my 92 and can't those numbers to jive
  6. Hey Mr. Willi, Where are you startin & stoppin yer tang measurements? Thanx
  7. Pioneer Gun Works (PGW) is there in Springfield. You can gooble it or whatever. Ask for Joe. He's done a few things for me and done it well. There's another good one in Tigard but can't remember the name. You could probably call Ted Bolockers and get the name, they know him well
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