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  1. Magma tells me they are having a time too get raw materials any thing they don't have in stock may take awhile
  2. What a great shoot the Roughshod Raiders put on today 8 good stages a good meal afterwards Delta Glenn and crew could not have done better. Will a little more Sun would have been nice 😄😄 Thanks Chance
  3. Had one for a long time it cam from my uncle it was 10 ga with a trap door action I shot it couple times the barrel was kind of thin but what the hey
  4. Got my January chronicle and my lady's obit is there like Skinny said Again Thank you sir Chance
  5. Will it was Shoulda Dun Guns first shoot as match director he had a good turn out 6 good stages good weather don't want him to get the big head but he done good Thanks
  6. The state is March 17 thru 19 The black power reg is March 11 so come on down for a lot of great fun and shooting Chance
  7. Ok the Ides and State same weekend do we shoot 10 stages sat for the Ides then 10 stages Sun for state ? Or the other way around ?just asking LOL Chance😄😄😄😄
  8. It's going to be a great Christmas at P.W.s home.Prayers still coming
  9. Merry Christmas to both of you all and a Happy new year Chance
  10. Would like it just to far from Florida
  11. Thanks to Lucky Jake and crew for a good match at Hat Ball It was there first match and a fun day It will be the the 2td Sat of the month.Had a good turn out😄😄 Oya this a new club in Florida.the At the Titusville gun range
  12. We had it at one club T and R ranch Lefty and Lill came down but that club is gone to many people moved in it is fun.I would still like to shoot it but no clubs offer it.Lefty is good people. Chance
  13. Every time I put the faces up then post they go away WHY ?
  14. Larson ifin you don't drink coffee I can understand grumpy and maybe even uncowboy Lol
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