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  1. Dad! You know I appreciate guns! If you wanna go ahead and send a pair of ROAs now, I'll shoot em' and show ya how much I'd never sell Pappy's Swiss K31 he bought in France during WWII. Other than that everything is for sale, but very expensive.
  2. I won't go so far as to say don't need, but yes I'm inundated with this everywhere. Yes, that's my reason.
  3. The horse stuff is probably so Taylor Sheridan can make more appearances and promote the 4 Sixes Ranch he just bought and spinoff show; he plays the Travis Wheaton role.
  4. Do you intend to participate in S.A.S.S.? If yes, I'd suggest going to a match(if you haven't already) and seeing if you can try both out before you buy. If not, I'd probably go for the Winchester. I have both and the Winchester is a better gun from the factory; the Ubertis need a little attention. Yes, it's $350 better.
  5. Not if comments are turned off... The current administration already has.
  6. Ok, was going to follow up with something similar to what Cayuse Jack posted. I'd take an extra look and make sure those transfer bars are good and smooth, as well as putting a thin washer under the light springs. It's also possible that some junk got in with the firing pin return spring or it wasn't lightened enough(or at all) with the action job. If that's too strong or dirty it can cause issues too.
  7. Are the transfer bars still present?
  8. Stress: When the mind overrides the body's desire to choke the life out of some useless jack@$$ that desperately deserves it. Your way of handling said stress is also very appropriate.
  9. Yeah, but your awesome hat(s) makes up for the shorter barrel...
  10. Because you have a crush on Antonio Banderas?
  11. I thought the exact same thing, but Missus Tyrel said she saw them in the previews for later in the season.
  12. Definitely does. Season 1 episodes 1-3 were really slow to me, but by episode 5 or so I was all in. I don't care for the language, but I reckon I can overlook it. Season 4 so far is pretty epic! He's not wrong!
  13. Well that doesn't make sense because APP makes the Shooters World power.
  14. Are you also polishing internals? Transfer bar, hammer, hammer channel, etc. all need to be burr free and smooooth. Firing pin return spring is also pretty important in Vaqueros...
  15. Evil Roy- evilroy.com Boomstick Jay often has used guns ready to go. As Phantom suggested several gunsmiths will get the guns and slick them before sending them. I know Barleycorn Outfitters will also send his to a gunsmith of your choosing for you, so talk to the smiths.
  16. No and I hated shooting in it and wouldn't have had I not dropped $1K+ in gas/hotel/match fees.
  17. For real BP I use: Gold Remington STS Hulls Claybuster 7/8oz gray wads 45-48gr of Real BP 7/8oz #7.5 lead shot I use a MEC Sizemaster press and a Lyman BP Measure as a separate step, no powder on the press itself. I'm too lazy to mess with roll crimps and fiber wads. No need for 1-1 and no need for more than 7/8oz of shot IMO. Whatever amount of sub that equals 45-48gr of BP is plenty of power; sorry can't remember where a conversion chart is.
  18. Did you not see water sloshing everywhere? When the timer goes off few are going take time to make sure water goes in and stays in the bucket; I'm sure not.
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