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  1. I'm thinking there'll be enough hot air blown Thursday and Friday to keep that durn hurrycain at bay all weekend....
  2. I think I did this right and hope it's ok, a little easier to see who's on who's posse. Canoe Creek Kid 101 English Tom 101 Hurricane Charly 101 Lil Fellar 101 Lil Tink 101 Mister Badly 101 Picket 101 Purly 101 Shagbark Steve 101 Sidekick 101 Slater 101 Slow Jen 101 Tennessee Williams 101 Tuff Stuff 101 Two Step Net 101 Widder 101 Bushrod 102 Crawdaddy 102 Dobber 102 George Emmett 102 Grey Horse 102 Groundhog 102 John Derringer 102 Lead Bone 102 Llew Silverhand 102 Loco Perro 102 Midnight Rider 102 Poncho 102 Prairie Dog Kid 102 Sable Starr 102 Slippery Stew 102 Tyrel Cody 102 Willy Joe 102 Aw Dacious 103 Bo Dacious 103 Buford Tanner 103 Derringer Di 103 Dirt Road Dude 103 El Camino 103 Gunsmoke Girl 103 Hanso Lowe 103 High Cotton Kitty 103 Marshal Rico 103 Palmetto Traveller 103 Pistoleer 103 Raindrop Renegade 103 Shorty Butte 103 The Rainmaker 103 Tucker T. Fudpucker 103 Yazoo City Gal 103 Bluegrass Bob 105 Buffalo Trace 105 Buster 105 Cherokee Sgt 105 Coosie 105 Dew R Dye 105 Fire N. Fallback 105 Graywolf Tate 105 Hell On Heels 105 Knot Hardly Dunn 105 Mr Black 105 Nunnfaster 105 Shamrock Sadie 105 Sunny Girl 105 Tennessee Whiskers 105 Tom Bullweed 105 Witchy Woman 105 Amaduelist 106 Big Bama Bradshaw 106 Billy Blaze 106 Blackfish Kid 106 Buckey O'Neill 106 Cherokee Maddog 106 Dakota Lil 106 DC Madcap 106 Doc Monday 106 J. M. Brown 106 Jodi Coyote 106 Ocoee Red 106 Preacherman 106 Smart * 106 Tennessee Snuffy 106 Tequila Rita 106 Wiggley Down Under 106 Black Jack Lee 108 Captain Bill Burt 108 Cassalong Hopidy 108 Dead Lee Shooter 108 Fast Eddie 108 Foxplay Kid 108 Iron Cowboy 108 Kid Flash 108 Long Colt Luke 108 Max Payne 108 Ms. Jewel 108 Null N. Void 108 Ophelia Payne 108 Sandhills Slim 108 Shootin Sharyn 108 Whiskey Ro 108 Apple Annie 110 Badlands Bob 110 Bitterroot Jak 110 Buslin' Belle 110 Chas B. Wolfson 110 Chickie Winsome 110 Fireball 110 J.P. Law 110 Josie Grace Underfyr 110 Kentucky Drifter 110 Krazy Kajun 110 May B. Knott 110 Possum 110 Ranger Dan 110 Runs With Scissors 110 The Outlaw Travis James 110 Big Country 201 Bogus Jim 201 Cactus Jack Slade 201 CBeaux 201 Doc Bard Parker 201 Doc Roy L. Pain 201 Dodge City Dixie 201 Hoss Blocker 201 John E. Law 201 Morning Glory 201 Pinky Buscadero 201 Randy Saint Eagle 201 Reno Mustang 201 Rowdy On The Red 201 Shyster's Revenge 201 Toolman 201 Alchemist Belle 202 Arcadia Outlaw 202 Branchwater Jack 202 Bucky Buckskin 202 Carolina Yankee 202 Donald Duke 202 Double Barrel 202 Drake Robey 202 Gunnby 202 Jimmie Gunnfighter 202 Kid Nama 202 Midwest Hale 202 Stingray 202 Swift Stoney 202 Tilly Two Spurs 202 Toothpick 202 Barkeep Casey 203 Brass Tacks 203 Cotton Mouth Cole 203 Deuces 203 Diamond L Pete 203 Long Colt Tommy 203 Lucky Lead Pepper 203 Pecos Pete 203 Sapphire Rose 203 Sherriff AB Dupree 203 Shiner Bock Bob 203 Steel Rail 203 Sue Nommy 203 THE Notch 203 Wild Phil Hickok 203 Yohan 203 Brown Summit Kid 205 Cardboard Cowboy 205 Carolina Reaper 205 Cleve 205 Diamond Jake 205 Doc Southerly 205 Foxy Filly 205 Little Dead Drewzter 205 Mustang Dave 205 Myra Venge 205 Razorback Red 205 Rubicon Ryder 205 Ruff Kut 205 Scarlett Darlin' 205 Stagecoach Shell 205 Steelshot Scott 205 Tin Can Sailor 205 Bulldog Jackson 206 Cowboy Jon 206 Deadly Don 206 Doc WHO 206 Dungannon Gunner 206 Lawman Mark 206 Let's Go 206 Madame Moog 206 Moog 206 Patsy Montana 206 Pokerface Bill 206 Realtree 206 Shelleen 206 Steady Habit 206 Tampa Flash 206 Timber Steel 206 Bama Cowboy 208 Big Iron Ranger 208 Buck O. Billy 208 Bush Ax Jack 208 Cahawba Kid 208 Christian Mortician 208 Crazy Case 208 El Viejo Lobo 208 Firstshot 208 Fox Creek Stitcher 208 Fretless 208 Graver Bill 208 Hopalong Mac McLin 208 Lefty Young Gun 208 Noah Fitz 208 River City Bly 208 Trail Bandit 208 Ara Tiest 209 Avocatessa 209 Ben T. Iron 209 Big Bore John 209 Deacon Henry 209 Deputy Short Stack 209 Doc J.H. Huckleberry 209 El Chivo 209 Garnet Gal 209 Gunner Down 209 Hoss Cantwrite 209 Long Wolf 209 Rowdy Rube 209 Scrub Oak Willie 209 Six Packin' Jan 209 Tick Ridge 209 Uncle Ethan 209 Angel Eyes Carson 210 Appalucy 210 Bud Light year 210 Cat A Tonic 210 Copperhead Joe 210 Ellie Gant 210 Horse Doc 210 Long Gulch 210 Loose Cinch 210 Marshal TKD 210 Ringer 210 Scotch Before Noon 210 Sketchy Sue 210 T-Bone Dooley 210 Tennessee Tombstone 210 Tullamore Dew 210 Whiskey Creek Johnson 210
  3. OR if you open just slightly before you pull the trigger. Had it happen twice, no damage to the gun; but the last time I sold it and I'm pretty much done with them.
  4. It shoots great... You're Welcome. Myself I'd like to shoot an 1865 Spencer(or replica) in 56-50(real BP of course)
  5. Well since I live in the Great State of Tennessee, does it matter? That said, I've seen it at Kroger in Bowling Green, KY.
  6. 1700’ on my mom’s side, Some family in the Revolutionary War and distant relative to Alvin C. York. 1400’s on my Dad’s side, supposedly one was a Duke in England.
  7. Fling hell, I'm bustin' out the 10ga and shootin' it and everything in a 10 foot radius.
  8. Mike is a one one man shop. He is a super nice guy. He does amazing work on all percussion revolvers; arguably the best there is. He also takes forever, which isn't a problem on it's own. The problem comes in where an estimated finish date is past by months and the client has to call constantly to get any information about the work being performed. That's not exclusive to Mike. Like I said, I'd send him guns again to be worked on, but I'd make sure I had a reliable set before I signed up for any big matches and wouldn't plan on him being done with mine. Not bashing him, I've told him this on the phone.
  9. Ordered a a guitar from Manchester, NH. 9/2 Shipped 9/6 Arrived at Distribution hub Braselton, GA 9/6 Out for Delivery Blairsville, GA 9/6 Arrived at Distribution hub Braselton, GA 9/7 Out for Delivery Blairsville, GA 9/7 Arrived at Distribution hub Braselton, GA 9/8 Out for Delivery Blairsville, GA 9/8 Arrived at Distribution hub Braselton, GA 9/9 Out for Delivery Blairsville, GA 9/9 Delivered Blairsville, GA Yep you read that right, got it off the overflow truck, drove around all day, put it back on the overflow truck, 3X. When my friend opened the box the guitar was busted because some idiot ran a toll motor fork into the side! IDIOTS!
  10. Yeah, I talked to him recently too; he just said keep trying. I kick myself for not keeping the one I had. Thankfully got a few IACs(one was Blue Boy's).
  11. I'm always looking, but I already have 3 IACs(2 by Lassiter and 1 by Slater) and don't need another one; thanks though.
  12. There's a guy at americanlongrifles.org that makes them and has them in classifieds periodically. his username is spiderman852 and has a couple on there right now. I own a couple, they cost in the $200-$300 range best I remember.
  13. CSA Bullets will most likely have 2 liter bottles of shot at SE Regional.
  14. Billy Ds Supply had some the other day, might still have a few.
  15. Been awhile since I've smoked up Wartrace, I may just have to mosey on down myowndangself...
  16. Which is the exact reason we suggest new/prospective shooters go to a match or two before buying things. I'm surprised they haven't let you live fire some.
  17. Flatbread 1 Roma Tomato 1 Green Pepper Ranch Dressing Shredded mozzarella cheese Olive oil Spread ranch dressing on flatbread Place flatbread(s) on lightly oiled(Olive oil) pizza pan. Cover Flatbread with ranch dressing (I like a thin coat). Cover with mozzarella cheese(I like a thinck coat). Add sliced Roma tomato and Green peppers. Bake at 400 degrees for 9-10 minutes.
  18. Before I sent them to Ruger I'd take them to a match and ask if there's anyone that can look at them in person. Very hard to troubleshoot just with pics on the internet.
  19. I agree, but I'm sure they aren't allowed to touch him.
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