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  1. Decided to copy from the pm Incase you are hav8ng problems with the pm

    Hey Dutch Al

    I am interested in the 38-55.

    I have a couple of questions.

    JES did the rebore is it the standard .366 and .376 rebore?

    Rear sight was mounted by who? Is it lined up straight? Can I get a picture of the sight mounted on the tang?

    Has there been any other work done on the rifle? Springs,  work etc.

    Does it function 100%? Feed, go bang every time etc.

    What kind of accuracy did you get out o the rifle?

    Lastly would you ship it for your asking price? 

  2. I'll take it if u still have it.

  3. call me Dutch if it is 409 782-0019

  4. Quote

    Dutch is the gun still for sale?  Let me know i think I'll take it


  5. Dutch I will take it. I have to talk to my ffl 

    to organize the transfer. Do you have an idea how much shipping would be?

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    2. Sprue Cutter

      Sprue Cutter

      That sounds good I just got back from the range so I need to call my ffl would you be shipping it yourself or through a dealer 

      and how do you want payment? 

    3. Dutch Al #22045

      Dutch Al #22045

      Hello  Sprue Cutter,


      I will be shipping the gun myself, but I do need to send it to an FFL.  Regarding payment, I think a postal money order is the least expensive method.  By the way, please give me your real name.  We have caller ID on our phone.  We get so darn many robo calls we usually don't answer the phone unless we know who it is.  If you do choose to call me for any reason, I don't want to blow off the call.  Also, my e-mail is set up so e-mails often go to the junk mail folder if I haven't had previous contact that party.  So, please use a subject line like M87 shotgun, or similar.  As with the phone, I don't want contact from you to go unanswered.  Thanks for your business. 




      Here is my contact information:

      Allen Ashton

      7722 South Penrose Court

      Littleton, CO, 80122




    4. Sprue Cutter

      Sprue Cutter

      Postal money order is great. I’m going to call and see if I can get in touch with my dealer. 

      Here is my contact information 

      Bruce Parbst

      22335 W. Thurman Ave

      Porterville California 93257


      phone 559-359-4813

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