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  1. I just calculated a standard state match with 10 main stages, three warm ups and four stages of Wild Bunch....(WB at 28 45ACP rounds a stage)....Main Match = $73.88 / WB = $41.12...Total $115....Not too bad for three days of fun. Could lose that in about ten seconds at a Casino!
  2. The problem is getting low recoil shells...Have not been able to find Winchester 980fps shells for two years. I used to pay $64 for 250 after the yearly summer rebate. My wife can't handle the 1100-1200fps loads. And If I can find them, they are $120-$150 for 250 around here (New England)..... Lately I'm paying $90 /1000....I have a friend that works at Cabelas and he grabs me 1000 Federals whenever they come in. But he can only get 1000 and he gets no employee discount on them.
  3. Has anyone sat down and figured out what it costs per round to play this sport? (Reloading) I just did, and unless my math is wrong....It ain't cheap! Not counting brass expense I come up with per round: 45ACP = .23 38Spl= .18 38/40 = .20 Shot Shell (1oz)= .34 Interesting.....
  4. Thanks Eyesa......Are you going to PA or TriState?
  5. I rebarreled my 5.5" NM Vaquero to 4.62"......Needed to modify the ejector rod housing so the attachment holes lined up. Made a jig for the lathe to accomplish it. Too many pictures and words for here. I penned a quick article about it... http://rvbprecision.com/firearms/ruger-new-model-ejector-housing-modification.html
  6. Might be easier and less expensive to buy a shorter barrel from Boomstick and swap it out. I just did this on my NMVaquero. $90
  7. A friend asked me to help with fitting a replacement barrel onto a 1897 action. He bought a barrel assembly off an auction site. I tried all the typical adjustment with the indexing of the interrupted threaded breach of the new barrel. Before the barrel indexes properly, I run out of "teeth" on the rotating extension.No matter what I do it will not index enough before the breech face of the barrel hits the internal face of the receiver. Verified with Dycan marking fluid. Is it customary to face off the breech face of the barrel to mate the two? It looks like a thou off the barrel would do the trick. The shell headspaces off the internal ring in the receiver so there is no issue with moving headspace. Any suggestions are appreciated...
  8. Looking for a 4.62" Stainless Steel New Model Vaquero barrel in 357/38 Will trade 5.5" stainless steel, 357/38 barrel if that works for you......Or will buy outright Thanks Best to contact via email rvb100 at comcast.net
  9. Easier to send it to the fellow in Oregon that will bore it out to .375 and chamber it in 38-55. I've had him do three rifles for me. All shoot amazingly well and very inexpensive. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.35caliber.com/&ved=2ahUKEwjm8IXro433AhXDhIkEHeVJDIIQFnoECAQQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3oQTqs5dQguMzK8Wt-I8EQ
  10. I'm missing the point here...???
  11. Bought another Ruger NM Vaquero in 38/357 this morning....Who would have ever thought that buying a NM Vaquero for $800 would be a GREAT deal!
  12. Would love that! Hads a fantastic time last year with you.
  13. I have a pair of Uberti in 38-40 and a Uberti Bisley with target sights and 8" barrel in 38-40. There is a fellow in Oregon that bored out and rifles barrels from one caliber to a larger one.....A 38special barrel to .401 for a 38-40 is easily doable. It's the cartridge length that will be the bugger.
  14. Tex Jones... I'm going to have to find out if Uberti made 1860 Colt Long Grip.........Thanks fir the heads up.
  15. Ronnie makes the grip frames and sells them. A VTI Pietta 1860 frame does not fit a Uberti. I tried it. We are not interested in having him fit it. We want frames that fit better than what you might get with a VTI or other frame.
  16. Ronnie Wells over in Houston owns R.W. Grip Frames. He makes custom grip frames for Ruger revolvers. I contacted him about getting 1860 Colt, long Grips for my Uberti 1873 revolvers. At this time he does not offer them as he needs access to a Uberti revolver for measurements. If someone has a Uberti 1873 revolver that they could spare for a couple weeks....You can send it directly to Ronnie as he is an FFL. He said he would need it for two weeks. I'd send mine, but I only have two and heading south to shoot in a week or two. You can contact Ronnie on his web site. His [phone number, email and address is there https://rwgripframes-com.3dcartstores.com/ This would be a great help to the sport. Thanks!
  17. At your asking price, you should have it "Papered" with the Cody Museum........Collectors like that. Nice rifle
  18. Capt Bill Burt... I'd like that! We had a blast last year!
  19. I'M IN! Last year was my first time and I said I'd Be Back! Krazy Kajun and Fast Eddie could not be better hosts. The facility is fantastic, the stages are unique and lots of fun, the kitchen food is good and the ice cream social is the best! Check's in the mail today!
  20. Larson...Check out Elon Musk's Star Link.....SUPER high speed for $99 a month.... As the last of the Direct TV and other aged satellites run out of fuel and crash and burn.....We will all be streaming. No way out of it....It's the future of TV...Unless you can live with what "Over The Air" offers in your area.
  21. Needed a few practice targets for my wife and I to practice with. Went to the steel supply house and wanted A550 but they had a truck load of HR450 which is almost as hard, but a whole lot less $$. Four pieces of 3/8 X 16" X 16" was a bit under $150 Four 10' pieces of #5 (5/8") rebar a few big washers and a bit of welding and heat bending and they came out pretty good!
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