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  1. Most people that 'wheel will have a decent steel bumper replacing the plastic garbage that the factory installs. A lot of 4X4 trucks have towing or lifting eyes that a jack could get hold of.
  2. I don't particularly care if it's punishment or not. If he's dead, he can't hurt anybody else. He can't escape, he can't get paroled, and he doesn't cost the taxpayers anymore. And just MAYBE... the next guy might think long enough to not do what would cause HIM to wind up that way. Probably wishful thinking I know. but maybe.
  3. That would explain a lot of those Russian dash-cam videos you see.
  4. If it tastes like bacon, why not just get bacon? I don't care for bacon that much, (GASP!), so I've never got the "Everything's better with bacon" idea. I like sausage, so I would get sausage. I like spam, too.
  5. I suppose that you're right. I haven't been paying attention to ammo prices. It just doesn't seem that long ago that .38 ammo was cheap and everywhere. I guess that 9mm has taken it's place. I appreciate all those who have answered my query. Thing are more expensive because they cost more and They're out there if you're willing to pay for them wasn't what I wanted to hear. Captain Bill Burt; My apologies. You were just laying it out like it is. I usually applaud this. I guess that my frustration got the best of me. I was probably looking for a simple answer to a complicated question. That sounds like me. I'll just have to rethink my plans. I'll get back out there, maybe just not as soon as I'd hoped. Perhaps when the Zombie Apocalypse and Bidenflation pass, the economy will come back to some sense of normality. I can't claim the same for myself.
  6. Thanks Captain Obvious. I realize that it's more expensive. That's why I started this thread. I am just trying to get a handle on WHY. I don't think that asking a question is GROUSING. Or did I miss something in the Officer's Leadership Manual?
  7. There was "Return to Toostone" a few years ago. A lot of us got involved in it. Lots of fun until it turned into a "Highlander" prequel.
  8. I like the way you think, but if you're right, she's peeing on the shirt.
  9. I still don't get the fascination with spinning rims, or 22" wheels leaving about 2" of sidewall. And I'd STILL like to see a custom car show take on a pick up and NOT say "Slam it to the ground". I have no interest in a vehicle that I'd have to rappel down into.
  10. They were using those surplus Dominion voting machines to calculate his answers.
  11. I might not be shooting CAS for a while, but I DO plan to use them. I just don't know when. It would take a financial catastrophe for me to get rid of them.
  12. No denying that. Nobody knows how to change a tire anymore. Some newer cars don't even have a spare. My daughter had a 2012 Buick that came with an air pump that plugged into the power port and a can of Green Slime.
  13. Most of the Mexicans with flat tires I see around here seem to be standing by the side of the road pecking at their phones.
  14. Guys I appreciate all the links. I HAVE an older waffle iron that does what I want. I was merely commenting that they are relatively hard to find. Going to any department or grocery store you only find Belgian Waffle Makers. And as for oatmeal, yeah. I like the stuff. Especially with peanut butter in it.
  15. My oldest friend bought a Brand New Pinto probably in 1973 or 4. He and another guy hopped this thing up big time. Twin Weber carbs with the appropriate manifolds, header, and cam, and of course had a custom exhaust system He lowered and stiffened the suspension, and I don't know what else. We use to try to get the guys with the Camaros, Novas, and Chevelles to race. My favorite story from those times is one night, we were headed home after a late night pizza, (1:00 A.M. or so), when a Chevelle with a license plate reading "454CID" puled up beside us at a red light. Mark gave him the "Come on" nod, and the guy just laughed. Mark did it again, so when the light changed, we went. I remember the astonished look on the guys face, because I turned around and waved "Bye Bye" at him. At the next light, the guy was ready. When it changed, he was ON IT. Same astonished look. The NEXT light, he was mad! He pulled up, revved his engine, STARED down the light, and when it changed, was once again looking at my smiling continence, as we again left him behind us. He turned off before the next light.
  16. Part one: Why is it when you eat at home, a bowl of oatmeal fills you up fairly well, but when you eat out, it takes two eggs, 'taters, biscuits and gravy, AND a chicken fried steak to do the job? Part two: Why is it that in the last twenty years or so, Belgian waffles have taken the place of regular, (small hole) waffles EXCEPT at Waffle House? You can't even BUY a waffle iron with small holes unless you find an old one on ebay.
  17. I think that the idea is to get Shatner up there while he's still alive.
  18. That's WAY more than I'm going to pay. A couple years ago I could get .45Colt ammo for less than that. .45Colt ammo is about $1.25 a round now, and I won't pay that, either.
  19. 125- 158gr RNFP lead bullet, (All I seem to see is jacketed, no good for our game), clean brass, less than $20 per 50. Everything I see is near $30 or more.
  20. Well, you're Alpo. In answer to your original question, I would probably carry a .45 pistol with a .44 rifle. That way, if I DO pick up somebody else's rig, which ever HE has, I've got a gun for.
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