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  1. Especially when you did it on HIS forehead. Some people have no sense of humor.
  2. Why bother, they can just look it up on their phone. (Where is that sarcasm emoji?!?!)
  3. I don't know about that. Are you talking about Baker's Chocolate, chocolate syrup, or powdered chocolate?
  4. Well Disney has this guy greeting your daughters at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, so "Snow White" Might just be an off duty employee.
  5. THAT'S what our tax dollars are paying for.
  6. Just to clarify, would they not ADMIT that they were wrong, or not ACCEPT the fact that they were wrong?
  7. RIGHT. And even after writing a book, I've STILL never needed to diagram a sentence.
  8. Let us know when you try it upside-down.
  9. I've got this one I'm not doing anything with. I'll let it go for a reasonable price. I don't know what it's off of but it fits a SAA frame. Please note that the triggerguard is a bit smaller than normal.
  10. The problem is that Taxes going to the Dept. of Education doesn't pay for education, it pays for educators. My daughter was failed in her 10th grade Science class because the teacher found out that we were Bush supporters.
  11. It's nothing new. They've been using the things for 40 years that I know of. Why is it serious in this case? Not trying to be a smartass, just curious. When I was a Young Marine, a buddy and I were in D.C., (he had a brother there), and we went to the Smithsonian. We didn't know about the way parking worked there, and apparently there are/were limited parking along some streets. During rush hour you couldn't park there, but lots of people parked there before rush hour, myself included. We came out to find every vehicle on the block booted and ticketed. Except my Jeep. The boot wouldn't fit my 31X10.50 tires. This was about '81.
  12. And Hardly Ablesons use Japanese electronics and Chinese tires.
  13. Never had enough leftovers to freeze. I've done so with spaghetti. Ate some, froze some. Heated it up on the stove.
  14. What I'm talking about, and I have every confidence that I'll get at least a little grief for it, is the guys that have big tailgate parties, paint their bodies "their" team colors, and talk about how "we" did this weekend. I think that it's ridiculous to get that excited about something that, other than spending money on, you're not really a part of. Your kid's on the team? THAT I get. There's a professional ball team in your town? Yawn.
  15. That's because football has more fans than anything else. I can understand cheering your kid and his friends on, but anything after that, (NFL, etc) is ridiculous. But it starts here.
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