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  1. Rye, I'm going to miss the shoot on Saturday have to work again :( I didn't let lefty know he has a enough on his mind

  2. Any word if they would come out in 45lc next year like the 73 did
  3. Talking about a flying target, slow and low to the ground easy to see and no place to hide.. yikes
  4. Hope the interview ends up on the wire would love to see it. Great job
  5. Same here and I like my pinky under the grip it helps me grip the pistols fast the same way all the time
  6. Congrats , you may have to work a little longer to do all that Christmas shopping.. my stepdaughter is expecting her first in the next few weeks
  7. I would think that it would take more labor to make the 66
  8. Check out Nebraska , plays a cranky old man who gets a letter saying he was a prize winner
  9. My miroku 45lc throws to the side all the ones I've heard throwing forward have been 38/357 s . Talk to a Smith they may be able to help
  10. I have the ss runnin irons from taylors, great service and guns
  11. Does any health insurance cover hearing aids , I to am getting to the point of needing them
  12. Most of the time are targets are so close you won't notice the difference in barrel length
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