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  1. Choice Ammo is top notch ammo. www.choiceammunition.com
  2. Try SNS casting https://www.snscasting.com/9mm-1/ I use their 125 and 147 hr hitek coated bullets and like them a-lot.
  3. Do many folks reload 7.62x39 cartridges?
  4. People: Please contact Quicksand (pikecoyle@msn.com or 520-240-9164) to let her know your decision. Putting it on the wire will not be guaranteed to get to her.
  5. 1st thing to do - ream the chamber of that rifle. 2nd - make sure your sizing die goes all the way down to the shell plate. If you shoot 38-40 revolvers use a cylinder to check your rounds. Good luck.
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