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  1. Get ahold of Tazz at Klassic Laser Works lazer works. They are #1. tazzkid@gmail.com 603-714-1164 TTB
  2. I would like the green 1x (XL) slicker for $50. Please PM me your paypal info. Thanx -TTB
  3. Here’s the Bordertown wait list as of 4/21/2021. 1. Dusty Buckboard 2. Wild Willie’s Whiskey Woman 3. Rollan Cole 4. Rebellious 5. Rusty Springs 6. Dry Gulch Johnny 7. Grey Beard Bill Lee 8. Miss Chievious 9. Creed Dalton 10. Wrangler Ron 11. Lefty Jo 12. Marshall Mick 13. Mad Dog Too 14. Ramblin’ Rose 15. California Dutchman 16. Lickity Split 17. Tar Heel Maverick 18. Canadian Major 19. Arizona Gunfighter 20. The Kids’ Sister 21. Joshua the Kid 22. El Roberto 23. Buck Garrett 24. Cat Claw Charlie 25. Ruby Bell 26. Clancy 27. Marksman
  4. Check in Sierra Vista or Benson. They are only 20 or 25 minutes away from the Livery.
  5. Great!!! We will look forward to have you with us!
  6. “That's where I got into SASS. It was so cool to be able to shoot at least once EVERY weekend.” and you still can - 1st Sunday is OPSA in Tombstone, 2nd Saturday is Pima Cowboys at the Pima Pistol Club near Catalina, Los Vaqueros in Tombstone on the 3rd Saturday, Dusty Bunch near Marana on the 4th Saturday, Pima Cowboys (Tombstone edition) the 4th Sunday in Tombstone plus 2 WIld Bunch matches in there as well. This doesn’t even reflect all the matches around Phoenix, Yuma and further north in AZ. Lots of shooting in southern and central Az.
  7. Just to be sure(and correct my mistake) - Pima Cowboys - 4th SUNDAY of the month at the Tombstone Livery.
  8. Well, if your name says Texas and you live in California- Tombstone is right in the middle. Come on over.....
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