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  1. Welcome to the best game ever! You will get ALL kinds of recommendations from all kinds of folks (including this from myself). You are going to be deluged with folks biases on what Brand is better than another. The absolute best activity to do at this point is to try everything you can. You will find that one style is better in hand than another. I personally like Colt style revolvers over Ruger but many folks are the reverse. Shotguns - try Double barrels vs ‘97’s. Each have their handling advantages. Rifles - the same. Try the ‘73, the ‘66 and the Marlins. Each are completely different in how they handle and balance in “YOUR HANDS”. Try before you buy - it’s worth it. Good Leather (as stated previously) is well worth the investment. A rig that goes soft will cause you a lot of frustration down the road. When you buy - buy what feels right for you - Good luck, have fun and enjoy being a Cowboy - it’s a hoot!
  2. Pretty much the same here. They were a gag gift so had to try them - it took 2 shots of Glenlivet to “cleanse my ”palate” and restore my faith in human nature!
  3. 1966-04-28 38th Academy Awards: "The Sound of Music", Julie Christie & Lee Marvin win This means they EACH won an Academy Award. Lee Marvin would never have been seen in Sound of Music!
  4. Lee Marvin Profession: Actor Nationality: American Why Famous: M Squad, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Born: February 19, 1924 Birthplace: NYC, New York, USA Generation: Greatest Generation Chinese Zodiac: Rat Star Sign: Pisces Died: August 29, 1987 (aged 63) Cause of Death: Heart attack Married Life 1967-01-05 Actor Lee Marvin (42) divorces Elizabeth Ebeling after 14 years of marriage 1970-10-18 Actor Lee Marvin (46) weds radio producer Pamela Feeley (40) Events in the Life of Lee Marvin 1966-04-28 38th Academy Awards: "The Sound of Music", Julie Christie & Lee Marvin win 1967-06-15 "The Dirty Dozen", based on E. M. Nathanson's novel, directed by Robert Aldrich and starring Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson is released in the US
  5. So, was that a Punxsutawney Philly cheese steak you had?
  6. I really hope that spring gets here early.
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