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  1. Shiloh Sharps and C Sharps are both built in Big Timber, Montana. Both build excellent rifles. Some later Farmington rifles used Badger barrels. I have several C Sharps with Badger barrels. Excellent shooters. I sold my Shiloh Sharps years ago. There was a break up between Wolfgang Droege, former owner of Shiloh Sharps and John Schoffstall, current president of C Sharps. My understanding is the Bryant brothers bought Shiloh from Wolfgang and the company is currently for sale. Another difference is that Shiloh builds their own barrels. There is a Shiloh forum with a discussion of the Farmington rifles including dates with serial no.s. I had the opportunity to shoot a Farmington Business Rifle years ago which is the reason I ordered rifles from both companies at the NRA Gun Show in Phoenix. What a treat. This was the era of the 5 year wait. I took 5 years from both companies before I received mine. Had time to save enough money to purchase them.
  2. Take your bent punch and cut off everything but 3/8 inch and use it as a starter punch. Really recommend the bolt bench box King Snake is recommending.
  3. Happy Easter everyone and God Bless America!!!! We will come back.
  4. Started with Palo Verde's empty shells for five or six years. For me the shuck is the hardest to master. Went from a 2 handed shuck to a one handed shuck. It took a year just to get the hang of it. Still along ways from the one second a shell mark. As long as the shotgun and shells from my belt meet at the same time I feel like I am doing ok. Last year I added shells with shot just to practice the load. Now I mix them up in my belt. Sometimes I will turn off the lights in our closet and I practice using eight shells. I flip on the lights, reload my belt, flip off the lights and go again. This has helped with consistency on my load; less mistakes. It is also important to practice live fire and using your sights. Just don't do it in your closet!!!
  5. Before and after: Please do not limit to shooting; it could be pictures of your cart, firearms, costuming etc.... I will start off. Cody James in 2012 and 2019. Cody_James_Favorite_Eot_2012.mp4 13.24_WR_2019_Cody.m4v
  6. IB-Even those of us who have shot for awhile appreciate seeing a new sweep or sequence prior to a match. Just when you've seen it all, a new one come up.
  7. I like seeing the stages prior to a shoot. I would not worry about shooters not coming due to the stages being posted, but rather hooters who came and tell their friends what a bad experience they had. Most AZ clubs post their stages prior to the shoot. As said on many different posts for other reasons, the shooters on top will most likely stay on top as long as we are shooting by the same rules.
  8. CB-yes my kids and I have all experienced a target that would not go down with a 125 gr. Not often. Has happened in championship matches. Very, very seldom, but it happens. If there is any doubt, I change to a 147. If you get to know fellow shooters, they usually give you a report. I do not feel that much difference in the rifle, but there is a difference. Shoot what works for you. I shoot 147 at Winter Range this year. Probably didn't need them, but they were there.
  9. I would say the load would take down most knockdowns. Every once in awhile you hear about a stubborn target. Use the same load with a 147 or 158 and your set.
  10. Thanks, will do.
  11. One of my SKB 100 with inertia just started doubling. Is there an easy fix or does it need to go to a gunsmith? This SKB has worked great for 7 or 8 years. Ruled out the shooter. Does it every time.
  12. It seems to me that Creeker is asking for a simple explanation when a ruling is made. Creeker is a former match director. shooter and former president of a very successful club. He is just asking for a justification or clarification when a ruling is made. . I also would like a justification even if it was as simple as; the brand dominates the style of the shoe or the sole lugs are too deep. I am not saying I would agree or disagree with that ruling, but I would want to know. Even though subjective, it would clarify the reason for the ruling. Our sport is not black and white. If it was, it would sure take a great deal more than the RO course's and shooters rule books provided. While I don't always agree with every ruling, I sure appreciate a justification. Keep it simple and just let us know.
  13. You may try placing 1/4 or 1/2 of the height of your front sight above the of the top of the notch in your rear sight. Place the top tip of the front sight 1/3 up from the bottom of the target and see where it hits. If you like where it is hitting, establish this as your sight picture or file your front sight till it gets you where you want to be. I have mine filed to pt of aim so I can hit (or try) on smaller targets, but practice and shoot with more front blade above the notch for larger targets. By aiming at the bottom 1 /3 with your sights filed to pt. of aim , you will hit higher depending on the amount of blade you show above the top of the notch. Hope this helps.
  14. Clays is excellent for the 38 special and many others. Power factor needs to be 60 or greater. Try 2.9 grains of clays with your 110, or 3.3 grains of TB with your 110 since you already have it. Pick a load, practice a whole bunch and remember your front sight. I would use up your TB and see if you like it. There is a post on the wire of favorite 38 special loads. Many of the responses are from great shooters. You do not have to reinvent anything. It is all there.
  15. Congrats ZAC and SASSY Dancer. We appreciate the both of you.
  16. Purpose of the suggestion would be to attract shooters from other disciplines, not to change what we do. There is nothing more thrilling than to watch a Top 16 match. As a spectator you can see the excitement in these incredible shooters. With the right TV program we might increase exposure to a different type of shooter than perceived. I do not feel most shooters from other disciplines realize how exciting and hard this is to be competitive in Cowboy Action Shooting . My two kids got involved due to the excitement of watching fast shooters. Their heroes who inspired them early on are: Badlands Bud, Lead Dispencer, Rattlesnake Wrangler and Holly Terror. A championship match which is focused on the shooting may help get the word out. When I read the post it invited some brainstorming. If you go down the same path, you get to the same place.
  17. This subject keeps comin up. What I love about SASS is you can make it what you want. Whether at Bordertown or Winter Range, if you go slow and line up your sights on the target, you will hit every target. Even at Bordertown there are shooters that miss. If everyone tried to shoot a Bordertown stage in 15 seconds there would be more misses. If everyone tried to shoot a Winter Range stage in 24 seconds there would be more misses. The beauty of SASS is that you make your experience what you want to. If dress is important to you, that's great, I will enjoy shooting next to you. If speed is what your looking for, I will enjoy shooting next to you. But please do not make something so enjoyable a complain fest. Where else can you shoot next to a World or National Champion starting out. If enough people are looking for barrel riding, knife throwing, putting a bandage on during a match you can find it if you look hard enough. There is no right or wrong. Shoot what you like, how you like it and have a blast. Shoot what you can afford. Do not worry about the scores if your no interested in being competitive. Just enjoy shooting and be thankful someone is taking the time to set up all those targets and provide you a place to shoot. Enjoy the people!!!!
  18. In AZ alone: If we get rid of Hells Comin, Robyn Devault, SASSY Dancer, Champ, Reverend Ledslinger, Cody James. Blue Ridge Ranger, Amber Meadows, Ledfinger, Blackjack Zac, Arizona Redneck, Slick Derringer, Shamrock Sadie,Bret Cantrell, and a few others that I forgot to mention; and we put them in the Championship bracket, I maybe able to win if I was in the other bracket. If I forget your name forgive me. No disrespect!!! I am beginning to change my mind concerning the issue. If you move to AZ and you kick my b___, you need to move up also. Just kidding. Wouldn't it be interesting to have a championship match, televised where they could shoot off for a new engraved Ruger or Winchester 73. Realize the cost of participant and running the match would tough, but it sure would be fun to watch. Appreciate the post. We should be able to brainstorm without my sarcasm.
  19. Thanks, I will look it up myself.
  20. If you are using walnut media, watch the dust that comes of the media when shaking it out. I now use disposable masks and gloves when handling dirty brass. After nine years of loading for myself and the kids my lead level has elevated. I always thought my lead level would be tested when I had physicals, but it isn't. Do not mean to take away from your thread. Have no idea the volume you will be loading.
  21. Thanks Misty. You folks are incredible and hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for keeping us informed.
  22. SASS has been offering championship level shooting since I have been involved (9 years). The champions always sort themselves out. Because targets are larger, smaller, closer or further away does not take away from the champion other than they may look elsewhere for their entertainment. It is finding the right distance, size of targets. amount of movement, amount of muzzle movement, positioning of the targets ect... that makes a match more interesting or fun for our shooters. The key is finding that zone. If everyone gives their feedback concerning their experience it will assist in setting up a match. Not being critical of your post, but just offering my opinion.
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