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  1. I'm running 3.4gr Red Dot under a 105 gr TCFP with a pair of Ruger Vaqueros. Avg velocity is approx 760fps. For my rifles, I like a faster round, I use 4.0 gr with a 125gr bullet Avg. velocity is approx 900fps. Neither exceeds SASS velocity parameters.
  2. When I was working up my .357 carbine, (2nd from bottom), I was able to order that barrel band (for a Model 1894/336). The availability of new Marlin parts seems to have dried up. But, if you find one for a 336 it will fit a '94.
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/12/regulators-close-new-yorks-signature-bank-citing-systemic-risk.html U.S. regulators on Sunday shut down New York-based Signature Bank, a big lender in the crypto industry, in a bid to prevent the spreading banking crisis.
  4. Factory loads maybe... but I'd check every one of them for a high primer. It only takes one to ruin someone's day. Having been timing someone when their magazine detonated, which didn't turn out well for the shooter or the rifle. (For myself, I'm just happy I didn't have to change my pants!) Shooter to the ER.
  5. If it's a used rifle that you are not prepared to tinker with, you have to do what Widder said. Shoot it with your ammo. There's no way of just handling it and working the action to know it it's going to work for you. But, many of our "cowboy gunsmiths", like Long Hunter, those that know what's needed to make them reliable. Can get it running right. Here's some tips: https://marauder.homestead.com/files/TUNING_M_1894.htm I followed Widder's instructions here: https://marauder.homestead.com/files/Widdermatic_Marlin.htm https://marauder.homestead.com/files/Widdermatic_Marlin_Extractor.htm In Florida, both these gents can help you out: Florida - Gun Craft Inc. - Dave Smith, 2102 24th St. S.E., Ruskin, FL 33570 (813) 645-3828 Florida - Island Gunsmith - Tommy Bonnet (alias - El Q Jones) Amelia Island, FL (904) 557-4909
  6. Strictly my opinion, (everybody has one)... The earlier JM (John Marlin) marked Marlins were quite a bit better than the ones made shortly after Remington bought them out, but not as good as the later year "Remlins". I have several JMs in multiple calibers, and I quite enjoy them. But, not one of them is in "stock" condition. All of them have been worked over by gunsmiths or myself, with the help and input of some fine gunsmiths. Most of the JMs seemed to have carriers that were of softer metal than what the levers were made of, and a sharp cam point on the lever wore and scored the bottom of the carrier. This is fixed by affixing or inserting a length of hardened metal to the bottom of the carrier, correcting the timing, and by slightly dulling the cam point on the lever. Adding reduced power springs, and more. There were other issues as well, as Marlin's production machinery was wearing out. Their skilled workers did some hand-fitting to make these guns run. But, when Remington bought them and moved the machinery, they lost those skilled enough to make the adjustments. Remington poured millions into new production machinery and training, but the reputation of the "Remlins" was marred for good. Although the later "Remlins" were pretty good. Remington went bankrupt, and sold all their assets. Ruger bought the Marlin rifle division. The 1895 Marlins that Ruger produced in 2022, show that they understood the problems and built back better. The guns are quite high quality. Their 1894s are supposed to be coming out later this year. I want one! So, to answer your question. Here's a list of Gunsmiths. Have one of them go through your present gun and you'll be quite surprised at the results. Instead of buying someone else's problem gun. Good luck and good shootin'!
  7. When I finish with mine, I bring it with me and leave it in a waiting room. (I'm hanging out in waiting rooms way too much lately)... take off my address and leave it for others to read. The magazine format is better for that than the large newspaper-type ones we used to get. I kept the real early ones.
  8. Leaf-type hand springs are another thing that can break at the most inopportune time. I've had one break during competition, and one break on the second shot out of the box. Why risk it, when there's a better way?
  9. Only thing I see about the proposed change for Juniors, is then every other age-based group will want it also. Basically, you'll do away with the Gunfighter categories. So, how do Gunfighters and Frontier Cartridge Gunfighters, (and all the age permutations of those), feel about about losing their niche??
  10. Sounds like you done good, and helped the shooter with some advice. I'm wondering if the shooter perhaps doesn't check inside the cases before putting the powder in... some debris clogging the flash hole? Maybe a bit of corncob or walnut cleaning media? All speculation at this time. Your suggestion for him to revisit every step is a good 'un.
  11. Coyote Moon Gun Works, Daniel Turpin, 10749 E. Green Hill Road Otterbein, Indiana 47970 765-427-2201 text or leave a message He has a fairly quick turnaround time. For other Gunsmiths:
  12. Everybody has their favorite brass cleaning technique. I'm not saying mine is better than anyone else's. It's just my way. I decap first. Frankford Arsenal large rotary tumbler w/pins. 1 oz Brass Juice 1-2 teaspoons of Strat-O-Sheen Media Separator Rinse Frankford Arsenal Brass Dryer
  13. Izzy Lost, (Ernie Nicholas - Sept. 19, 2022) "Today we lost another Good CowBoy.Izzy Lost alias Ernie Nicholas.He was a good man that I always saw a smile on his face n a joke on his lips.It's gonna be hard to fill his boots n sorely missed.A Good Cowboy to ride the river with, n I pray that he saves a place on his posse for us all." - Alamo Kid
  14. Sara Sota, SASS #33, Roz Britton
  15. China Camp, Deadly Redly, Montana Dan and Doc Holiday at End of Trail, Coto De Caza, 1988 Winners of the THREE shooting categories at EoT 1988: Black Powder - Hangfire Hank, Traditional - Lucky Smucky, and Modern - Deadly Redly Irish Clementine, Montana Belle, Cholla, Calamity Jo and Kid Sticks, Top Lady Shooters 1988 EoT End of Trail, 1988. Top Lady was Kid Sticks and Top Gun Winner was Lucky Smucky These are excerpts from an album on my FaceBook site Cowboy Action Shooting Gallery But since a lot of folks don't have a FB account I posted a few of them here. Just a bit of SASS history.
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