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  1. Looking good but not sure about your choice of nail polish. Lol Now I just have to find those no miss bullets.
  2. Most of the Green River gang will be there on Wednesday. Bushrod
  3. Stopped by a couple weeks ago for a shoot and pick up some supplies from CSA ! Barkeep was spot on gravel road was best ever and ole thumper rock was all but gone. Barkeep you stocked up... I’m thirsty? TKD how many is coming? Always looking forward to shooting at the Cove! Bushrod
  4. Time to put some checks in the mail this is one I won’t miss. Bushrod
  5. send funds to Jerry McDaniel  251 cr 613  Kirbville, Tex 75956

    1. BushRod Jones

      BushRod Jones

      Check will go out tomorrow morning. 

  6. Back up for a great pard, someone buy these please so I stop Jones’en!
  7. Sent pm will take it. Bushrod 

  8. Could I have pic's of the Rossi rifle for sale.



  9. Could I have pic's of the Rossi rifle for sale.



  10. Hey Bushrod; I got the email from Yak, but I work every other weekend and I was working off the ransom on my paycheck while you guys were having all the fun, and I didn't have time to put in a vacation day.

  11. Was great to shoot with you pard, looking forward to many more. Bushrod

  12. Hey, Bushrod, hope to make it up again I shot up there with yall in November came up with JD Bullet and had a blast not to mention the food was great too!

  13. Really great shoot! Thanks to Yak, Bushrod and Linda for the 'ole time effort. Stages are looking better and better all the time and the "dine-no-mite" ending was a "blast". Let's hope next month is an even bigger "blowout".

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