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  1. Wagon loaded and hitched up we head out early tomorrow. Looking forward to this one. Bushrod
  2. Great match all the way around food, camping great stages and targets. Thanks Joe and crew we’ll be back. Bushrod
  3. We will be there early Thursday, will there be a warm up match? Bushrod
  4. Got everything ready to go for Alabama and Kentucky back to back weekends of great cowboy action and fellowship! Willie Joe will hitch up the wagon tomorrow and will see ya’ll Thursday morning. Bushrod
  5. Sent pm will take it. Bushrod 

  6. Hey Sarg, is this skeletonized, lightened? Bushrod
  7. The Green River Gunslingers will shoot tomorrow Saturday the 13th. Come out and kill some steel. Bushrod
  8. Great match to start the year then off to Kentucky state then Georgia. Yes Haw! Bushrod
  9. Hey still no “Buck” did you have a run in with D. Law? Do we need to saddle up and come break you out? lol Really looking forward to this one. Bushrod
  10. Getting close got at least 6 coming from Greenriver. Who’s coming...? Bushrod
  11. Mother Nature is going to do her thing again Friday and Saturday so we will not shoot this Saturday. We will shoot a March make up match the 5th Saturday March 30th come out and join us. Bushrod
  12. Didn’t see any info on a warm up match on Thursday?.. Will there be one? Bushrod
  13. Lets keep it on page one .... might try long range what distance for lever 45/70?
  14. Yes-Haw!!!! Will miss Florida but 3 out of 4 will have to do. Going to be be a great year to cowboy and enjoy some fun with good parts. Bushrod
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