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    CAS,SASS, playing guitar, hanging out with my beautiful wife and wonderful kids,deer hunting, and fishing.Still want to hunt some Texas HOGS!

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  1. Just moved down from Northwest Tennessee Longriders country to the Longview, Texas area hoping to get to shoot some soon

  2. Just moved down from Northwest Tennessee Longriders country to the Longview, Texas area hoping to get to shoot some soon

  3. Just moved down from Northwest Tennessee Longriders looking to shoot some with ya as soon as your range opens up again could ya keep me informed when it looks like youll be up and runnin again?

  4. just moved to longview hope to be shooting with yall when you get your range goin again unless you have somewhere else youre shooting for the time being let me know thanx

  5. Hey Slim I got JD to come by and get plenty of rebarr for the targets but they wouldn't let me get any angle iron yet. See all of you when I can.

  6. Hey Rosa I thought you were going to send me some photos of the may shoot at Boaz? Hope everybody is doing good I've had to work alot and haven't been able to do much shooting lately hope to see yall next time around

  7. Ive been in sass a short time but a long time shooter.Looking for some info regarding local clubs and the lifestyle in Colorado. Looking to possibly move around Fort Collins way wondering on CCW permits, job market,cost of livin',etc. Any info would greatly be appreciated I've been in gear manufacturing business for about seven years and have extensive warehouse experience.

  8. where do ya shoot down there (location of club if i get a chance to come down that way)

  9. I don't actually live in Alabama. I used to live there, but we now live in Tennessee, about 30 miles due north of Huntsville, Alabama.

  10. Was great to shoot with you pard, looking forward to many more. Bushrod

  11. where are ya located in N. Alabam, I used to work in Red Bay area a looong time ago.

  12. See you're in west ten, we shoot in Union City the fourth saturday of the month if you wanna join us, if you need directions let me know!

  13. hey Poncho, got to shoot with ya at Bowling Green back in November hope to get back up that way sometime had a blast.

  14. Hey, Bushrod, hope to make it up again I shot up there with yall in November came up with JD Bullet and had a blast not to mention the food was great too!

  15. Welcome aboard, Bill!If you ever get down this way, we shoot the first Sunday of every month at the North Alabama Regulators.

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