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  1. I only clicked once. Sent this to a buddy of mine.
  2. From the movie “The Mouse and the Motorcycle”
  3. Hmmm…We could just sell old food stained tee shirts for a killing. Just post them on eBay with an outlandish price. Someone will buy them. Years ago I did some business with a guy selling motorcycle parts on eBay. I got his phone number from a PM he sent me and I saved it. One day I went on his eBay store and he had a bunch of old blue jeans listed. Thinking someone had ghosted his eBay store I called him. He was making a killing on old used blue jeans that he got at thrift shops. The rattier looking they were the more money he would get for them through people bidding on them. He said he shipped jeans all over the world. He made so much money he dropped the motorcycle parts business all together. He said stained jeans with tears could go for three or four hundred dollars. I think the whole world is nuts.
  4. Here’s a tidbit of information that I read many years ago that actually caused me to start reading food labels closely. When chemists first formulated artificial strawberry flavoring for food they used a chemical found in bat guano. (we need an “ewe” emoji.
  5. That’s impressive. One never knows when this talent could come in handy…
  6. Looks like the government was involved
  7. Most people I know that has one likes them. If you reload then buy .356” lead bullets.
  8. When I first moved here to WV some poor lady got disoriented and drove through our back fence in the middle of the night. The police arrived and while we were all standing around waiting for a tow truck I asked one of the officers what the law was for shooting pests within the city limits. (I live in a small town outside of Morgantown) He said “Well, if you have to shoot an animal just do it and give us a call so we know about it…Wait, you are talking about animals and not people, right?” I almost fell down laughing. Though I haven’t had to shoot any pests it’s good to know the police here aren’t all uptight.
  9. Ha! 7.62x51 loses all it’s power within 3-4’ of water. Sea snakes don’t swim on top of the water. Yep, your command was screwy. One of my main duties underway was manning the motor whaleboat for Flight Quarters and personnel in the water. When they very first assigned this to me I was like “Cool! I get to shoot sharks and man eating monsters!” Then the Gunnery Chief said “Listen Boot Camp. You don’t shoot the sharks. You shoot to distract the sharks so they leave the people in the water alone.” Then he handed me this ComNavBlinkFat document and said “Read this. It’ll tell you what to do.” My first thought after reading it was “Those poor bastards in the water are screwed!” And I vowed never to end up in said water. edited to fix “see snakes”.
  10. Holy Crap! Swimming in the IO? Was your command freakin’ stupid or just incompetent? The IO is home to every man eating ocean creature in the Pacific including venomous sea snakes, jelly fish and other fish. I love beer, but I wouldn’t have swam for it. We had formaldehyde Bud and Colt 45 malt liquor. I took one of each. Colt 45 with formaldehyde is quite awful, but it resembled beer, so I drank it. I actually drank 6 beers that day. A couple of Pals didn’t want theirs. Six 16 ounce beers and I was hammered. Hammered enough to think it was a good idea to steal a case of Bud and hide it in the cooling system of the aft missile launcher. I got away with it. There was a ship wide search for it. I even escorted the MAA’s down into the launcher magazine so they could search. They didn’t find it. But my Chief did. He only took half though.
  11. I thought it meant something else. Something that would truly p*** off the PC and others. Back in 2003 I started using a word that meant “go back into the cab” of a rail car. The word was “Recab”. I used it because all these train operators were coming up with stupid words for train controls that only they knew the meaning of. We had a staff meeting and that crap ended. Anyway, 5 years ago I am in our rail yard in LA and I heard a Controller tell an Operator to “Recab and try resetting the breaker for the…blah, blah, blah.” I didn’t hear what was said toward end because I was laughing so hard that my stupid word got legs. I would hear it occasionally. It always made me laugh. Thank God I no longer have to deal with that crap any more.
  12. I never bother the animals around my house unless they give me a reason to shoot them or relocate them. Battling squirrels in NC was an effort in futility. After killing a couple they got the point to stay off the bird feeders. That and my Brittany Spaniel kept them hopping.
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