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  1. “Honey? Is there an App for this?” ”Hang on…I think I left the manual in the car.” [sound of car starting and moving away] ”Typical man. Leaving as soon as there’s work to be done. If you want anything done right you have to do it yourself!” [woman pushes black button on top]
  2. Both of those are on my list to check out. I really like the looks of that particular Savage. The only complaint I have read about it was the mag release being somewhat flimsy. That CZ Varmint is at the top of my list. I hate to say this as I will get virtual rocks thrown at me, but I really like the looks of the CZ American synthetic with the 20.5” barrel. Another interesting Savage I found at my LGS is the Mark 2 BSEV. I have yet to find a negative word about it other than it’s heavy.
  3. You could make a game of it. “Guess that tattoo”! The object of the game is to guess what the tattoos looked like originally. No, I don’t want to play along.
  4. Bottles, get my friend a beer, please.
  5. I was thinking about UB the other day. He hasn’t been around lately. I hope he’s well and loving life.
  6. Thanks. I was actually looking at it on AmmoSeek a little while ago.
  7. Wow! Thank you. I did not know this. I guess my opinion of Wolf was unfounded in this regard. I will definitely be in the lookout for some.
  8. I hear a lot of folks saying that Wolf Match ammo is very good. I find that interesting in that other ammo by them, 7.62x39 and pistol calibers isn’t so great, but I am talking 20 or more years ago. Thanks for the info.
  9. Thank you @Widder, SASS #59054 It’s supposed to be a friendly competition but I am not sure whether semiauto is not allowed. I actually never asked except when I said “I have a Ruger 10/22.” the guys I was talking to all smiled and said “You will definitely want something better than that.” I have zero interest in building a gun, but I will look at Kidd. Thank you.
  10. A few days before the last Halloween some artsy craftsy store my wife lured me to had a few witches brooms positioned in the bike rack outside. As soon as I saw them the humor, smart***, sarcastic side of my brain that is hardwired directly to my tongue prompted me to say “Look honey, your Mom and some of her friends must be here.” She actually laughed, but the group of ladies standing in a circle near the rack heard my little quip and they all glared at me. Without missing a beat I said “I’m sorry ladies. I didn’t realize those were yours. My apologies.” I laughed and kept walking. My wife didn’t say a word until we were inside then she sidled up close to me and quietly said “You’re bad. Gimme a kiss.” Then she giggled. I never looked back to see those women’s reactions but judging by the outside temps dipping I think they didn’t like my joke.
  11. Sounds like a “Course” at a French restaurant.
  12. If I went to a restaurant and they served me 4oz of meat, a small potato and a little tiny bit of veggies I would leave and I sure as heck wouldn’t pay.
  13. Like the title says. Do any of you own a CZ 457 or Savage Mk 2, if so, how accurate is your rifle? I am planning to buy a factory made .22 bolt action for .22 matches at my gun club. My limit is $700. I already have a scope. I am interested in these two series of rifles. I am looking for better than .5” at 50 yards.
  14. A guy at the gun store said this to me today when we were talking politics. “I tell people that say ‘We can trust voting by mail’ how about you put $150 in an envelope and send it to yourself? No one wants to do that because they really don’t trust the mail. They’re just spewing horse $#!¥.”
  15. People live longer now than in 1957. I would stop complaining about fat people. One day a fat person might save your life.
  16. I cannot figure out this gun she’s wearing. Anybody?
  17. I found this photo. I have no idea where to get one of these. I just thought it was cool.
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