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  1. Here’s someone that does custom work. Maybe she could help. Martha Berry. http://berrybeadwork.com/
  2. I did a search on Unique and you’ll be happy to know it is available on scammer sights.
  3. Pretty sure that silly BS started in England then the New York Post then the cancer spread from there.
  4. Check out Etsy. Find something you like then contact maker / seller and see if they’ll do custom work. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=indian+bead+kidney+belts&ref=search_bar
  5. Pat Riot


    Yep, that’s what they did in California and Oregon. Constant blathering and self promotion at every break. I rarely listen to the radio or watch network or cable TV. I have a Bluetooth to FM converter in my car and I listen to music I downloaded from Apple Music. I watch streaming videos and shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix. No I Heart BS for me.
  6. If you know the history of the Communist takeover of Russia and or the rise of Naziism in Germany you will see similarities to what is going on here in the USA. We are seeing something similar to those two events here in the U.S. and most people don’t even realize it.
  7. One revolver that Taurus makes that I would like to have is the Taurus 608. It’s an 8-shot .357 magnum. I would like the 4” model. https://www.taurususa.com/revolvers/medium-frame-revolvers/taurus-608
  8. How would you do a group buy when every person on this thread is in a different state?
  9. On the rail system I was working on before I retired we, or I should say, the contractors had to replace copper shunts on the track wayside due to theft. To me it was completely asinine because we had the same issues in 1990 at the same agency. At that time I recommended they use a trick that they used at coal mines. Cover the wiring and cables in thick heavy grease. Pretty much stopped petty copper theft in its tracks. I could not believe that after building 5 light rail lines these idiots never learned from their history. Anyway, I recommended that they grease their copper to stop theft. Shortly after I made this recommendation I was chewed out by my Exec. Officer for interfering in the contractors business. Some dipstick that probably didn’t like me or was brown nosing his or her way into a promotion. The contractor took my advice anyway. After that the environmental office called me wanting to know why I recommended putting “hazardous materials” on wires and cables that could possibly make someone sick or worse should they come in contact with it. I kicked these idiots out of my office. 10 minutes later I was getting chewed on by my Executive Officer. This kind of moronic crap goes on all through that state and they want to take their moron show on the road to the rest of the country.
  10. Good News! BE-86 is still available.
  11. There is a rumor floating around on all the gun forums that Alliant has either ceased production or is halting the distribution of their “canister powders. I copied this from another forum. For General Information: FYI – we have just received the following message from Vista Outdoors (the parent company of Alliant Powders): “Due to the worldwide shortage of nitrocellulose, the Vista Outdoor supply agreement for the sale of Alliant Powder canisters has been suspended for an unknown period. At this time, we have no timeline for the fulfillment and will be canceling outstanding Alliant orders in our system. Representatives will provide updates and coordinate new orders based on availability.” We can’t post links to other forums but if you search “Alliant halts sales of canister powders” on your favorite search app you will see what I am talking about. If you don’t believe it do a search on “Unique powder for sale” on AmmoSeek.
  12. The first thing I would do if I got one would be to order a BK grip adapter for it. I have big hands but that little adapter makes a big difference on a small grip. My S&W model 10-7 C&E My S&W model 442-1 and 36-2
  13. Both terms grate my nerves, especially if it’s a grown man saying it. Kids doing it, I can understand, but a 35-40 year old? No! I was at an indoor range / gun store about 2 months ago and this guy, probably late 30’s, was asking about shooting in the range about shooting there and he says “So, I have a couple of Sogs and a .357 Revo. Are these okay to shoot here?” ”Yes” ”How about Shottie’s are they okay?” The clerk kind of rolled his eyes and says “Around here they’re revolvers and shotguns. Not cutesie bull**** names…and no, SHOTGUNS aren’t allowed. Our range isn’t set up for those.” I walked away at that point but later on I told the clerk that had been talking to the ‘dude’ that I appreciated him saying what he said to that guy.
  14. Pat Riot


    Exactly! That was the first time I heard that “I heart” business. It was for the radio conglomerate.
  15. I saw that Heritage “Roscoe” and I thought it might be cool to have just to play with, but it’s a 5 shooter. That .38/9mm sounds interesting. Here’s the link for the Roscoe. https://heritagemfg.com/revolvers/heritage-roscoe/445-roscoe-3in-wood
  16. Pat Riot


    Personally I dislike the “I ‘heart’ whatever” thing. I like when the heart represents “Love” but saying “I heart” anything just sounds so preschool.
  17. Gas near me varies depending on the station. Regular Gas is running $3.29-3.49. It depends on how close the station is to the interstate. Prices are higher near the interstate unless it’s an Exxon station. Exxon always has lower prices near the main roads.
  18. Lenny answered the phone once when I called to ask a technical question. I think the question I had was about Gen 5 parts. He was helpful and very friendly. He told me he likes to take time to work in the store occasionally.
  19. One of my favorite gunfight scenes was the gun battle towards the end of Open Range. It seemed pretty realistic.
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