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  1. It's with a Sad and Heavy Heart that I report the passing of Don Wright, alias McShagnasty. SASS #452. He was Shooting End of Trail back in 1985-'86-'87 as a Coto Cowboy before SASS was founded in late 1987. He was one of my best friends for the last 38 years. He was 81 years old when the Lord called him Home. He shot with Butch Cavetchee, Buford McHog, Apache Kid, and myself Big Jake. He Loved making Holsters, Spur Straps, Hat Strings, Shaps. Gun Belts and lots of Knives, both big and tiny ones. He had a Heart attack and was in Hospital for a couple of days. He came home for a month and passed with his family all close by at the end. Via Con Dios Vaquero. You will be missed.
  2. SASS Alias: Big Jake SASS No. #1001 Home: Anaheim (Disneyland) Home Club: Coto Cowboys, now The Cowboys How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 1985
  3. Sorry, it's all I got. Just sayin' Big Jake #1001
  4. I recamember yuz Sixgun Shorty. You needed a magazine for your High Standard HD Military and I had 4. I sold you one, hope it worked out for ya and got the gun shooting. We also chipped in and paid a Pards Dues cuz he was about broke. We did good!! I should talk to you about my Colts made in 1900 and both in .38-40 WCF. Also a Colt Bisley model in 38-40 WCF from 1902, come outta TEXAS, 3 gens in the same family. Pair of Colt 1878 Frontier six shooters. one in 44-40 WCF and one in Colt 45. I need a loading gate for the .45 16XXX. I understand there are early and late of the 52XXX built.
  5. I love several cans of Smoked Oysters and stacks of Nabisco saltines and RITZ crackers. Poke a toothpick in each Oyster and have crackers spread on a plate....yummy for the Tummy. Just sayin' Big Jakr
  6. Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! Guy Fawkes and his companions Did the scheme contrive, To blow the King and Parliament All up alive.
  7. Yeah, I keep asking about the Bobwor fence.....they say You mean Barbed wire? Just sayin' Big Jake
  8. cuz I said....."I choose my friends carefully, not any Muslims, it's true"......guess I offended someone. Just sayin' Big Jake
  9. 17 years ago I was walking a swap meet and came across this Vintage Brass Eagle head and bought it for a future time in my life when I would be needing to use a cane That time is getting closer by the minute. Now I gotta find someone who's good at woodworking and make me a stick to screw it onto. Just sayin' PS.......it's gotta be a long stick, I'm 6'6" tall. It's a long way to the ground. Big Jake
  10. Maybe I jumped the gun on the WWl (class) ship by the dates of the war, but I assure you I do know what a DD-214 is. I have my original and used 25 copies over the years for things asking for it. USMC 1969-1972 Vietnam 1970-'71..8541 Scout Sniper. just sayin' Big Jake
  11. Well, I do belong to many groups within Facebook like Vintage Rimfire Rifles, Single Shot Rifles, Gun Porn, Vintage Stevens Rimfires, Vietnam CUPP Marines (I was a Marine in Vietnam) Rolling Block Rifles, 45-70 Rifles, Hellraisers Saloon (Fun place), guns of John M Browning and so on and so on I like those groups and try to spend my time there, but every once in a while I stray into dangerous waters and I love Yanking the Chain of a buncha Libtards and argue with them about Trump vs, Obama or Hillary. Man O Man do they get nasty...call you vile names. use foul language, I'm an A$$hole, bigot,racist, and everything else they throw at me. I just laugh and say it's all true....so what? it's no skin off your nose. That pisses them off that I don't care what they call me. Just sayin' Big (what's only got 5 more hours jail time) Jake
  12. Hello all you Saloonatics, It's been awhile since I've been here. Bottles, gimme a Bucket of Beer and a Ice Cold Mug. I'll just grab a chair at my favorite table under the stairway. I spose I spend too much time on Facebook instead of here where I belong. But tonite I got throwed in the Facebook Jail for 24 hours for something somebody didn't like what I said. I said I choose my Friends carefully, not any Muslims, is True. I guess that offended somebody and they reported it. Facebook deleted it and put me in the Hoosegow. I don't really know any Muslims and don't go out asking anyone what they are. There is NO Sign on my front lawn saying "If you are a Muslim, knock on my door....Let's be friends. So Here I am for the remainder of my sentence. Let's have a cold one and I'll Buy. Bottles, set 'em up if they want one. Just sayin' Big (What's been a very bad boy) Jake
  13. Why would people say a WW l Destroyer? Seems to me WW l ended Nov 11th 1918. This ship may be from that ERA but the WAR ended before she was ever started. 1919-1946 is a great run. Just sayin' Big Jake
  14. I see ya done figured out how to put up an Avatar. Your picture looks good, just like your old one. I'm not calling you old, just that the other picture was there for a while.

    Jake (Who's older than you by a might)

  15. Just stopped by to say Howdy Howdy. Just sayin'

  16. I think if you check close, you'll find that the six-shooter is a Hy Hunter that was in Hollywood Ca. It should say made in Western Germany by J.P. Sauer and sohn. Hy Hunter didn't make guns, just the importer and had their name on them. The grips are called "jig a bones" and are hollow plastic. I had a gun just like that for many years in .357/38 but just traded it to Pit Bull ...

  17. Reading comments on the WIRE, I came across yours and noticed your from Soda Springs ID.

    A friend of mine lives there too. Robert Thayne Gentry or Shine as some call him. We were Snipers in VietNam 40 years ago. USMC 1969-1972. Do you know him? I talked to him a few days ago. I started shooting Cowboy Action in 1985, SASS #1001. Craig Hanson Anaheim Ca.714-772-1302 if you want to call.

  18. New forum has limits how much you can say, I guess I'm a blabberfingers.

    Anyway, are you selling cuz your getting out of CAS? or just something else came up. If your going to be around, I would like to meet you someday at a cowboy shoot.

    Big Jake

  19. I've been wondering you've been, haven't seen you on the wire lately. I miss reading your posts and messing with ya 'bout smithing your guns with a hammer and file.

    Sounds like a neat gun, but not my cup of tea. Birds head grips and short bbl. Hide out gun.

    After waiting 2 years for Dr's reports and appeal process, the VA gave me 100% service connected disability...

  20. OOPs , I meant the left side of the page.

  21. Under the Deloran is "edit my profile" click on it. When your on the next page, on the right side,click on change my avatar, then add your picture, then save changes. Hope this works for you. I put my picture in before the WIRE changed. You can always ask Utah Bob, he changes his avatar every week.

  22. Now ya gotta move it so it shows when you post.

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