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  1. SASS Alias: Big Jake SASS No. #1001 Home: Anaheim (Disneyland) Home Club: Coto Cowboys, now The Cowboys How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 1985
  2. What is this PAD of which you speak? These are things we gotz to knowz
  3. Hey Bottles, can I get a bucket of Beer and a Clean & Cold Mug. Bring it to my table over under the stairway. I always sit there, as it's safer there when chairs and bottles start flying. I haven't been in here in quite a while, so I'll need to filled in. Halloween in coming this month, then November with the Marine Corps Birthday on the 10th and Veterans Day on the 11th, Thanksgiving is also on the menu for Holidays. Christmas is less than3 months away too. It should bring lots of people in here for the Holidays. If Facebook stays down for 30 days, it's the Work of #1 Russian Spy Boris Badenough and Natasha Fatale as revenge for Craig Hanson being thrown is Communist Facebook Gulag 5-6 times for 30 days. Facebook says not meeting Community Standards.... I thought telling the truth was OK. I hope he loses a Billion $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.$$ from lost revenue of ads. Serves him right for not being for Public Good instead of Profits for him.
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