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  1. I received a response to my appeal of their ban today. I am officially banned. Oh well. Their loss. I do wish I could get my hands on those shoes. They are very hard to come by and highly recommended by Podiatrists and Orthopedists.
  2. WOW!! Thanks. I'll let my brother know. He uses them too.
  3. I don't think so. The buying/selling platform is much like a chat room. I chatted with the seller to come to an agreed upon price. I asked her how I was supposed to pay for the shoes, since I've never been on the site before. She said click on the link at the bottom that said purchase now and I did. Gave them my CC info and it was completed. Right at that point, a notice popped up in the chat window so we both could see, my CC transaction had been held and would be under review. I assumed it was because that was my first purchase on the site. The seller said not to worry, she would send the shoes as soon as my transaction went through. It appears as though the transaction goes through the platform, not the seller. I just checked my CC. The transaction from Offer Up went through last night, and they refunded it this morning........
  4. Pretty highly rated. I can't see much now since I've been banned but I wouldn't have attempted to shop with them if I had the slightest indication they were fraudulent. The seller has been with them since 2018 and she was highly rated as well.
  5. I found a pair of shoes that are hard to come by on "OfferUp". {It appears to be similar to EPrey, only it's supposed to connect buyers and sellers who are in the same vicinity, with the seller offering to hand deliver the purchased items.} I chatted with the seller and she seemed real enough so I purchased the shoes. She said she would put them in the mail as soon as my payment processed. Great. I should have them by next week. WWWeeeeelllllllll, I get home from work today to find out my account with "OfferUp" has been suspended because I "violated their community guidelines". What???? First time on the site, chatted with the seller to make sure she was legit and purchased a pair of shoes. I can't imagine what I could have done to violate any guidelines. They stated in their note that if I had a pending transaction to contact them. I did and explained that I'm a mature adult wanting to purchase a pair of shoes. If they let me buy the shoes, I will promise to never use their site again. Any thoughts from our esteemed group?
  6. Prayers up to you and your family, Imis. May your father rest in peace.
  7. This is the path my dietician is has me on also. I'm using the Baritastic App, even though I have no intention of having the surgery. It holds you accountable for what you put in your mouth. That has been the biggest help for me. It even allows you to scan the barcodes of what you are eating/drinking/cooking with to give you an idea of how many calories, grams of fat, protein are in a serving. Even restaurant meals are in it so you can't use that as a reason to skip tracking. The app is free. You might want to look into this. It has really helped me.
  8. When I get home from w*^%, my little girl waits patiently for me to put my lunch pail away and change clothes. If that takes too long, she will walk into the middle of the great room and let out a yowl that will rattle windows. {she only weights about 7 pounds}. She will then walk over to the door of my office. I know it's time for me to sit at my desk and scratch her. When she's done being scratched, she will curl up on her bed in the footwell of my desk and go to sleep. That is our daily routine.
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