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  1. Their sister store, Sam's Club, now charges $4.00 an item if you order something on line and come into the store to pick it up. Apparently, it was costing them too much in labor to do it for free.
  2. There once was a cowgirl, Calamity A big proponent of Magnanimity Doing for others Was always her druthers Now that isn't bad, can it be?
  3. We're watching it closely here on the East coast. It's already really windy here. Right now, it's supposed to be a Cat 1, just before it hits us. We'll see.
  4. Beautiful. You are a true craftsman, Yul.
  5. I agree with you. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.autoevolution.com%2Fnews%2Fone-owner-1956-chevy-bel-air-flexes-supercharged-v8-drag-racing-heritage-160990.html&psig=AOvVaw3BYQcWIrnLeyNAg-dYZFyF&ust=1667575582322000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAgQjRxqFwoTCIiA6KOpkvsCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ
  6. I have always believed if I wanted that much extra stress in my life, I would go into the office. At least I get paid to be stressed out there.
  7. Guest bath Laundry Room Kitchen x2 Breakfast nook Great Room Dining Room So glad we don't have any carpeting. I was an hour and a half into cleaning it up when Uno got home from work. He got to take the Roomba apart and clean it. He will be working from home tomorrow and be able to let the dog out as needed.
  8. Ask me how I know................ In our defense, we didn't know she was ill until I got home from work. Too late by then. From here on out, we will be putting the cat food out of her reach so we won't repeat this scene again.
  9. Congratulations and wishes for many more joyful years together.
  10. Sorry to hear this LL. Hope it passes soon and you're on your way to full recovery.
  11. I like the artist. A lot of folks out there don't.
  12. If you listen closely to this version, can you tell who is on backing vocals?
  13. Hope you have a wonderful time. I'm jealous.
  14. Unless you happen to be in the area the bag lands, once the helium degrades....................
  15. Alas, I missed it. The notice says video removed for not adhering to some standards. Oh well.
  16. Same here for all of the above reasons.............
  17. I have had a couple of instances where I ordered items from Amazon and they were lost in delivery or some such. No worries. I wish I had received them as they are discontinued so I can't order them again. The funny part of the whole situation is when I receive requests to rate my purchases and it's the items I didn't receive.......
  18. Thank you all for the great info. I'm watching this thread quite intently. I'm close to retirement but my Sjogrens is kicking my a$$. It is difficult for me to work right now because of the inflammation and pain. I'm at the point of trying to decide whether to go on a medical retirement, go down to work part time or ????
  19. Thanks for the kind words. This was our first trip to Maine. We really enjoyed it. We're talking about a trip to Vermont next year to do the same thing. We have determined we've been working too much and not spending enough time relaxing. It's time we change that.
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