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  1. Well, according to Wikipedia, it was moved to St Elmo in 2009 and hasn't been re-assembled as of yet. {I lived in St. Louis for a spell and hadn't heard of it so I looked it up.........} Please let us know what you find.
  2. Better hope that water doesn't have any leaches. That would really suck.
  3. Welcome back, UB. You were missed.
  4. Not with this pair. Neither one of them are lap cats. That is unfortunate. I really miss having a lap cat.
  5. Whatever his reason, I wish him the best. If any pard here see him on other media, please pass along my blessings and well wishes.
  6. Well, you can either recycle it or use it to start a bonfire when you're done.............
  7. I saw this video while watching the dramatic Sugar Glider video. You will recognize the creator:
  8. Unfortunately, someone perished in the fire. https://www.foxnews.com/us/philadelphia-i-95-collapse-human-remains-found-wreckage-site
  9. I have the right one as well,. Keeping finances separate works best for us. That way he can buy the guns and ammo he wants and I can buy the things for the house we need without there being any quarrels.
  10. Y'all must have shared check books. This right here is a reason to keep your finances separate. We've been living blissfully that way for over 30 years...............
  11. He's now in repose with his beloved wife Gilda Radner. Happy Birthday Mr. Wilder.
  12. Prayers up for peace. May your memories bring you joy and strength.
  13. For sale, 14 pair ladies OSFM equestrian boot socks. {I used to wear them in my SASS boots as well.} Never been worn. ALL 14 pair for $20.00 + shipping. First I want it HERE get's them.
  14. Thanks for the warnings. We will be watching this thread closely as we are going to be terminating our service {If you call what they provide "service"} with them in the near future. We have them as an internet provider only. If the folks laying the fiber cable in our neighborhood don't hook us up soon, we're looking at Starlink ourselves.
  15. Owned by a dentist perhaps................
  16. Well, I removed the grate, drip shield and pot cover so I could see as much of the workings as available. I fired it up and watched for about 10 minutes. The auger dumped the pellets into the pot and they ignited. I continued to watch the actions of the auger and it was pushing pellets into the pot in a slow continuous stream. I was also watching the temperature gauge. It was 250, then 400, then 325......... At the 10 minute mark, everything stopped and the display read fault. I unplugged it and put it away. Since it's well out of warranty, (I purchased it in St Louis at least 8 years ago), I'm going to order the control unit from Amazon. I will clean out the auger channel while I have it apart, just to be sure. If that doesn't cure the problem, there are a couple of retired electrical engineers living in the neighborhood whom would love a project like this to work on. I will replace it with something else. Thanks a lot for the info. I'll let you know how it goes.
  17. I will check the auger but it seemed to be running fine. It wasn't able to maintain temperature. The digital gauge was reading 400, two minutes later 250, five minutes later 350 and so on. It seems as though the temperature was much lower than it registered. I didn't have a thermometer to tell what the actual temperature was. That will change. I will get an auxiliary thermometer so I know what the temp is. Thanks for the info.
  18. Well, I believe my Trager has died. It had faulted a couple of times and I had to restart it. The temperature seemed to be all over the map. It kind of stabilized so I continued to use it. I was committed at that point. I was smoking some meat for a gathering yesterday and it came out cooked but not as good as it had in the past. It's about $100.00 worth of meat so I'm going to try and salvage the meat somehow. Any recommendations for replacing the Trager? I hear Yoder is really good but I'm not sure I can pull that freight. Thank you
  19. Glad to hear you're on the other side of that . I imagine that was rather painful.
  20. A breaker panel, AC vent and thermostat in your shower. What more could you ask for?
  21. Looking forward to the pictures of the finished products.
  22. Great news. Enjoy your time with him. Prayers continuing.
  23. My ex-FIL used to say there's a pork chop in every can...........
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