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  1. I didn’t watch much after hearing the disclaimer in the first few minutes. I don’t understand why anyone would sign a contract like that. It’s not like it’s fine print. It pretty much says the customer is guaranteed to be screwed and without recourse.
  2. Callie, not sure if the drive is too far for you, but check these folks out. An awesome bunch that shoots long range every month. https://freestaterangers.com/rifle-range-information/ Also, the Butterfield Gulch Gang are having their annual match the first weekend of May. There’s a great long range match included. https://butterfieldgulch.com/
  3. As Deuce said, it depends on your level of commitment to practice. ‘87s have a steep learning curve. My Coyote Cap version allows stoking the tube, but requires a bit of finesse to load just two without pushing the carrier down too far. It can be done at competitive speeds, but the drop 2 only mod is more foolproof.
  4. I wish folks would take 10 seconds to look at a too-good-to-be-true link before posting it.
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=midwest+reloads+scam&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari
  6. Chiefs are our hometown team. We’ll watch the game and pass on the halftime show. Those are always dreadful.
  7. That’s what was hoped for in Iraq by getting rid of Saddam. And Libya isn’t doing any better without Kadafi. All we can do is make these regimes pay a hefty price for their behavior.
  8. “The Farthest” (2017) about Voyager, had that effect on me.
  9. Not me, I stay away from those places! Then three must be two?
  10. “…Most of the cuts will be full-time and part-time management positions and contract workers…” -Wall Street Journal
  11. Where are folks going that they feel 2 EDC are necessary?
  12. Well, Alpo is talking about going “on the road again”….
  13. Understood. He kicked the open lever forward to raise the shell first, then closed it. (5:15 and 6:00 marks in the video).
  14. I think Tony Romo needs about 80cc or so of Propofol with a Ketamine chaser to slow him down just a tad…
  15. The way I saw it is he put 5 in tube, 1 on the carrier and 1 in the chamber, (5+2) which didn’t work. When he removed the chambered round, it worked. Then he repeated with 6 in the gun (5+1).
  16. Watch the video and you’ll see it’ll take 5 in the tube and one on the carrier below the chamber. Since I wasn’t aware of the rule change, I’ve no idea whether they’ll allow that.
  17. When did WB match rules change to allow ‘87s?
  18. From the link Cheyenne Ranger provided: ”Confederate Army officers indicated their military affiliation with different colored facing on their coats or jackets. The colors were red for artillery, yellow for cavalry, light blue for infantry, and black for medical. A very distinctive feature of the Confederate officers' uniforms was the gold braid Austrian knots on their sleeves. More elaborate braiding indicated higher rank and some knots almost reached the shoulder. However, a general order, issued in 1862, called for the Austrian knots not to be worn in the field, as this made officers conspicuous to enemy combatants.”
  19. Sorry to hear about your issues with your back. Mine was relatively easy to repair. Hope yours is too. Keep us posted. BTW, your PM box isn’t accepting messages.
  20. It appears Brian also keeps his sidewalk clear. We need Brians.
  21. My question remains, when did it change?
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