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  1. Well speaking of the Sacketts, Sam Elliot was in one of them commercials with a High Noon shootout theme to it, facing off against another guy. Great western set & costumes. Danged if I can remember the product or service though. Says a lot about today's advertising.
  2. It’s way we roll here. Us bumpkins and rubes in flyover country.
  3. It wasn’t your imagination. Joe Buck & company did the same thing when KC Royals and SF Giants played in the 2014 World Series. According to him, it was the Giants and that other team.
  4. That’s the way I’ve always understood it. As in the old song “pack up your troubles in your old kit bag.” Yah, I’m showing my age.
  5. This town is going nuts right now. Fireworks going off like crazy in my neighborhood.
  6. I took the dust cover off my Uberti .357. Didn't cure it, but it helped a lot. I don't know why it works. Just something I got off this here Wire several years ago.
  7. Not possible. My dog has tried with a rag toy and had as much success.
  8. Years ago I got a bid to repair my .38 DA 4th model S&W with far fewer problems than yours. $250 at that time for a $50 revolver. My dad bought it in a pawn shop in ‘43 or ‘44. One of these days I’ll make a shadow box for it.
  9. I can wear my rig over my long coats if I want, but I rarely do because i can’t use the coat pockets for gloves, snot rags etc. I hang it up at the loading table and retrieve at the ULT. I’m a slim guy, hence my name, but I can put up with the chill for 60-90 seconds. YMMV
  10. That racist thing has been alleged for decades. The Chiefs made a concession years ago by getting rid of it's longtime mascot Warpaint, which was a white stallion ridden by a guy in full warrior headdress. They'd trot around the field after a Chiefs score (which wasn't very often). Jane Fonda was married to Ted Turner who owned the Atlanta Braves at the time, caught a lot of heat for doing the "chop" at home games. I don't know if Braves fans still do that or not.
  11. The problem was no one was aware of the damage until after it burned up. The cause and possible solutions were a result of lengthy investigation after the fact.
  12. There was zero opportunity for a fix. They had no materials, no equipment and no training to make such a repair. The damage that occurred had not even been contemplated. It took a lot of convincing for NASA to even donate a spare shuttle wing for the test. At first, the guy who postulated the cause of damage was basically considered a crackpot for suggesting such a thing. Sally Ride who participated in the investigation said part of the problem was complacency at NASA. She said in the early days of the Shuttle program, strikes from ice at launch were considered unacceptable. But the strikes continued thru the years without catastrophic consequences, so NASA decided they were an acceptable risk.
  13. I was working from home that day and also saw it live. One of my strongest memories though has to do with the media. Tom Brokaw was gushing endlessly about the loss of Christa McAuliffe. After several or more minutes of this one of NBCs NASA off-camera correspondents at the Cape interrupted Brokaw and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt Tom, but we have to remember there were 6 other people aboard as well. I got to know them. They were friends of mine." There was a pregnant pause followed by a weak acknowledgement from Brokaw. I don't recall hearing from that correspondent again in the coverage.
  14. I realize that. My post was a response to the one about the Redding die.
  15. Not tracking with you there Roscoe. My prices come from Midway USA. What $100 premium are you referring to?
  16. You are totally correct. I've had mine for so long I forgot about the die body, which adds another $17 to my math. Good eye pard.
  17. The Redding die looked interesting as I could use it on my Hornady LNL which is has more leverage than the bottom of the line Lee press I use for bulge busting. It's spendy! $100 for the die in the video, plus $8 for the plastic bottle and $13 for the bottle adapter. Thinking I'll pass on that route. Lee's bulge buster die is $16 and it comes with its own collection container. Works just fine.
  18. And sometimes you wake up already in trouble for something you did in one her dreams.
  19. That’s why there are so many lawyers.
  20. I do the same thing but with a Lee Bulge Buster die for my .45 ACP. I end up with a lot of range brass after a Wild Bunch match, so this step is essential in my experience.
  21. Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. Patty is pretty sore as to be expected, but is doing very well.
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