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  1. No experience with Bear Creek, but I’ve been very pleased these folks. https://rimrockbullets.com/xcart/
  2. I think so. Abbot & Costello did a similar bit with the Susquehanna Hat Company being the trigger word(s).
  3. Yup. The earliest were fixed pitch and made of wood. Variable pitch were added shortly.
  4. The cool thing about counter rotating props is they eliminate a lot of the torque acting on the airframe. Many pilots were killed in training because they mishandled it.
  5. Did they have bicycle speedometers in 1899?
  6. Must’ve had a lot of time on his hands, given the dearth of cars then. Or maybe he clocked carriages and other 4-legged conveyances too.
  7. In 1899, how could the cop determine 12 mph?
  8. I don’t know how that would work with a buscadero rig, which is required by the category. Never seen or heard of it done.
  9. Cost of a few nights in a Holiday Inn Express would have bought that Model T!
  10. Good on ya John. Hope your treatment continues to go well!
  11. Thanks Widder! No cable at this house so I can’t watch any news channels. Haven’t watched national or local news in eons. Have lots of DVDs to catch up on though, including ones you mentioned!
  12. I’ve had several encounters with turkey buzzards and flocks of seagull-like birds that inhabit the central plains of Kansas and Nebraska. You don’t see ‘em until just before impact, or they whizz by inches away. Fortunately the only impact was by a small bird on the leading edge of the wing. Left a baseball size dent though that required grounding of the plane until repaired.
  13. Can’t get the bunkhouse boss to watch Quigley more than once in 18 months. However, when I get home and am convalescing week after next, I’m gonna watch it over and over — since I won’t remember anything I watched!
  14. Wow. Last movie I saw him in was Mars Attacks. RIP
  15. Unlike a Democrat, Charlie Brown is learning from experience!
  16. Apparently the news of his passing was exaggerated?
  17. And then there are lug nuts like those on my Jeep. There’s a decorative covering on an ordinary nut, which takes a 19mm socket, also the same as emergency wrench that came with car. When that comes off - and it will, you need and 18mm socket. Arghh!
  18. Thanks, pards. I'll be following the results. See y'all next year!
  19. Shortest blues song ever: "I didn't wake up this morning..."
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