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  1. A refurbished Trieste, the Trieste II was used to survey the wreckage of the USS Thresher in 1964. An amazing machine.
  2. Not tracking on this one. I’m afraid I need it explained.
  3. Yup. It’s a unique and unforgettable aroma - especially on a hot day.
  4. From the article: ”Unrest in American cities was not a rare occurrence, race riots and industrial strikes were frequent. Just a year after this photograph was taken the Seattle General Strike would see some 65,000 workers march for better pay while the decline in race relations caused by the migration of black Americans from the South to work in the factories of the North saw resentment grow when demobilised troops returned home to find their jobs taken by Black workers. This discontent led to the ’Red Summer’ in which major riots and race attacks occurred in a dozen American cities. In July 1919 the Chicago Race Riot saw the 11th Illinois Infantry Regt. and its machine gun company deployed to keep the peace when vicious attacks and fighting broke out between Whites & African-Americans, 38 people were killed during the rioting. With the police heavily outnumbered during these riots and strikes it was expected that the military might have to step in. And as such tactics and training to combat massed violent riots in America’s cities began.”
  5. Don’t know where TX Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was “educated”, but she just told a high school class that the moon is a gaseous planet that emits “unique light and energy”. I think the only gaseous body was standing at the microphone. And she sits on the House Science Committee…
  6. Sunny Hostins of "The View" declared (in all seriousness) that yesterday's eclipse, the recent New Jersey earthquake and the coming of this summer's cicadas are all due to climate change... Heavy sigh...
  7. I lived in NYC when he was manager. Seems he was always in the news for bad behavior.
  8. I did the pinhole projector. (Kansas City area.) I tried enlarging one of the holes, but it didn’t make a difference. Note how the eclipse showed up in the refraction with iPhone lens. There appears to be a Death Star behind the sun too! The third image shows a real UFO crossing its path. Must have come from Death Star.
  9. “Fast is fine, but accuracy is final. You must learn to be slow in a hurry.” Wyatt Earp
  10. Orville taught my great grandfather (John C. Henning) how to fly in 1911. He is standing to the left of Naval officer (Captain Kenneth Whiting) in the second row. Orville is front row center with his hand in his pocket. Photo was taken in 1940.
  11. Replaced the electric window mechanism in my 2005 Grand Cherokee today. This is how it went.
  12. That’s hilarious! A prequel for “Hot Shots”, one of my favorite movies!
  13. Wow, them are some expensive Glocks! And build time is 40-60 weeks?!
  14. I remember the scene - a real nail biter. I’m almost certain this is a Hollywood contrivance. The only cartridge starting system I’m aware of is for early turbojets. Big piston engines as in the movie needed a big flywheel spun up by an electric motor or hand crank. The airplane was custom built for the movie and actually flew. The pilot was a famous air racer and movie stunt pilot named Paul Mantz. (He and his partner Frank Tillman had a company called Tallmantz Aviation serving the film industry.) Unfortunately, Mantz died while flying the craft for the film. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Mantz
  15. I could be wrong, but I’m not aware that cartridges were ever used in radial engines as in that movie. Good flick. The best part was Barrie Chase in the hallucination scene.
  16. An interesting exercise in a really uninspired package, especially the Peterbilt wheels.. I’ve seen better looking soapbox derby cars. JMO.
  17. The B-57 used a cartridge startup system. Three canisters were inserted under the cap at the nose of the engines. They look like small caliber artillery shells. When fired, these spun up the turbine and provided ignition. Dirty, but effective!
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