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  1. For sale at Oklahoma State Match Cowboy Trade Days! Browning BSS 12 ga. Match Ready by Goatneck - $ 1,300. SKB 200 12 ga. Match Ready by Boomstick - $1,300. Pair of Taylor .357 4.75” SS Running Irons - $1,240. Rossi 92 .357 16” barrel- $350. Rossi 92 .44 mag 20” barrel - $350. Lots of Holsters ... Cross Draw Rigs - Double Strong Side Rigs - Miscellaneous Leather Accessories More to come...
  2. In case y’all are wondering what the Buckles look like...here’s one! The Cowpokes have also been making a lot of improvements this year. Still more to come, but all the stages are covered with plenty of fans to keep you cool on every stage! And remember, the Cowpokes are hosting the SASS Oklahoma State Championship 2019 September 11th - 14th!
  3. What is the schedule of events for the state shoot?


    1. Calamity DiBar

      Calamity DiBar

      Friday & Saturday will be the Main Match.  Thursday will be Side Matches & Cowboy Garage Sale.

      Wednesday is still tentative but we are planning to have clinics and Warm-up Matches.

    2. Buffalo Bill Mathewson, 37826

      Buffalo Bill Mathewson, 37826

      Thanks, This gives me an idea as to planning my travel. I will be watching for more Wednesday and Thursday details. I mailed off our entries yesterday. 

      Buff Bill and his Kitty

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