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  1. Got to remember there were no paved roads back then and no gas stations. Actually quite a trip.
  2. They were advertised in the Chronicle. The Chronicle inventory on the SASS website only goes back to 2005. Here is a screen shot of the ad. I had to make it in two pieces as you cannot scroll while making a screen shot. The old Chronicles were newspaper style dot matrix so this is how it appears on the SASS website. The original newspaper was readable. Having the alias engraved probably detracts from value. Just having the SSAS serial number does nothing as far as value.
  3. That is the stock uberti front sight that has been modified for a bead. The slip on will not fit that sight.
  4. Before you order the slip on bead post a good CLEAR closeup photo of your exisitng front sight. No use wasteing money if it will not fit your front sight. The slip on is for Marbles or Marbles style sights.
  5. Several places sell them. Here are a couple. I do not know about the great White Frozen North. https://the-online-outpost-licensing-corporation.myshopify.com/products/sure-hit-brass-slip-on-rifle-sight-slick-magic https://www.longhunt.com/storelh/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=272
  6. After seeing Rye's post I found the Fiochi primers at Sportsman's Warehouse. With the veteran's discount they were around $8.25 per box of 150 with a limit of two boxes per visit. So that is $16.50 per 300 or $55.00 per thousand. Not bad in this day and age. Loaded up a couple of hundred and shot them in yesterday's match. They all went bang and my guns all have lightened springs. The only problem is the Dillon primer tubes only hold 100 primers so I had to throw away 50 out of each box.
  7. It is Easter Sunday, a lot of stores and restaurants are closed and I am bored. So even though this will not satisfy your stringent "accuracy" requirements I went out in the shop and took a few quick photos. I did not want to waste time setting up lights, etc., so the focus and depth of field is not perfect on these quick shots. First you can save yourself a whole lot of money and pain and strain by simply going to your local hardware store and buying a 1/8" (.125) round needle file or if you cannot find one of those buy a chainsaw sharpening file. (These are 5/32", .156") I could not find a size for your front sight bead and your photo is not very clear. If it is much smaller than .125" you should consider replacing it. Accurate alignment of sights is not the priority is CAS. Rapid pick-up of the front sight is. The standard front marbles site is 1/16" (062). The "large" Marbles bead is 3/32" (.093). Most shooters replace the front sight with a bigger bead. You can do this by pulling the small bead out and machining a large one or buy one of the slip on front beads. (.093 and the left, .156 on the right.) After you have a front sight you can see take your file and widen the rear sight groove. It is not difficult as the slot will guide the file. Top photo is the stock Uberti sight ground flat and a new groove filed in it. Generally the screw in the sights does not retain the sight. They are a drift fit. Trying to improve a tiny error in windage can be difficult as the way the sight is adjusted is to drive it left or right. Not a precise operation. If you buy a replacement rear sight chances are that it will not drive into the barrel. All the common sights are a "nominal" 3/8". In practice the barrel dovetails and sight dovetails vary a bit and many will require fitting to be able to drive the sights in without damaging them.
  8. I have never seen .38 rifle data as other than CAS type rifles there are no .38 rifles. I just use the .38 handgun data and if I am curious about my rifle velocities I take the loads out and chrono them. We are firing low intensity rounds so the variation won't be as much as a high velocity round and the variation also depends on the type of powder. Yesterday I chrono'd some loads (using Titegroup) and the rifle was about 150 fps faster than the pistol or about 15 fps per inch added extra rifle barrel length.
  9. First what is a rife? If you are looking for rifle data go to Hodgdon or other sites and they show rifle data. Hodgden uses a 18.5" barrel for their rifle data. Many sites only have "pistol" data because the .357 is a pistol cartridge. Just click the rifle box and scroll down to .357. https://www.hodgdonreloading.com
  10. York Peppermint patties with an explanation. Back in the 1969-71 era all the candy bars went from a nickle to a dime except for the York Peppermint patty. It stayed a nickle for a while after the general price increase and I got hooked.
  11. You need to watch the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
  12. I wonder if rabbits can lay potatos? That is what the Dems say people should be using this year instead of eggs.
  13. A couple of other things to check. Pull the right hand trigger and then push the hammer as far forward as it will go and measure the firing pin protrusion. Then do the same for the left side to see if the left hand firing pin is protruding the same amount. Also check to make sure the firing pin retainer nut has not loosened. (Arrow.)
  14. I would rather give $2.6 Billion to Ukraine than $500 billion to college students to pay off their loans for their gender studies degrees.
  15. Those wheels are available on EBay from $4.00 and up. When using them do not forget about the backlash in the screw. https://www.ebay.com/itm/302046554591?epid=849762724&hash=item465360a9df:g:5iYAAOSwJ7RYSWfV&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA8ELo3v5rmhKBhpLeBOndxLtupF3Y3cJYSUP9PCBaNtMWjnyFh9nexEtbT765M3EDyePmjtBpoIZWRvZ5U2y5iPChlUUq2HvwQgY3x2NfFRcKZuXpVOrvIhn2FHnCVaRwJb%2F4SxyA9mPdbwGjLiJquDZI21j0SxxBp%2BzT07X6yE4%2B0rv7Zs3l%2FWESqSTcAXH4xkRTtlzE4wBmS4SLf%2F5ofiboqHcMs6xiGzBgRE1aNcldiU5qtnw4OgJKmoUUrkwmpvK6fFcBGmbGLJO2VLG9kqUUto6dVxt%2B4IXzRFQ39kJnaNC2R47EEv9OqteNbkI1cg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8jo75_qYQ
  16. Compare these two trigger springs. The top one is clean and the surface smooth. The bottom one is pitted and rough from rust. That is how mine looked. I have five or six 87s and it is amazing that the trigger springs rust event though they are mounted to the upper tang. I guess they seldom get lubricated or cleaned because they are hard to reach. https://www.ebay.com/itm/255961589871?hash=item3b987fe86f:g:uBsAAOSwqDtj3dRs&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA0CW7%2BaVv2YxgurOsT2tw0hEd%2B3HdhMY8G2rwSONykhzIiLNfVEZaNlmCOrzjx%2BSEx%2BTBgx%2BmCcmycjqs551e%2FVz2ob1YxtBZAQ2tVcaFkQc0p2XzIYxmypXvXKb3RIAw%2F5XsIOaL7dvXd5bwGzoUN743SoXXHudvGofI5uqit9Ajlu8ycCipyv4BOgBrDMUnmrV27Mie%2FHFRql3TrKR%2BcpG83hKXQycSCaawLUzCYHUxkBTLjHnO7vgYIvThiWSFgGCN2UZfxmLmWmIP6CjxWx0%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_a53dHpYQ https://www.ebay.com/itm/385500672884?hash=item59c1a17374&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAABAD3HNZYyBTjXMvuamI1tfhPV9v4aE%2BLUp9OYxGhZCrt0hSbSVfRkrW02uIKLHhlGTfABV1D5DmTA1FGV0PwImLSeF1fiXdJarXCEVwHbY8IDgGMDujUq6CaFnq5kxyqZG0Gar9zEloyCJr%2FicoYUxRyBMohcCEupbH%2F232UDFyNAjsygR5idWlaHCPTQgp6Juu9rycYY4l5NOkiW3AqN7nCOjPW0snAYdS1X0VIXnM8bSGoCqbZw9DnSCKhlxj%2F2RXU7OFpVbCfNWBrDu1z0V6HpWC0jToR%2FDZ2LSdLG2Aa0X6FHRezTTHmbhOW1RR%2BslSahGPYYNhPMIYGqPjCg8DM%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK
  17. I had the same thing happen. I picked up a bunch of AAs at the swap meet at Comin at Cha one year and when I got them home found they were the old extruded hull. It is amazing that people will keep these things in a shed for decades. The only remaining American made extruded hull is the Remington STS style hull. (As far as I have been able to determine it is the only extruded hull made anywhere.) I hope that with all the cost cutting they continue making this hull as it is my favorite for reloading.
  18. Could be. Once the machinery is up and running a lot of rounds could be stamped before anyone noticed. I was primarily referring to HS hulls as that is all that has been available for many, many years. The manuals all show the same loading data for the old one piece hulls and the HS, but in actual practice they are a little different on the inside and the stack height and precrimp might need to be adjusted. This is sort of like talking about all .45 Colt cases can be reloaded with the same data and then someone saying well that does not work well with my old baloon head cases.
  19. I have an original that did that. Adjusted the sear angle, compared the hammer notches to another 87 and a bunch of other things and the thing just gave me fits. Finally I swapped the trigger spring with a working 87 and voila it worked. Could not feel a difference in the springs but 87s need a strong trigger spring. The old one had weakened just enough that when the lever hit the lower tang the trigger was bounced out of the full cock notch. Sometimes it is the simple things that cause the problem. By the way, the trigger spring is a PITA to change because it is short and stiff and hard to get the retaining screw started. Try levering slowly. If the hammer is on full cock reopen the lever and slam the lever closed firmly. If the hammer drops I would look at the trigger spring.
  20. HS stands for High Strenght. HS is the standard AA hull. HS has been stamped on the hulls for the past 15 years or so to differentiate them from the old AA extruded hulls.
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