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  1. Margot Robbie as Barbie. I would love to go nuts painting her.
  2. In all honesty that had to have been an error in your favor. Locally at Sportsman's they are $58. Remingtons were more than $28 pre-covid.
  3. That is only because he has figured out you know how to work the can opener.
  4. You simply do NOT have enought pressure. When you fire a gun the primer pokes out and then when pressure builds up in the shell it pushes against the recoil shield and reseats the primers. If you want to shoot BP blanks the standard fix is to drill out the flash hole to a larger size. This is NOT something that needs to go to Cimarron for repair. Once you have drilled out the primer flash holes keep them separate from your other brass as they are no longer safe for full pressure loads.
  5. The first thing to do is to put an EMPTY DEPRIMED case into the chamber and then check the extension's movement. They often stick when the bolt is closed on an empty chamber because the front of the bolt is lifted by the extractor and this binds the extension.
  6. It would be useful to post a link or a photo so we know what you are talking about.
  7. After a month straight of 110+ degree days I decided to make the trek to the Western Regional. When I left Phoenix it was 113 and by the time I got to I-10 it was 116. I got to Morro Bay about 2:00 in the afternoon the next day and it was sunny and 58! It stayed in the mid-60s at Morro Bay and got up to maybe 70 degrees at the range which is about five mles inland from the bay. When they tell you the weather is sunny and 70 they mean it. Looking out the window of a restaurant at Morro Bay's big rock. Inside I am having filet migon and lobster. (No I did NOT use the A1 that was sitting on the table.) Walking down the pier a crabber is unloading the day's catch. Down the wharf a ways a pirate ship was docked for the night. And a sea otter was playing by the ship. Oh, I hear there was a shoot going on a few miles down the road. For photos of the stages look at the Chorro Valley website. It was great seeing SInful, El Lazo, Snakebite, Roger Rapid, Yul Lose and others that I only get to see infrequently these days.
  8. Do I have to have a birth certificate or will you accept my word?
  9. One nice thing about SASS. You do not need 82,000 FPS cameras. You can see the bullets going through the air and bouncing off the targets.
  10. If you get 10 or 15 of them and fry them up they taste just like french fries.
  11. 1.) Ford or Chevy 2.) If "It is light and fast, plus it fires my light hand loads without issue" it does not need any work.
  12. Here is what I use. Put a wad into a deprimed case. Run it into the pre-crimp. Run it into the final crimp and you have this. The wad stiffens the hull and the case mouth is strengthed by the crimp folding in over the wad pedals. A final step is running the case into a Roger Rapid taper crimp. Not shown is filling the primer pocket with silicon caulk. I have some of these that are over ten years old and still work fine in a double, 97 or 87.
  13. I always thought they were building the ships and ran out of money when they were half done.
  14. Yeah I am amazed that the graphite does not crumble while cutting it.
  15. Realistic depends on what you are talking about. Realistic for loading or unloading? Two significantly different weights.
  16. Strange story. From your description it sounds like the first dog was dog-napped and then escaped.
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