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  1. Kinda hard to answer without you telling us what the headstamp is or having a decent photo of the case head.
  2. Cannot watch a movie without my Junior Mints. Got addicted to York Peppermint paddies in 1970-71. That was when all the major candy bars went from a nickle to a dime but the pepermint paddy stayed at a nickle for a while and being cheap/poor I bought those. One that I really liked when I was a child in California was the Mountain Bar. Did not see them for years and then found them on the Internet. Ordered some but they sure did not taste like I remember them in the 1950s.
  3. Same crap in lots of places. Some restaurants in Detroit will not serve cops. Here is a squib from an article about a food chain in San Francisco. Some cops in San Francisco will have to look elsewhere for their leavened goods after Reem's California, a local bakery chain, said it is enforcing a policy not to serve anyone armed.
  4. Your smart phone has a built in pedometer. You do not need any attachments. Years ago i had a pedometer called a Hike-o-Meter.
  5. FYI John Wayne has been dead for 45 years. No one really gives a crap anymore. This thread is right up there with "What would have happened if Custer had taken a Gatling gun to the Little Big Horn."
  6. 19 is the trigger spring and 240 is the trigger spring/safety screw. As previously noted those should still be in the gun. One thing to check is if the trigger and sear have been welded together to make a solid trigger. This is frequently done with the safety is removed. If they are still two pieces it is an easy fix. Just get the safety lever (91) and pin (111). Do not buy the old style safety spring shown in this diagram (94). Buy one of the aftermarket wire wound springs. For example - https://sbgwllc.com/shop/safety-bar-spring-1873-uberti/
  7. The Winchester/Colt was absolutely ugly. The "gold" on the barrel and other parts looked like it was applied with a stencil. I converted mine to .38-40.
  8. ever get frustrated with search engines No, because I am not smart enough to write my own software. So, I have to accept what is available.
  9. Sometimes it helps to load all ten and leave it sit it the safe for a few days. Might also benefit from shortening the mag spring just a tad.
  10. As noted most of the Colt Commemoratives are ugly and were made to sit in a box. Only a few are worth more than a standard model. However they can present good deals as shooters. I picked up this 125th Anniversary of the founding of Colt SAA about a month ago. Unfired in the box. It has a gold plated hammer, trigger, backstrap and trigger guard, base pin and ejector. I find it to be hideous. HOWEVER this is a 2nd Gen Colt vintage 1961. The 50s and early 60s 2nd Gens are more desirable than the late 60s and 70s models. I got this one for 1/2 to 1/3 of what a NIB standard model would cost. If I ever find another one at a decent price I will shoot them. In the mean time this one will sit in the safe.
  11. I use standard pistol primers in my revolvers and magnum pistol primers in my rifle just to make sure they can make the extra two yards.
  12. Marlin does have a website. You could just read what the manufacturer says. https://www.marlinfirearms.com/s/model_1894Classic/
  13. Depends on the caliber. 100 grain .38 bullet no. 250 grain .45 bullet yes.
  14. Looks like GM started putting the system into some 2021 models as part of a teen ager safety system. It is in most models for 2023. I did find this - Before you start a letter-writing campaign to GM about overreach, however, you should know that there are multiple ways to disable Buckle to Drive. We’re sharing that with you not because we’re encouraging people to drive unbuckled, but because it’s an important point to understand. GM-Techlink.com laid out the instructions in detail: “Buckle to Drive can be turned off through the Settings menu on the infotainment screen; go to Settings > Vehicle > Buckle to Drive. On vehicles that include the feature as part of Teen Driver Mode, go to Settings > Vehicle > Teen Driver. The vehicle may need to be restarted to register the setting change.”
  15. They also had a shotgun type buttstock with a rubber recoil pad instead of the cresent buttplate. Is that allowed in NCOWS?
  16. What the heck does this mean? Front of what? If you are talking about the rule book cite a page and paragraph. SOG's are not addressed in the rule book until page 23. Is that the front?
  17. What is sad is that this is actually a trend. Modern employees want to work from home and if they do go into work they want to arrive and leave when they want and dress any way they want.
  18. The Winchester Model 97 was in production for 60 years. During that time there were numerous refinements during production. Major refinements were designated by a "C", "D" or "E" stamped above the serial number. On the one with the screw its serial number should be below the one with the button as the button is a later refinement. Oh, the button allows the magazine to be emptied without cycling the action.
  19. I always liked this caliber. It is pretty much like a .243 - the 80 grain bullets are generally for varmits and the 100 grain for deer size animals. Sold my last 99 in .250 several years ago and regretted it. Just last month I saw a Ruger RSI at Cabelas in .250 Savage. I fondled it, drooled on it, wiped it off and put it back on the shelf. A very rare gun and even two or three years ago I would have bought it. But I am trying to get rid of some guns and no longer hunt so I passed on it.
  20. IF it is the action hook pin there are competition grade replacements available. https://pvgunworks.com/product/winchester-189797-hardened-hook-screw/ https://the-online-outpost-licensing-corporation.myshopify.com/products/copy-of-1897-winchester-norinco-iac-shotgun-action-slide-hook-screw-by-the-smith-shop-97
  21. So what is the shooting order? Outside, outside, inside, inside, middle?
  22. Margot Robbie as Barbie. I would love to go nuts painting her.
  23. In all honesty that had to have been an error in your favor. Locally at Sportsman's they are $58. Remingtons were more than $28 pre-covid.
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