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  1. Texas Grips extended grips would be the way to go. BUT, I do not see them listed for the Pietta.
  2. +1 on this. Also consider when you try to sell the guns inn the future. If the front sight has been filed most people won't even consider buying the gun. Remember the targets in SASS are close and shot fast. You frequently hear people yell "front sight" when someone misses a target. No one yells "carefully align your front sight with the rear notch."
  3. Boeshield T9 is a lubricant similar to Hornady One Shot. They both can be sprayed on and when the carrier evaporates they are dry. No one is talking (at least I hope) about 30 weight engine oil so the analogy to an engine crank case is a little off base.
  4. I would not hold my breath. They have been on the market for over ten years and the parts issues have not been resolved.
  5. Skip the grease altogether. Grease attacks dirt. Clean that crap off and spray the internals with a good gun oil like Ballistol or Hornady One Shot. The only guns I use gease on are Colt cap and balls on the arbor. Everything else gets a shot of oil and like others have said I only clean them sporatically. They run for months just fine.
  6. Wow that is quite a mark down. When companies do that it sometimes indicates they are getting rid of discontinued stock.
  7. Sounds like you might have the wrong screw in the frame. When the guns are shipped they have a large thumbscrew in the frame. This screw is not for shooting. In the box should be a smaller screw with no thumbwheel.
  8. The Germans got into tank building late in WWI and only built around 20. They had a crew of 18 and most were destroyed during battle or scrapped after the war. The tank commander and driver sat on top of the engine and had to wear asbestos suits to protect them from the heat. The only remaining WWI German tank is in Australia. It was taken as a war trophy.
  9. Parts needed are the triggerguard, backstrap and new grips. I don't know anyone that sells them as a kit. All the Pietta 1873s are bascially the same. Right now even finding parts can be difficult. The parts may also come "unfinished". All you can do is call and ask.
  10. Several models come with Army size grips. EMF sells Pietta. You can call them for parts or Taylor and Company, Cimarron or VTI. They all have parts. https://www.emf-company.com/store/pc/-Alchimista-I-c585.htm
  11. First they are griping about a drought. Now they are griping about rain and snow. I guess they have not figured out rain and snow is what ends droughts.
  12. Out of curiosity did he have sears or did he repair the one you had?
  13. There is only one Boogie Woogie. All else are pretenders.
  14. No wonder my butt feels so heavy when I am running to the next gun in the firing sequence.
  15. The 9mm single action cylinders come from 9mm/.357 convertible single action revolvers. If they were different lengths they would not be convertible.
  16. I would look on EBay and buy a 9mm or .357 cylinder and have it bored out and rechambered.
  17. Have you been to a match? No one can answer that as there are clubs spread all over the U.S. and several other countries and clubs can do what they want. The vast majority of pistol targets are set at 10 yards or less.
  18. At least four .308 rifles have blown-up in the past week. It turns out they were all using the same ammo and the ammo was the same lot number. The ammo is ZSR and the lot number is 015. I did not want to try and grab a scene shot of the ammo boxes off the YouTube videos showing the explosions so I went on-line to look for the ammo. The very first vendor I looked at had this photo on their website. Lot 015. If you have any of this stuff you should probably not shoot it. The manufacturer is in Turkey and has not responded to inquiries about the ammo.
  19. I use to buy lots of Betamax, then VHS, then DVD movies. I use to love going to Best Buy and wondering up and down the numerous aisles that had nothing but DVDs in them. Betamax and VHS and long gone. The aisles of DVDs turned into a rotating rack and last week the Best Buy closed all together. As my daughter told me recently, "Dad no one buys DVDs anymore." Streaming has killed them. So my collection is whatever is on Netflix, Prime, HBO+ etc.
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