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  1. "Smooth soles" are NOT REQUIRED...in fact, they can be hazardous on some range/stage ground surfaces. The only SHB refences to "soles" is in regard to the CC & BW categories prohibiting "LUG soled" boots. The following rule changes were made in 2010: SOURCE
  2. Found this unused company-issue kit (with cartridge respirator, goggles, nitrile gloves, Tyvek suits) while clearing out a storage area last week. Never used after training because I refused to shave the beard.
  3. FWIW: IMO, it might be helpful help to read the entire "Categories" section in order to differentiate between categories and shooting styles. ...or not.
  4. SHB p.6 SHB p.10 Starting with "Gunfighter" shooting-style category. Cap & ball (Frontiersman-type) revolvers are legal in ALL categories. Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter allows percussion revolvers, but ALL firearms must use BP or substitute propellants. Frontiersman requires percussion revolvers shot Duelist-style; and ALL firearms must use BP or substitute propellants. All categories may be "subdivided by age" (e.g. Senior) REF: conditional bold sections in SHB quotes.
  5. That might be difficult to prove without diligent "contact tracing", wouldn't it?
  6. SHB p.15 Note that a primary component of the "de-cocking" prohibition is "to avoid a penalty". (I've added this to the list of suggested edits to the "Penalties Overview" SDQ section) A "percussionist" attempting to resolve a malfunction (cap failure or jam in the action) should not be penalized for de-cocking while doing so...IMO. Any "Duelist-style" shooter is also allowed to use both hands to resolve a revolver malfunction (as noted above): SHB p.6 That said, de-cocking would be unnecessary in order to rotate the cylinder to an unfired cap (as Prairie Dawg mentioned)
  7. If you are referring to something like THIS ... it is NOT LEGAL.
  8. Sounds like the "others" referenced in the OP. What's the penalty for violating this made-up rule??
  9. The LT is part of the "firing line" (not that it is relevant to the OP). REF: SHB p.45
  10. Congrats to Drifter and Shell-E on their expansion! ...and to you and Buster on your retirement!
  11. Some DA revolvers are already allowed in "some sort of a sidematch" if they conform to the "Pocket Pistol" regs.
  12. I have used a first-year production 1897 (retired) I currently use an 1887 12ga. dated to that same year. Danish rolling block action mfg. in 1882
  13. IF That only applies to two loaded REVOLVERS.
  14. Situation easily avoided...learn to count.
  15. 24" figuring his hand width at 4".
  16. Including all of the history and/or reasoning behind the current rules would TRIPLE (at least!) the size of SHB.
  17. Not at the sanctioned match level (or at clubs that follow SASS rules): SHB p.6 SHB p.46 But consider that... SHB p.5
  18. Pachmayr DIAMOND PRO grips (on it when I bought it) . Very comfortable in the hand and excellent recoil absorption.
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