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  1. Yes, that's how the scammers got phone numbers and E-mail addresses. They never even had to join the Forums, just click on someone's alias and look at the info that was provided by the real member themselves.
  2. Actually, to sell on the SASS Wire Classifieds you must be a SASS member in good standing which I take to mean their dues are paid up to date or be a life member. Folks that have let their membership lapse are not able (by rules) sell on the Classifieds.
  3. Who knows, maybe even Barney himself!
  4. Glad I could help. If it saves a pard from getting scammed, it was worth the time posting it.
  5. Bad penny? More like a lucky penny...heads up lucky penny. Blue Bonnet Bob. Does have a ring about it. Good to see you back!
  6. You can find your Public Profile by simply clicking on your alias. The next screen that comes up is your Public Profile on the left in the smaller column with your most recent posts in the larger middle/right column. Some people have their E-Mail address and more in the left column under Contact Methods. It is easy to edit out info by going to the top left side of the page and clicking on Edit Profile. Anyone can click on your alias and view the same information, they don't have to be SASS members. This one way the scammers are getting personal info. Also note that some folks have posted their phone number, E-mail and addresses in the large column under "Write a public message on your own feed" box. When you use this option, you are NOT sending a PM...you are publicly posting a statement/message that anyone can read simply by clicking on your alias...the same way they get your other information. Stay safe out there in internet land. NEVER, EVER post your real name, phone number, E-mail address or physical address in a public manner. To do so only invites the bad guys to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  7. There's at least one person that posted ON THIS THREAD that still has their E-Mail info posted where anyone can see it despite all of the warnings.
  8. Thanks Tex. I didn't design or make it, a shooter named Big Jake Summers, later known as Wyatt, designed and made it. I thought it was a pretty good design and perfect for a one or two shooter set up. Minimal room required for transportation in a vehicle, sturdy...yet light enough for long time use. The PVC caps mounted on the cart legs and the bungee cord/drawer knobs are for a stool to be carried on the cart. Stool legs go into the PVC caps and the bungee secures the top.
  9. I have two 550B's. I can do 600 - .38 spl. or .357 or ,45 acp per hour and that's with a powder check every 100 although the powder has never been off in the 20++ years I've had them. I can't do 9mm or .30 carbine as fast, only about 400 an hour, because the case is filled most of the way with powder and advancement of the plate has to have a little bit easier touch so the powder doesn't spill out. It's for that very reason that I'm glad I don't have an auto-indexing one like the 650/750. No matter which one you get, Dillon stands by their product and sends out replacement parts quickly and free of charge no matter the cause. You can't go wrong with the Blue. As far as purchasing one from a supplier, the machines are all the same, get quotes and go with the cheapest quote. Don't forget shipping is a big expense also, include shipping fees in your quotes.
  10. Never really cared for Iron Maiden's music, the other stuff sounds like fun though!
  11. The Florida colleges have nipped this crap in the bud right off the bat. The ones that let this BS continue until it was too late are getting what they deserve. I feel sorry for the true students that are there for an education and have to deal with these idiots and non-student outside agitators that are preventing them from receiving that education. Some of them won't even have a graduation ceremony because of it. Free speech is one thing but what is going on has gone way past free speech. Trespass the non-students, arrest the ones that are causing violence/destruction of property/intimidation by use of hate related material and permanently expel the students that are doing the same thing. Interrogate the leaders to find out who is financing this crap and charge them with financing a terrorist organization and upon a guilty verdict, permanently kick them out of the US after their jail sentence is completed. I saw an interview with some clueless little bimbo at the University of Florida issuing their "list of demands". It was pathetic...and disheartening to know that these are the future "leaders" of business and government...and they vote.
  12. All the same guns except for one pistol and two rifles. I'm sure that all of your wife's shoes are not ALL pumps.
  13. I've seen those E-Mustangs. How in the hell anyone can call them a Mustang is beyond me, kind of like calling the mid-70's Mustang II a Mustang. Self driving cars, in their present form, should not be allowed on the public roads.
  14. Political hit piece against Noem? Really? She put the bait out there and wonders why the wrong fish are biting? Dumb move. For the record, I have zero problem with nuisance animal abatement, including dogs. I have no idea if the dog was, in fact, menacing/killing chickens...I assume it was. My problem is that Noem herself brought this scrutiny on herself willingly while trying to hawk a (supposed) memoir. Dumb move.
  15. Do yourself a favor and buy, or make, at least 2 gun carts. Hauling all of that weight around gets real old, real quick. They are easily made out of simple golf club carts. The carts are found, at least around here, at garage sales or thrift shops. The below pictures are a follow shooter's cart from Florida. Total cost, probably about $20 - $30.
  16. The last time I shipped anything UPS was in 2020. That was some live primed brass in one shipment and some live ammo in another shipment...neither of which can be shipped USPS. Otherwise, I would NEVER use UPS for anything.
  17. I don't believe that ammo or brass, whether live primed or not, meet the description of firearm or firearm parts as defined by UPS themselves.
  18. Orthodontists are dentists that specialize in the alignment of teeth1. They help with crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, crossbites, spaces between teeth, overcrowding of teeth, and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMD)1. Although both dentists and orthodontists work on teeth, and both provide professional care that helps patients have good oral health, a dentist is not an orthodontist2.
  19. Regardless of what I think or would have done...she's a dumbass for publicizing it in the manner that she has. Same with the goat. There are things that have to be done in life that are unpleasant, these things are better off left unsaid beyond immediate family. I don't know if I would have shot the dog or not as I wasn't there.
  20. I noticed the Shoe comic this morning. Dentists really don't install braces, it's Orthodontists that do.
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