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  1. Easy, receiving the Spirit of The Game pin at this years MA/RI/CT "Tri State" match. I swore I wouldn't cry, but I did.
  2. This is just my opinion. Going to the unloading table to clear a jammed (first gun) table all guns, with ULTO having knowledge all are still loaded/capped. Clear the jammed gun, empty it, shot it empty. Then under the watch or assistance with a TO appointed person, holster(in this case) the loaded revolvers, go directly (do not pass go, do not collect $200) to the loading table and reload the jammed gun. If you need more ammo, get it before re holstering at the ULT. Being under the eye of a TO appointed person is the key to the safety, and that is what is at play in this situation. With C&B the only other way to safely unload is to fire all the loaded caps/cylinders, which means the time to reload, recap and remove the shooter from other posse duties, or hold up the posse if the shooter is last. Again my opinion, and I have been accused, on occasion, of being reasonable.
  3. Yes, after he passed we shot a memorial match for him at his home club. One stage was the "Longshot Logan sweep": 5 targets sweep left to right then right to left were the usual instructions. For the Longshot Logan Sweep it was sweep all targets left to right, then put one on 4, mutter a swear word, dump one in the dirt then shoot target 2 then 1 twice for 10 rounds. Made for some confused spotters as the shot on three was a hit as long as it missed the target, a hit on steel with he 7th round was a miss. I should dust that one off for a monthly
  4. I do this for shooters, sometimes I feel like giving them a brisk slap across the back of the head though. I do this for shooters, sometimes I feel like giving them a brisk slap across the back of the head though.
  5. Carbon Fiber Mag tubes have been allowed. (Posted 12-20-2020 SASS wire, modification Applications Approved - 2020) ) I have no Idea where to source them. You would have to decide on the pro's and con's
  6. Congratulations! I have only had the chance to meet you one time, but that once let me know you are deserving.
  7. Howdy, What club does the clan match?  Thinking about doing something similar here in Rhode Island, to perhaps garner a little more interest. 




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