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  1. Here in New England we call it the Driftwood Johnson way, with his black powder loads, it certainly keeps spotters on their toes.
  2. 22's will teach the basics, you know, cock, pull trigger, rinse repeat. And they can be a lot of fun. And while I do not shoot 32's or 38's and can not speak to the cost of reloads, 22's are not necessarily super cheap anymore. The cost of 2 revolvers and a lever rifle, if not already owned will more than pay for the press and accessories to load a 38 for what must be somewhat close to the cost of the 22 ammo(38/32 caliber shooters help me here ) And if you are going to (gasp) practice, doing so with match guns will bring the best results. But transitions will bring your time down more than just shooting fast.
  3. As there is not an assignment of shots to targets no assumption can be made as to where shot #4 with the rifle was intended, unless the shooter says "I aimed at..." So 10 knock downs, 10 targets down, empty rifle, no call. RACK EM'
  4. We can not judge the intent of the shooter, only where the bullets impact. Pistols, No call, 5 KD's, all down, no misses on the dump. The OP does not specify which rifle target was knocked down by the pistol round. Rifle, misses #4, how can anyone absolutely know the shooter was aiming at #4? Maybe they were aiming at number 9 and missed really badly? (IM my head I am saying #9 was the one knocked down by the pistol) So they missed #9 really bad, went back and shot 4,5,6,7,8,and 10 thus all KD's are down. No Miss, No P. Now go set some targets. Next shooter. In the writing of the stage, more clarification could maybe be used for the rifle string, like "sweep the 10 targets left to right one round on each" then a reengagement of the 4th target with the 5th round would be a P, but the OP instructions did not have that amount of detail. As a stage writer, we need to be clear with what we want a shooter to do, or not to do. Use just as many words as you need, not more, not less. This one sounds fun, I would like to shoot it, with or without more clarification.
  5. Question for anyone here who has undergone Lead Chelation Therapy, what should I expect?
  6. The recipe you listed is the same I I have been using for nearly 10 years. The primers change, but the rest stays the same. Everyone in a while the powder changes, but Clays, Clay Dot are pretty interchangeable, and I felt no difference between them. These take down every target I have seen, as long as I do my job, but they have low recoil for a potentially faster second shot without being weak. Yeah, I like it a lot.
  7. I have just started to wet tumble, the lead level was up to 24.0 Did one fairly large batch of 45c deprimed, no pins, Dawn and lemishine. Real clean, dried them in a disposable baking sheet sitting under the wood stove. did a batch of 45 70 that had been soaked, but not cleaned, deprimed them and used the pins. Really clean now, but man those pins are evil. Probably save them for the BP stuff only. Lead has come down by 3 points, but here in New England we are not shooting much these days.
  8. The ability to custom load for this sport, or any other, makes the initial investment worth it. Especially with trying to find commercial rounds for a designated purpose, in the quantity we can go through. Without doing current calculations, $7.50 a box feels about right. Shot being the single most costly component.
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