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  1. I used to have 2 of the old Lee hand prime systems. When my thumbs started to hurt I bought a Lee Auto Bench Prime. It made life much easier.
  2. Arrest warrants will be next, engraved invitations "requesting" a criminals presence.
  3. Get the hat wet, then use an air brush to apply the color dye of your choice. Let it dry and spray it with laundry starch until pliable. Shape it how you want. Let it dry and spray it with semi gloss poly urethane. Semi gloss not high gloss, important. Let it dry, it is now colorfast and water resistant. Note: do not spray anything inside the crown(where your head goes).
  4. I prefer the 1 oz. load, but I buy whatever is on sale.
  5. I would think that if he jumped out of a helicopter with a 75 foot rope that didn't give or stretch, the helicopter would probably be yanked out of the sky.
  6. The news media, what a great source of info, they never get it wrong. A local "DJ" thinks something is amiss, he must be an expert. What makes you think all veterans are law abiding. So what is the age requirement of a drug dealer. Is there a residency requirement for drug dealers? Apparently this guy's disability didn't prevent him from shooting 4 cops. Maybe we should wait and see what happens with the investigation before we start bashing cops.
  7. In my city they were cruisers. They were also numbered, and might be referred to by that number. I drove car 36 most of my career.
  8. Don't use never wet. I sprayed a gray hat with it and it turned it white and stiff as a board.
  9. There are a number of exercises that will help with TE. They cause a callous to form over the frayed tendon. When you start they are painful but will work. It took me about 1 month. I also got a shot, over the years about 5 of them. Avoid splitting wood with a mall or framing houses. Especially avoid shooting a lot of rounds out of polymer guns. I attended 3 Glock instructor schools where we shot about 700 rounds in 2 days. That was 3 shots and return to the therapy. Wraps work by preventing the tendon from bouncing and tearing. I use vet wrap, a self sticking material. They sell it for humans at the drugstore but I can't remember what they call it(CRS).
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