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  1. Sadly would have take 3.8 Terabyte memory card in camera or cell phone to video me on a stage so none exist.
  2. If shaving lead, try to be more careful in getting bullet properly aligned in case or screw in expanded a bit more increasing the flare. That should eliminate shaving of lead
  3. Biggest problem with Marlins and cast bullets is the Micro groove rifling. They were designed to shoot jacketed. Having said that it is possible to get them to do a decent job with cast but...
  4. Bought a brand new shiney Taylors Cattleman with new version of retractable firing pin. Initially had so issues with failure to fire. Was going to send back to Taylors for repair. On a whim thoroughly cleaned gun, sprayed action cleaner into firing pin area. Followed up with a good deal of oil. No failure to fires since. 2 or 300 rounds thru gun. When I bought the original cattleman, Taylors only had one, an older model in desired caliber popped up on the wire for a good price bought it. It is the first iteration of retractable firing pin with slots in hammer etc. Despite having much lighter springs given it is so much easier to cock, it has performed flawlessly. From my saddle not worth $100 per gun to convert back to old hammers.
  5. Ph of straight dawn will be a lot lower than a squirt of dawn into a quart, half gallon or gallon of water. Are we chasing a problem that is not really a problem as long as brass is not left soaking for a fortnight? How much lemi shine, vinegar or citric acid is needed to raise the ph to 7? Thus neutralizing the solution.
  6. He or She who safely has the most fun is overall champ regardless of scores. Keep coming back you will eventually come just to be with your buds with added bonus of playing with your guns.
  7. If you want to shoot mixed calibers, it is much easier to keep track if you shoot significantly different calibers like .38 and 44 mag or 45 colt or even cowboy special. 44 mag or 44-40 and 45 are easy to mix up in the heat of battle. One way to keep straight is to use nickel plated brass for either the rifle or the pistol and regular brass for the other. Makes things really easy to differentiate
  8. If pistol is shooting low, shooting heavier bullets will raise poi. In barrel longer pistol recoils more before bullet exits yes is counter intuitive but is the gospel.
  9. Asking from AZ. What is all that green stuff in that shooting bay?
  10. My EMF 24 inch octo I got from nate kiowa jones back in 09 started out life with a safety he put in a non-safety bolt he had on hand. I am super happy with it.
  11. My circa 1995 rossi says Amadeo Rossi on upper tang, imported by Interarms on lower tang under lever Serial number vertical on side. No other rossi markings. My circa 2009 Has EMF on upper tang and A.Rossi on lower serial number on bottom of receiver
  12. Agree, with slight off topic caveat Brand New ARs at least the ones I have built including .458 socoms work best initially sloppy wet. There seems to be a lot of drag on new bolts, bcgs locking lugs probably due to small burrs after a few mags seem to wear in and function with normal lubrication.
  13. .38 and any of the 40+ calibers not a big deal as there is a large difference in ammo. IF shooting mixed 40 + calibers such as 44 mag and 44-40 or 45 colt rounds are similare enough that you can easily mix them up in a rifle and the offending round may not chamber. Having said that if care is taken it is not problematic unless for some reason you put the wrong round into a box of ammo and did not catch it when counting out the normal 10 rounds for a stage.
  14. An end of February early March 40 Degree day in AZ is about 60 Degrees warmer than a lot of the rest of the country at that time. Born and Raised in Montana I know this to be true.
  15. Indeed adjust the volume of the measure to drop the proper weight. In the case of BP one could use a volumetric BP measure to get a 65 grain charge, weight it then adjust the lyman or other powder measure to drop that weight and one would then have the measure set to drop the volume of 65 grains.
  16. How ever are we going to get Rangers to work for $1.00 a day if you are giving them away free??
  17. Have times changed? There used to be videos on how to load nagant using 32-20 brass and dies
  18. No you go south out of holbrook and just before the county complex turn right towards Heber. You can go to show low but adds about an hour to trip. Google maps is your friend
  19. My chinchester has worked well until last weekend when I tried some fiocchi nearly clear plastic shells had fits getting to eje t some times. The actually would if I levered really vigeously. 2nd day used rem gun clubs much joy it was not the gun. Ordered in all needed to roll crimp
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