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  1. Walt Kirst emailed me with an answer and Pale Wolf nailed it. Once I get my new Kirst Konversions I’ll post pictures so you’ll know.
  2. That’s what I was looking for, thanks. Yep, I know but the Kirst are different.
  3. I’ve been using T&C/Howell conversion cylinders for years in my Ruger Old Armies and with the little window at the top of each chamber it is easy to tell and show which one is empty. I’m contemplating ordering a couple of Kirst conversions but don’t know how to tell which chamber is empty. Any Kirst users out there that know?
  4. I did all of that and still the same.
  5. Yes. The only Saloon posts that I can see are ones I start or the most recent post on the Forums page. Been like that for a long time.
  6. There are a couple of chain motels right off of Interstate 8 and Fortuna Road that would be your closest to the range. Snowbird season is in full swing then so you might want to book now.
  7. There are lots of motels in Yuma. The match is a lot of fun and well run. Maybe I’ll meet you there.
  8. If I remember correctly the Strawberry Hill was mixed with Sloe Gin.
  9. I’ve been using Taylor’s and Company (Howell) conversion cylinders in my Old Armies and the little cutout on the chamber allows me to see which chamber is empty at the loading table, looking at the firing pin position is another way but sometimes looking at the firing pin is not reliable. On a Kirst conversion cylinder how do you tell which chamber is empty?
  10. I drank a lot too much of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill one night in 1973 and I’ve never cared for any wine since then.
  11. I drilled the barrel and installed a Redman liner in 38-40 in one of my rifles.
  12. Here’s my pair of Buntlines.
  13. Might still be fun for me but not those on my posse.
  14. J-Bars thread about Your Last Good Day kind of struck home on a personal level. At one time I thought myself competitive and I was the overall winner at a match once but that was 12 years ago. I had covid in July of last year and since then my stamina and memory capacity has not returned. I know the possees that I shoot on help me as much as they can and put up with my slower times but at what point does one become a burden and their condition become an aggravation and annoyance to the other shooters? We’ve had a few shooters that we’ve had to help support physically as they shot a stage and it was heartwarming to see the other posse members step up to physically and emotionally support these competitors. I can still handle my firearms safely and load and unload my gun cart from my truck without any help but someone usually offers to help with that. I man the un load table usually and can help with light steel chores like loosening and tightening nuts and bolts and target painting, etc… but I feel guilty not being able to handle the heavier stuff. The friendships that I’ve made are countless and for the last 15 years or so my CAS family are my only friends. So how do you know when to hang up the spurs and walk away from the game?
  15. Got a couple of roll tops kinda like your Tombstone cart I’d part with, just sayin.
  16. I like the fringe on the sleeves and the hand sewn look.
  17. I don’t know if it’s stupidity or out of habit but I’ve pulled up behind or beside a Tesla at the gas pump a couple of times, most recently at a Mobil station in Quartzite, Arizona. The electric charging stations were across the street at the Carl’s Junior.
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