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  1. Funny you should say that, when Ja Lo came out on the stripper pole my wife said “ Is this a strip show?” I’m thinking quite a few kids got sent up to their rooms or outside for halftime.
  2. Quite a game. The 49er defense got tired, is my guess.
  3. What other ways would you suggest? Regardless of whatever pro 2nd amendment demonstration takes place it’s going to be criticized by the left and anti gun crowds, surely you realize this. Anything gun related now has a racial stamp on it because the media and anti gun crowd know that that’s how they can continue to divide society. Share your ideas of what they could have done differently to get the blessing of the anti gunners. I’m pretty sure the only thing the left and anti gun crowds will accept from these people is total disarmament.
  4. Yep, I believe someone posted pictures not long ago of giraffe bone grips that Patrick did.
  5. We had a pair of them that would perch on the front of my woodshop and RV garage and peck holes. To get rid of them I installed some of the shiny Mylar streamers that they use to keep birds out of the orange, lemon, grapefruit and persimmon groves out at the ranch my wife manages. It works like a champ, they haven’t been back for years.
  6. Patrick Grashorn does beautiful elk antler, moose antler and giraffe bone grips. Sambar Stag still can’t be imported.
  7. NRA First Vice President Charles Cotton gave the keynote address in place of Oliver North.
  8. I’ve got a couple with hammers if you’re interested.
  9. Somebody complained about the little logo on the front of my Wyoming Traders vest one time so I had this made to cover it up.
  10. I’ve got a pair of brass, birdshead grip frames with ivory like grips if you’re interested.
  11. I wear my buffalo coat up to the line and after long guns are in place I take it off and many hands are waiting, I shoot the stage and when I finish shooting and go to the unloading table whoever’s wearing my buffalo coat doesn’t want to give it back.
  12. WOW!!! Those are some nice girls.
  13. That’s a good point and as far as I know out here it hasn’t been an issue. Probably needs to be some club oversight if some have an issue with it.
  14. Haven’t measured them but 14”” seems a bit short. I’ve got a couple of sets of 5 1/2”” stainless ROAs but you’ll have to buy them at the estate sale, that’s how much I like them.
  15. Somehow a pard with an alias of T.F.J. talking about the size of something rings ironic.
  16. I’ll take it, Dawg. PM inbound. T square I have a pair of ROA Buntlines if you’re interested.
  17. After a stage or two you don’t even notice most cameras that are being worn. A large number of shooters have someone video them with a iPhone or something while they’re shooting. One or two shooters at some matches will have a GoPro mounted on their umbrella mast on a guncart. We’re in a technologically advanced age now compared to the 1880-1890’s and even way more advanced than when SASS was started. Using video in our matches just might be the thing that sparks new interest in CAS. The Chronicle is disappearing so why not use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WeMe and whatever else there is as a source of shining the light on our sport?
  18. When I was a youngster I thought Shari Lewis was pretty hot.
  19. If I attended a match that were such sticklers for authenticity I wouldn’t return. If we want to grow the sport video technology should be one of our greatest tools to do so. If that young man shares his videos of his experiences with his friends and associates they may choose to join in. If I could figure out how to use my GoPro and editing I’d wear it every stage I shoot and nobody would care.
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