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  1. I will be at the Range early Friday morning to setup shop.
  2. Something moved me to post this tonight. I was thinking of Judge'm All Duncan. As I said in the post about his death I didn't know him as well as some of you. I met him a few years ago and right away hit it off with him and since have stayed in touch and have been to a handful of matches together. Looking at Facebook tonight it really hit me on how much that man touched the numerous lives of others. Facebook has been a sea of photos and stories about "The Judge". What I have been thinking about is this, The Best and Worst of Cowboy Action Shooting is the same thing. The People. This sport provides such a great avenue to meet some of the best people on this planet. But with that avenue of meeting so many folks and obtaining so many friends and "family", also comes the inevitable realization that some of those friends will leave us... sooner than we would like. For me it's a blessing and a curse that I am one of the "young" ones in the sport (age 40). I have been involved in Cowboy Action for 14 years and met so many great friends over that time, some of them twice my age. On one hand I found this sport when I was young and have more time to enjoy it but on the other it gives me chills to think about what the next 20 years will look like. I guess why I am posting this is because days like this you realize how fragile life is. Enjoy it, tell all your friends in this sport how much you appreciate them and love them. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Seeing that wave of posts on Facebook about Judge really makes you think about how you can influence others. I sure hope I could have a fraction of the influence on people that Judge did. - Bubba
  3. I didn't know him as well as some of you but knew him enough to know how great of a man he was. I finally met him a few years ago and just really hit it off with him. What a big teddy bear. Guys like him and his wife are why I love this sport so much. It allows me to meet great people like him. Dont really know what to say with this. Lord, please be with his family in this difficult time. Lord, enjoy having Judge back home with you. Please comfort all that are in pain from his passing. We trust in your will Lord. In Jesus name, Amen! I will miss you Judge!!! Will really miss his huge hugs.
  4. More prayers headed his way!! Thanks for the update!
  5. Yeah Yeah, it was break time! Sorry, I will work some overtime just for you!!
  6. That Saturday night dinner is pretty fabulous at Ohio State, plus the Steaks on Friday night!!!
  7. Ok, who all is as excited as I am for Ohio State next week???????? Sure look forward to this match!!
  8. I also do this. I may never get to any of those clubs but I get to see the things they are doing. You find some good stuff by watching what other clubs are doing to use for your own club.
  9. Hi Flat Iron! I remember way back when, a shooter was shuffling along the firing line, moving to another position, his holsters got to flapping around and out came his loaded pistol. MDQ! Just the breaks. I have also seen a fellow moving to another position with Shotgun in hands slip and fall. He kept the shotgun muzzle pointed down range, never lost the gun. No Call. If I remember correctly, he got up and kept shooting.
  10. Yup, I created a Facebook page for our club too, had it for years, http://www.facebook.com/tuscolongriders and a Wix page http://www.tuscolongriders.com My theory is use any avenue you can, especially free social media.
  11. Prayers up for a great pard!!
  12. Ohhhh… that will happen! That kid is HOOKED!! He has been to the last three matches I have been to. Plus we got his buddy hooked!! Tusco and Brown Township now have two new young shooters!!!
  13. I was surprised but No.. I even asked that question..
  14. So a few years back we purchased a used .22 Lever Action Henry Rifle, just to have for plinking, side matches, etc. Shot it a few times and then it sat in the safe. Remembered it having some feeding issues but wrote it off as cheap ammo. Recently, my nephew wanted to start shooting Cowboy Action. So we brought out the .22 Rifle for him to use and sure enough it had feeding issues. My buddy Six Gun Seamus suggested I send it back to Henry. So after contacting Henry, they said send it here. They even sent a free shipping label. Couple days in shipping, they received it and gave me a call saying that the feeding mechanisms were old models and they wouldn't be able to fix the rifle sooooo.. They would send me a brand new rifle, FREE of Charge! I received it a few days after that call. Was pretty blown away by the Service at Henry!! Just wanted to share my experience! Now my nephew will be turned loose with a brand new .22 to use at the matches. THANK YOU Henry!!
  15. Howdy All, High Noon at Tusco 2019 Registration forms will be available on Saturday, June 8th, by 8pm. Here is the link where the forms will be located. https://www.tuscolongriders.com/high-noon Your registration will be counted when Prairie Dawg receives them in his hands by mail. No email or phone call registration. Do not delay in sending in your forms. We sold out in 2 1/2 weeks last year. Shooter Limit of 115. You must send registration forms and payment to be put on the waiting list as well, same with one day shooters. One day shooters are just that. You can not sign up for both days and be counted as a two day shooter. It is strictly for people who want to only shoot either Saturday or Sunday. More information about the match will be available then. Match will be held on October 4th-6th, 2019. Thank you, Buckaroo Bubba
  16. What Dawg Said!! Just a great day!! Thank you to everyone for joining us today!! Congrats Mad Dog Max our Top Men's and Overall Shooter and to Kanshee Pick'em our Top Ladies Shooter on the day!! Scores are posted, check them out (and the new website): https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2019-scores Don't forget, please either subscribe to the Tusco Email list thru the website (at the bottom of the home screen) or send me an email with your email address if you want to be on the Tusco Email list. (If you are not already on it). tuscolongriderscas@gmail.com Thank you to all the help we receive at the range, the setup crew, posse marshals, tear down help, on and on.. you people make Tusco special. See you June 1st! Buckaroo Bubba
  17. Will make the call in the morning but don't worry about the rain we will setup under cover if need be!
  18. Thanks guys... the new service is more efficient for me. I am able to work on it on any computer now. (aka Lunch time at work). Which in turn allow me more time to add things, keep things updated.
  19. Important - Tusco Long Riders' Emails Howdy All, as I mentioned before, I created a new website which includes an email service. I had to clean up a lot of the emails that were dead or bounced back. I sent out a new format email yesterday, if you DID NOT receive it, I DO NOT have your correct or updated Email Address. If you want to receive Tusco Long Riders' Emails, please do one of the following: 1) Go to www.tuscolongriders.com and "Subscribe" to the email list. The form is at the bottom of the home page. 2) Send an email to tuscolongriderscas@gmail.com with your email address and alias/name. 3) Also, check to make sure this new format email did not go to your Spam/Junk Folder. 4) I no longer have the buckaroobubba@tuscolongriders.com email. Please use tuscolongriderscas@gmail.com for club issues. I just want to make sure I keep each of you well informed about the Tusco Long Riders. Thank you, Bubba
  20. That's because we don't have registration open yet... stay tuned..
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