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  1. Most of those rifles look like '03 22 trainers.
  2. Attending a co ed bilingual school in NYC (through 8th grade) in the late '50s, the principal administered corporal punishment with a ruler. A couple of us were "disciplined" when we were caught smoking and chasing girls. One kid, named Teddy, was especially active in the latter regard and was stood up by the principal on a number of occasions. One incident resulted in the principal really losing control resulting in a broken ruler. Apparently a note must have been sent home that evening, and Teddy's father came to the school and presented the principal with a foot long half inch thick piece of clear plastic with the comment, "this won't break". After we graduated and went on to other schools, I lost track of Teddy. Towards the end of the US involvement in Vietnam, on occasion the televised news would show troops returning from Vietnam, both unhurt and wounded. I was surprised when Teddy was interviewed as he was carried off a plane on a stretcher. The reporter asked him what his mother might think if she saw the interview. His comment was "she'll probably faint". I believe that was the last time wounded troops were interviewed upon their immediate return. Teddy out grew his boyish ways. I wonder what happened to him?
  3. Contact Classic Old West Arms on the Merchant's Corner page. He has parts..
  4. No limit. Amount over $10,000 in currency or goods has to be declared.
  5. I watched Last of the Mohicans (1920) silent on Amazon. Wallace Beery cast as Magua. Pretty interesting film. Selected for the National Film Registry in 1995. I don't know how to add it here.
  6. You have provided answers to the most obvious questions. Do you have any factory rounds that you could try? It is possible that the chamber might be a little too tight.
  7. I hate cutaways. A good bunch of firearms destroyed. A great collection, though. That fellow in the video should have known a bit more about some of the firearms he showcased; particularly target rifles from the Creedmoor and Sea Girt matches in the late 1800s.
  8. Got mine from Squibber in AZ. Works fine. He can be reached at Old West Gun Repair (oldwestrepair97@gmail.com).
  9. Saturday was my bad day. I'll buy you a round.
  10. Tom, As Duelist I pick up the pistol one handed, if it's staged on a table. Same with the second pistol. Having pistols staged on the table does not require the use of both hands as it would if one only shoots duelist or CC with the dominant hand. Unless the rule, as stated above, changes, the pistol has to be picked up one handed.
  11. Assuming smokeless powder CLP works for me. Also have used Slip 2000 EWL (Exterme Weapon Lube).
  12. I second that. Good match. Good folks. BTW, Graybeard, I have parts for a new squib rod. Tex
  13. Several actors were said to be very fast. In the fast draw competitions in the '60s the fastest was Jerry Lewis; so some have written. Another fast draw was Sammy Davis Jr. Both used six guns and rigs in their club acts and, in any event, were quite good.
  14. Got to do three plays and then a torn Achilles. Out for the season, probably. A lot of money for nothing.
  15. The story was told, loosely, in the film The FBI Story starring Jimmy Stewart.
  16. After you have been reloading a while you will develop your own process. Some folks deprime and tumble (wet or dry), some clean primer pockets, some don't. I tumbled brass once and didn't see the point. Now I deprime by hand, inspect the pockets as well as the entire case, and clean the pocket if it looks too dirty. Not the fastest way to do it, but I don't shoot more than 2,000-2,500 a season now.
  17. Yes. Sang with Tommy Dorsey's band briefly and was married to John Ford's daughter for a while.
  18. I use Titegroup for both 45 Colt an 44-40. Usually a couple or three tenths above the minimum load. I also have used HP 38 successfully.
  19. Welcome aboard. Go to some shoots, ask questions. It's said the people come for the shooting and stay for the people. Good luck.
  20. From what I remember Jim West carried a Colt with a 4 3/4 inch barrel in a holster that was long enough for a 71/2.
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