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  1. $3.10 at Costco last week. Local Shell at 3.33. 25 miles west of Minneapolis.
  2. Great movie. Even has Clint Eastwood in it as a corpsman at 1:33:18 tending to the captain.
  3. Production has started on the third film in the series.
  4. There's a way to get some action on this issue, although it will cost some money. The Sheriff's Dept. and Animal Control won't do anything unless they're forced to. One of the sure ways to get them moving is a letter from an attorney outlining the situation, applicable laws being broken and holding them responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from the dogs not being contained. You will get action at that point. Don't concern yourself with being cast as the "bad guy" in this because your neighbor and the local government entities don't care; it's "their problem" being transferred to you. BTW, even though the dogs are friendly their actions are examples of domination. Be careful around them because they could just as easily turn on you.
  5. You mentioned them a while back, as I recall. While they may be friendly, it's possible that they may cause an injury to someone. It seems to me that whatever the owner's issues are, they're not your problem. If clearing out the homeless encampment is not feasible, I think that reporting the dogs to law enforcement may be necessary. There are other ways to deal with the issue, but they're severe. You are in a bit of a bind for sure.
  6. Used to watch his TV show when I was a kid. One show had him at his home pool, shaped like a piano complete with keys, which he "played" on by running from one key to the next . Great showman, amazing piano player.
  7. Found some on Amazon. The smallest looks to be about 6.3 inches in height and 7.7 inches wide. The details are there but you have to search through the ads to find them.
  8. From an old CAS City thread on properly crimped rounds.
  9. VTI now lists part # 94 as the new style coil spring with instructions.
  10. I have my father-in-laws' police saber and scabbard from Sweden. Standard item in Europe "back when".
  11. Many '73s have had the lever safety removed when they were being tuned in the belief that the rifle can be made to fire more quickly. Others have had the spring on the safety lightened enough so that the rife can function easily enough with the part still in place. There are parts available on the VTI Gun Parts website (under Uberti 1873 rifles , Items 91 and 94 on the schematic). As Blackwater mentioned any competent gunsmith should be able to fit the parts or, perhaps one of your fellow shooters can help. The only way to know for sure is to take the stock off and look to see if there has been any alteration to the lower tang. Usually the parts drop in and the spring can be modified a bit so that the safety functions easily without having to eliminate it.
  12. Great outfits. Looks like you had a good time.
  13. If you have the time, build your own. Look at the pic Cypress added and look at the cart at the rear. Get wheels that size (easier to move cart over rough ground). I have built three costing no more than $25-$40 each. But ask around the club you shoot at; there's usually someone who has one available.
  14. Apparently she has been telling the story for years so she put it in the book to show how she is decisive and is prepared to do difficult things. Years ago, I remember, more than once, neighbors digging a hole and placing their animal in it and having it dispatched by the local PD, after which they covered up the hole. Back then dogs were considered by many to be protectors, hunters and such. There was a thread on here way back discussing dogs and their use and some folks never let them in their home but kept them outside to guard animals and property. Nowadays many more dogs are house pets and fashion accessories. Just look at videos on sites such as Facebook where the dogs are considered "brothers" or "sisters" to young children. Sort of like the Bambi effect where deer are portrayed as having human qualities.
  15. I think the rule is that if you're selling guns for a profit then you need an FFL. Rule is vague enough (which is the point ) that it can be interpreted broadly or narrowly, as the case may be. Folks who are on web sites constantly selling firearms may fall under the rule.
  16. As JB said, however, what caused the OOB discharge? You wrote that you were having trouble cycling rounds. Was that the first time? New ammo? Cases not properly sized? I don't know if any replacement parts can be had, which is an issue others have reported on. Are you near the Paradise Pass club in Etna Green? Deuce Stevens might be able to help you out if you aren't near a cowboy gunsmith. Good luck. Tex
  17. This piece is from Intellinews on the MSN website from yesterday. Ukrainian forces are withdrawing US-provided Abrams M1A1 main battle tanks from the front lines after at least five have been destroyed by cheap Russian drones, according to the AP. A loud cheer went up amongst Ukraine’s support when the US announced in January 2023 it would deliver a battalion of Abrams tanks to Ukraine. The hope was that 31 US made tanks, which are far superior to the Russian T-72 tank that is in wide use by Russia’s forces, would be a game changer. The Abrams has better front armour and a more powerful gun that can penetrate the Russian tanks armour. By October 2023, all 31 tanks had been successfully delivered, as confirmed by officials. However, the evolving dynamics of warfare, particularly the proliferation of Russian surveillance and hunter-killer drones, have dramatically altered the operational landscape. It turned out that the Abrams were more vulnerable to Russian attacks than previously believed. The Russian forces avoided head-to-head clashes between tanks that they were likely to lose and instead adopted a new tactic: attacking the Abrams with swarms of drones that targeted tanks weak points: typically the point where the turret meets the body, the rear covering of the engine and the top of the tank where the armour is thinnest. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) played on these weaknesses in the early days of the war, using US-supplied Javelin missiles that swoop upwards before reaching their target before dropping down on the roof of the Russian tanks. As Soviet designers had chosen to store all the tank’s rounds in the turret, these would then explode and cause the Russian tanks to “pop their tops” killing everyone inside. According to the US officials speaking to AP, the Russian drones have been very effective and led to the loss of five Abrams tanks on the battlefield, prompting a reassessment of their deployment. One senior military official, speaking anonymously, said another problem was the Russian forces usually had plenty of warning when an Abrams tank was on the way thanks to extensive drone surveillance. 'There isn't open ground that you can just drive across without fear of detection.' While Ukraine led in the use and development of drones in the first year of the war, Russia has been pouring money into its military industrial complex and has now overtaken Ukraine in terms of both the quantity and quality of drones that it is producing, as well as all its munition supplies in general. German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said on TV on April 25 that the heavy state investment into the military industrial complex and conversion of civilian production to military has resulted in Russia producing more arms than it needs, with the surplus heading to warehouses rather than the front line. Pistorius suggested that Russia is preparing for a long war or could be thinking about expanding the conflict to include other countries. “Now you can be naïve and say he (President Vladimir Putin) is doing it just out of caution,” Pistorius stressed. “As a sceptical person, I would say in this case that he’s doing it because he has [other] plans…” This investment is also altering the balance of power for tanks. Earlier this year, the Russian defence ministry announced that it had inducted over 1,500 new main battle tanks in 2023 to support its war campaign, whereas Forbes reported in December that Ukraine is down to 350, most of which are the Soviet warhorse, a modified T-72 tank. “Now you can be naïve and say he (President Vladimir Putin) is doing it just out of caution,” Pistorius stressed. “As a sceptical person, I would say in this case that he’s doing it because he has [other] plans…” This investment is also altering the balance of power for tanks. Earlier this year, the Russian defence ministry announced that it had inducted over 1,500 new main battle tanks in 2023 to support its war campaign, whereas Forbes reported in December that Ukraine is down to 350, most of which are the Soviet warhorse, a modified T-72 tank. And money is increasingly an issue. US funding for Ukraine began to dry up last summer, and the US ranout of money for Ukraine completely in January. After four months of dithering, Congress finally voted through a $61bn aid package on April 20 that will allow military supplies to resume. However, while thelist of weapons to be sent to Ukraine includes Bradley APC and more Javelins, notably there is no mention of any more tanks. The Abrams had previously been seen as “one of the world’s mightiest” battle tanks, according to Col. Reisner commenting on the effectiveness of the Russian drones. “Welcome to the 21st century — it’s unbelievable, actually,” he said of the changing nature of warfare. The Abrams tanks have been temporarily removed from the front lines, with plans underway for the US and Ukraine to have a rethink and collaborate on adapting tactics to the evolving threat environment, according to US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Adm. Christopher Grady. 'When you think about the way the fight has evolved, massed armour in an environment where unmanned aerial systems are ubiquitous can be at risk,' Grady said, as cited by Euromaidan Press. The US had previously provided training to Ukrainian forces on tank operation and combined arms warfare tactics at the Grafenwoehr Army base in Germany in spring 2023. However, officials noted that since then, Ukrainian forces have not fully utilised the Abrams tanks or implemented combined arms warfare strategies effectively. Likewise, Germany sent about five squadrons of its equally powerful Leopard main battle tanks that have been equally disappointing. At least 11 of the 21 sent have been destroyed or damaged and taken out of action, Forbes reported in December. The majority of the Leopard 2A6 tanks sent to Ukraine by Germany are no longer functioning, a senior politician for the German Greens said in January.
  18. There's all sorts of information on the internet, some correct, some wrong, mostly opinion. How many hours, days, weeks do you want to spend discussing it? Good luck.
  19. Short answer is no for regular matches.
  20. Bear, You may already know this but the Australian firm that services Rugers is NIOA, as listed on Ruger's website. The same outfit that bought out Barrett. Phone: 7-3621-9999 e mail: sales@nioa.com.au It's best to contact them as the problem seems to be over rotation of the cylinder, for what ever reason, but the "fix" may require some 'smithing.
  21. John, I checked mine and forget everything I wrote above. The spring set up on the Miroku is different than the Uberti. The right side (carrier) spring fits as normal, but the left side (lever) spring is backwards, i.e. the pin makes contact with lever differently. If you put them in and cycle the action you will see what I mean. I did note that the spring pins are thicker on mine (no action work done). It's possible yours may have been thinned out.
  22. John, Put this question on the Wire not the classifieds. Short answer to your question is the orientation of the springs should be as indicated on the schematic. I would contact the previous owner and ask.
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