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  1. Anyone in the Omaha area, Guns Unlimited has a pallet of these and they're $99.99 a case. I picked up 5 last week and there's still over 100 cases sitting there as of Saturday.
  2. OK so I've decided it's time for me to start reloading my own shotgun shells as both the wife and I are shooting more matches every year. I've been doing some research but since I'm new to shotgun reloading I thought I would start here and get some advice from people that have been doing this for a while. I have many questions.... 1 - What press is good for reloading 12 gauge without breaking the bank? Between the two of us we probably shoot about 6 cases of shells a year. 2 - What is the best shot size for our sport? I currently use 7.5. 3 - What powder do you use? Do you load at the minimum end of the load specs? 4 - What shell cases hold up best to reloading - how many times can you reload them? 5 - Does the wad choice matter much? As long as the size is correct, is one better than the other for our sport? 6 - Does the primer brand matter or is any 209 acceptable? Finally, what are some good places to purchase the above supplies? Thanks for any input you have!! Star Shooter
  3. To all of you that currently use a Dillon 750 press...I just purchased my first one after using a single stage press for a few years. My question is...how do you all feel about the strong mount? Is it a must have? What are the benefits and why would a person use it install of installing directly on the bench? Thanks in advance for the help!! SS
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