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  1. Good news! We had an excellent shoot today with over 60 Cowboys, Cowgirls, and Law Enforcement types squaring off for the shoot. The Cowboys shot steel and the cops shot paper targets situated right above the Cowboy Steel targets so that everyone shot the same scenarios. After 5 stages the top 4 Cowboys and the Top 4 cops held a 2 stage shootoff with the team with the lowest total time as the winner. The Cowboys team of Preacher Kid, Alamo Andy, Slowaz Molasses, and Reverend Trinity shot some smoking stages and took the trophy this time. Thanks to all who came out and especially to our law enforcement personnel (we had 11 LEO shooters) who joined us in a day of fun. We had some tasty fried fish, tater tots, french fries and hush puppies from the Hill Country 100 Club, and we raised some good money for them. Put this on your calendar for next year.
  2. Wow! What a great response. We now have 46 Cowboys/girls and 9 Lawmen for total of 55. I know it is not a lot of lawmen, but they are potent. If you are not signed up and have the chance to come, still time to do so.We will permit walk on shooters on Saturday morning but to assure we have enough free lunch, we need a heads-up email or phone call by Wednesday, March 27 to: tp1836@prodigy.net 512-964-9955 call or text
  3. I took a picture of the sign. The two web listings are info@kiwikidscowboytours.com and www.kiwikidscowboytours.com. Phone is 1-415-574-1559.
  4. See below. I forgot to mention--free beer! (after the shoot) View this email in your browser Cops & Cowboys Annual Shootout! WHEN: 5th Saturday, March 30, 2019 WHERE: 8545 Ranch Road 1623, Blanco There's an Old West Cowboy Town near Blanco, Texas just west of Austin. All year long, up to 70 cowboys shoot at monthly matches with Old West guns and wear Old West costumes. It's a sight to see! Once a year, the Cowboys test their Old West guns against modern weapons at the Cops & Cowboys Annual Shootout. Who will win? Come see how modern semi-auto weapons stack up against single action revolvers, Winchester '73 rifles, and double barrel coach guns--the Cowboys shouldn't stand a chance. Surprise! Mere seconds determine the outcome! Cowboys, how fast are you against a semi-auto? Come find out! The match fee is only $40. You get: 1. A five-stage match at an Old West Town; 2. A fried catfish lunch; 3. Free beer donated by Real Ale Brewing of Blanco; 4. To help the Hill County 100 Club; 5. See who's faster; and 5. Winners get belt buckles & names on perpetual trophy! Sign up today! Match proceeds are donated to the Hill Country 100 Club, which helps widows and children of cops & first responders killed or injured in their line of duty. Spectators are welcome at No Charge! MORE INFORMATION: www.tejascaballeros.net Thomas Pollock: tp1836@prodigy.net Tel: 512-964-9955 https://www.facebook.com/hc100club/ The Shootout is organized and promoted by: 1. Texas Republic Ranches Legacy Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization (http://texasrepublicranches.org) 2. The Tejas Caballeros Cowboy Shooting Club (www.tejascaballeros.net) 3. Necessary financial support for the event is provided by Texas Hill Country area citizens and businesses. Farr Ranger VP Tejas Caballeros Registration form. pdf Registration Form.doc Cops and Cowboys 2018 Cabs Facebook Page Cabs Website Cabs Yahoo Group Texas Republic Ranch 8545 RR 1623 Blanco TX 78606 Our email address is: info@tejascaballeros.org Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
  5. Thank you on behalf of the Texas Republic Ranches Legacy Foundation, the Hill Country 100, and the Tejas Caballeros. Hope you can make it.
  6. Back to our regularly scheduled program..... The lawmen use jacketed ammo supplied at no charge to them by Parabellum Bullets, a great sponsor of the match. The lawmen shoot paper targets set adjacent to the steel we shoot. The lawmen have a few ringers that come every year--cowboy shooters who are lawmen and know our sequences and practices. It is all good, but the cowboys need to step up our game.
  7. We would love to have you back Phantom. And good on you shooting on the same posse with that fellow today with nothing but good happening. Anyway, we are looking for shooters of all kinds, and the entry fee supports a good cause and includes a good lunch. Come on down!
  8. No charge for the return UPS as far as I know. The online offer is for repair service, which apparently includes the return shipment.
  9. I just had a good experience with PACT Timer repair. Our club had 5 timers that needed repair. Went online, paid for a repair, and sent in 5 timers on Monday. On Friday I got all the timers back, fixed. A lot better than I expected. New batteries, sensitivity adjusted, problems resolved. They repaired timers that we have been using for 12 years. I was impressed.
  10. Here is a video from last year's Cops and Cowboys. Good effort by Rusty Shackleford, but we could use some more help.
  11. The Tejas Caballeros need you to come help us defend our honor against the cops who are shooting against us in the 3d annual Cops and Cowboys Shootout scheduled for Saturday March 30, 2019. This event, inspired by our recently departed Jim No Horse, is sponsored by the Texas Republic Ranches Legacy Foundation, a charitable nonprofit devoted to preserving the traditions of the Old West and Cowboy Action Shooting. Proceeds from the event benefit the Hill Country 100 Club, an all volunteer organization devoted to assisting the families of fallen law enforcement officers. The Tejas Caballeros are hosting the event and running the shoot. Here is a link to the entry form: http://tejascaballeros.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/CC-2019-Cowboy-Registration.pdf In the last 2 events, the cops have taken the trophy, but this time we want a different outcome. But even if you aren’t the fastest shooter around, this is still a worthy cause that deserves your support. We will shoot 6 stages in a one day shoot. The Hill Country 100 Club is providing the lunch for free, and the cost is just $40. Even better, this event will give you a chance to shoot at Determination, Texas, the Cowboy Action Shooting range set up on a 99 year lease at the Texas Republic Ranch just outside Blanco, Texas. The Tejas Caballeros have been working hard building stages and buying and building targets to make this range a showcase for Cowboy Action Shooting. Ya’ gotta shoot the Cabs! http://tejascaballeros.net/
  12. Congratulations to Hud, The Classic Cowboy National Champion. As he said above, everyone who stuck it out and shot this match is a champion. Great job Hud, but i'm comin' for ya next year. Way to exemplify the Classic Cowboy creed by being willin' even when the weather is bad.
  13. We will try. Note to attendees: the Buffalo Chip has arranged for our event to be indoors. Don't let weather keep you from attending.
  14. Major Art:


    Cayenne Kay is not going to be able to attend but her husband Sixgun Seamus sent me some photos and a writeup about her. Since I plan to post that at the Buffa;lo Chip, I was thinking that maybe I should have something from you as well. Here is what Seamus sent me:


    Maybe you could give me something similar or maybe have a friend do it?



    Cayenne Kay color.jpg

    Cayenne Kay Just the Facts.docx

  15. The Plum Creek Shooting Society is once again hosting the Battle of Plum Creek the first weekend in November. 10 stages over 2 days. RV hookups, dry camping, a bunkhouse, and a hotel room are all available on site. With its spacious Pavilion for meals and an authentic Western town to shoot out of, the Battle of Plum Creek is a hoot to shoot. More details as we get closer, but put it on your schedule for the fall of 2019. Details at plumcreekss.org.
  16. Of course! Only depends on the date and the location.
  17. We will miss you Chili Pepper Kid. And no, it is not a requirement that you have a pepper in your name to be recognized. But good catch.
  18. Note that we have updated the announcement with notice that we have a $14.95 all you can eat barbq bargain and asking you to let us know if you might be coming so we can give them an approximate headcount.
  19. Classic Cowboy Dinner at Winter Range-Buffalo Chip 6:30 pm Thursday February 21. We are back at it again folks. At Winter Range we will have a whole heap of Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls, folks thinking about becoming Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls, and others who just enjoy being around us. So we like to have a get together for anyone who wants to come at which we recognize our Classic Cowboy and Cowgirl Shootists of the Year for the past year. These are folks who have shown themselves to be willing to shoot the big calibers one handed and master the mystery of the hammered shotgun while promoting the category for others to try. We had many worthy candidates, and our winners for 2018 are Major Art Tillery and Cayenne Kay. We will convene at the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek for dinner at 6:30 Thursday February 21, which is the first day of the match. Here is a link to their website.https://buffalochipsaloon.com/ We know that the Cowboy Swap Meet has been changed to that day starting at 5:30 pm, but our hope is that you can get your shopping done early and come out. And we will be there for a good while, with the presentation of the Buckles taking place no earlier than 7:30. Lots of good times and camaraderie to be had. Put it on your schedule for Winter Range! Update: the Magnificent Seven (well, really Augustus Goodnight, but we asked him) have arranged for a cut rate deal on the Buffalo Chip dinner with a $14.95 all you can eat barbq deal. Just go through and tell them you are with the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Dinner. Drinks are on your own. They asked us for a headcount, so let us know if you are coming or hope to come. See you there! 2/20 Update: The Buffalo Chip has arranged for the dinner to be held inside. The waether should not be a problem. Come on down and honor our new Shootists of the year.
  20. Oops! I didn't get the memo. We are starting an hour later. So here is the correct start time: 8:30 ~ Range Opens 9:00 - 9:30 ~ Registration, Free Coffee, Juice, Pastries , Breakfast Tacos 9:45 ~ Safety Meeting (Mandatory) 10:00 ~ Hammers Down, (Inaugural Shoot Begins) I hope that you can make it.
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