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  1. Good shootin' Bud. Glad you are there representing the best in Classic Cowboy tradition.
  2. Still time to let us know you are coming. While the drinking at the Buffalo Chip starts at 6 and dinner is at 7, the awards will likely be closer to 8pm. So even if you can;'t make the cocktail hour or even the dinner, come out and honor our Classic Cowboy and Classic Cowgirl Shootists of the Year. Stirrup Trouble and Mattie Mahala West.
  3. I heard from Mattie Mahala West that she will try to make it to the Buffalo Chip if the Army will let her loose for a little while. It would be great to have both our winners there.
  4. It will be a pleasure to meet this Stirrup Trouble guy and see what all the fuss is about. Hope we can have more folks join us.
  5. Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls, those who enjoy shooting with Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls, and anyone else at Winter Range are all invited to the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Dinner at the Buffalo Chip Restaurant on Thursday, February 27, 2020. The Buffalo Chip is at 6823 Cave Creek Road, pretty much due east from Winter Range about 30 minutes off the Carefree highway. This is the occasion when we honor our winners of the Classic Cowboy/Classic Cowgirl Shootists of the Year for the previous year. This time we recognize Stirrup Trouble and Mattie Mahala West. Doors open at 6 pm for cocktail hour; dinner ($14.95 a person) is at 7 pm and the awards will take place shortly after dinner. The Buffalo Chip has facilities outside and inside, so we can work it whatever the weather dishes out. Let us know if you plan to come so we can get an approximate headcount—but don’t hesitate to come on out even if you haven’t told us. We will make room so we can recognize these great shooters who are willin’ to follow the Classic Way.
  6. Come on down Al! We would love to see you again and this is the perfect time to do it. Tejas Caballeros is where I attended my first intro to Cowboy Action Shooting class and I have been hooked ever since.
  7. The Tejas Caballeros are hosting a free shoot on Saturday January 18, 2020 at their Determination, Texas range near Blanco, Texas. Also hosting a chili, cobbler, and cornbread cookoff, so lots of good food there as well. Great opportunity to try out the range if you haven't been or come back and shoot with the Cabs if it has been awhile. Announcing the 2020 Homecoming Shoot. A gift to members and guests of the Tejas Caballeros Cowboy Shooting Club. In this season of gifts and giving the Governing Body of the Tejas Caballeros Cowboy Shooting Club has voted to offer a gift to its members and guests who have contributed to the success of the club. All are welcome and all are free. If you haven;t been to our range at Determination Texas, here is a low cost way to try it out. You will get some good food too. Saturday January 18, 2020 the Tejas Caballeros offer a completely FREE HOMECOMING SHOOT. There’ll be fast new stages to shoot and a sprinkling of ‘old time’ just for fun shooting scenarios of when Cowboy Shooting was less about how fast one shot and more about just having fun. And, there is more! A Chili Cooking Contest A Fruit Cobbler Cooking Contest A Cornbread Cooking Contest With trophy and cash prize for the best cooks! All of this and more celebrating Cowboy Action Shooting and the folks who’ve made it so much fun for the Tejas Caballeros Cowboy Shooting Club. 3rd Saturday, January 18, 2020 Determination Texas 8545 Ranch Road 1623 Blanco, TX 78606 Homecoming Registration 2020.doc
  8. Major Art:


    Cayenne Kay is not going to be able to attend but her husband Sixgun Seamus sent me some photos and a writeup about her. Since I plan to post that at the Buffa;lo Chip, I was thinking that maybe I should have something from you as well. Here is what Seamus sent me:


    Maybe you could give me something similar or maybe have a friend do it?



    Cayenne Kay color.jpg

    Cayenne Kay Just the Facts.docx

  9. Oops! I didn't get the memo. We are starting an hour later. So here is the correct start time: 8:30 ~ Range Opens 9:00 - 9:30 ~ Registration, Free Coffee, Juice, Pastries , Breakfast Tacos 9:45 ~ Safety Meeting (Mandatory) 10:00 ~ Hammers Down, (Inaugural Shoot Begins) I hope that you can make it.
  10. Actually, The range opens around 7:30 am. There will be free coffee, juice, breakfast tacos, etc. Safety meeting will be at 8:45 with hammers down at 9 am. Should be some good fun. The Mine Cart is back, the Saloon is back, and we have added the Jail for those reprobates that need it (Listening No Horse?). We also have the Outlaw Cabin, a first for Central Texas shooting, where we get to Go Downrange in shooting. Ought to be a hoot. Come on out this Saturday January 21 and help us christen this new venue.
  11. Hey Larson. I asked for Senior Classic Cowboy. If enough of us ask for that, will that be a recognized category? Ghost and I are long in the tooth, and I suspect we can scare up 4 or 10 others.
  12. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a swift recovery, Want to see him out there shooting again soon.
  13. I think it is a good idea for every annual to give the shooter something to remember the shoot by. But I wouldn't call it a "participation award " as that has some bad overtones in today's world. At Plum Creek we reserve the buckles or trophies for those who place in the top 5 or top 3 depending on the category and number of folks in the category. What we give away to all shooters I would not call it an award--we include them in the shooter's packet when they check in. We always provide the shooter with an identification pin with their name on it and the name and date of the shoot. We also have given out a coffee mug, a pen, a bag for empties with the name of the shoot on it, and other similar items with the view that someone who pays a fee to attend an annual should have something tangible to remember the shoot by even if they don't place high enough to win a buckle. I have a whole collection of the shooter identification pins from annuals that I keep around, and I use the bags and coffee cups and pens I have gotten from other shoots regularly. Every time I pick one up it recalls to me that fun I had there. Such gifts provide a longer term value in addition to the memories.
  14. Planning to get my application in the mail today. Great place to shoot and great people. Glad they are stepping up to help the TSRA political action committee, especially with the legislative session coming up.
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