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  1. Are you instituting “failure to engage?”
  2. Me?? One “ P”.. for inadvertently hitting a rifle target with a pistol.. one miss .. for failure to engage the already downed rifle target..
  3. I’ve been shooting 125 grain TC since starting back in ‘03.. loaded with 3.2 grains of TrailBoss in pistols and 3.6 grains of TrailBoss in rifle.. I have never had a knock down failure with either.. Justsayin’..
  4. I have been shooting my double trigger Stoeger since 2003.. When I am done shooting a match.. I go to my stagecoach.. Close my Stoeger.. pull both triggers and put it in the case.. No muss.. no fuss.. no worry.. Just sayin..
  5. Reckon I gotta say the T.O. Was wrong in his call..
  6. It’s Mongo Don’t see anything wrong with it except he ain’t got no guns
  7. In my younger years I posted some of my best times with Cowboy and Indian’s 3rd. Generation.. I thought I need to get faster.. I need the PGW Super Short Stroke.. It never performed ( by me) any better The CI 3rd. Gen was easier to operate and just as fast (for me) Just sayin’
  8. Kinda sounds like a gamer gone wrong Atta boy Matthew fer Gavin’ it a try anyway
  9. I’ve been shooting a Stoeger Coach gun fer 20 years.. My wife Lacey has one too.. They are both double triggers.. and I also have replaced the firing pins.. never had a misfire with them but was just upgrading instead of worrying.. My recommendation.. Stoeger..
  10. Reading the original scenario.. They should have both (A&B) received a Spirit of the Game penalty.. Shooter A admitted to what he had done.. Shooter B explained that on a previous match he lost count and the TO said it didn’t matter at that point.. he already had a P.. so he jut dumped it.. That can now be his excuse forever?? He should of found out the correct way to handle a brain fade by his next match.. Just my thinkin’
  11. I have been shootin’ my old models since I started in ‘03.. 357cal. models but all they’ve ever seen were 38’s..
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