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  1. I’m thinkin some Grandparents did something right.. Spirit of the Game is one of my most cherished awards.. You done good.. and you folks can be deservedly proud of them..
  2. Our state match..years ago.. I was awarded.. the ”Spirit of the Game” award.. meant a lot back to me then and still does..
  3. Just a thought?? Have ya thought of sanding down the frame side of the grips?? Yeah.. you’d have to keep them flat and put pressure on the area ya want thinned.. just sayin..
  4. Reckon I’m kinda in this camp.. I want my pistols to stay in during fast movement or stops.. just another point of view
  5. Guys.. if you read all the thread.. he solved his problem.. Just sayin..
  6. And a BIG ATTA BOY to you folks!! Ya done good..
  7. You also (on yer ‘73) might tighten the hammer spring screw about a quarter turn at a time until ya get good hammer strikes.. they do look a little light.. just sayin..
  8. Fellow cowboy shooters.. maybe I’m too pessimistic here.. if ya think so I apologize for this post.. but we have a guest (outsider) on our sight wanting our help.. Says he’s wanting us to join him in his lawsuit.. If he asks for funds to be sent.. I certainly would beware.. I have waited quite a while to post on this thread.. but my first thought Thursday when I read his first post.. “He may be a scammer himself” He has all the right answers to everything.. Yeah I know.. pessimistic.. but just beware.. Just sayin..
  9. Good morning Popcorn.. Creeker and Sixgun.. probably hit the nail on the head.. Biggest thing on the badge should be “Shooters Name”.. centered and in contrasting bold color.. I completely enjoyed the Illinois State Shoot but yeah.. the badges were hard to read.. I had to get real close and stare at it to read the name.. Other than that keep doin’.. what yer doin’.. Just sayin.. Rance..
  10. Thanks fellers.. Seems out of 11 replies.. 9 use some sort of lubricant.. Reckon I’ll take that input and use it..
  11. Fellow ‘73 cowboy shooters.. With your ‘73’s with modern smokeless powder (non black powder) Are you running your brass carrier lubed or dry? If lubed.. what type of lube? Thanks Rance
  12. Deuce.. says yer mailbox is full.. This ain’t really the place but.. Are ya still making 110 grain TC lead? Thanks Rance
  13. Hey Deuce.. says ya can’t receive any messages.. Are ya still doing 110 grain TC lead? thanks Rance
  14. Ok.. I figured it out.. When I would turn it upside down and back I could hear a slight click.. I took the side plates off and a pin fell out that belonged in the left side spring.. I don’t know if that is the carrier or lever spring but it was on the left side.. I took the spring out.. reinstalled the pin.. put the spring back in.. and v-u-a-l-l-a.. fixed.. thanks for your patience.. just sayin’ Rance
  15. Uberti 1873 .. 18” barrel 38 special.. Pioneer Gunworks Super short stroke.. I was down in the basement dry firing.. no dummy rounds.. rifle works great every time.. Don’t know why but I was messing to close the lever on a new restart of dry firing and I had the rifle upside down to close the lever.. don’t know why but I did.. The rifle completely locked up when trying to close the lever when gun is upside down.. Lever is stuck open.. I didn’t want to force it but when I turn it right side up closes easily.. I have tried (when upside down) pushing the carrier down to know avail.. it doesn’t move.. flip it over works again perfectly.. My other ‘73.. set up the same way closes easily upside down.. Suggestions please on what to look for.. Rance “I ain’t a gunsmith..”
  16. I haven’t been on here much fer the past 2 years.. My old IPad (which was about 12-14 years old) stopped me when SASS changed something a couple years back.. I could read but not post.. Well yesterday I got a new IPad series 9.. and it let me back on.. So.. I reckon I’m sorry for you folks.. but I’m back.. Rance..
  17. Sounds like I'm gonna try to get the Hogue grip for it.. I have read the reviews on it and they were all good.. Thanks folks.. I usually count on the SASS wire for helpin' out a fellow cowpoke..
  18. I purchased a Ruger LCR 380 for concealed carry.. It kicks (recoils) real hard... Considering the new Ruger 9mm .. the real small one.. Less kick/recoil? Suggestions? Thanks..
  19. I was asked a couple years ago from a friend about this very thing.. I had some Federal small pistol.. Like now you couldn't find them anyplace.. I told him I would check 4 different dealers prices.. (all of them out of stock of course) and average their prices.. he agreed.. said it seemed fair.. We did business..
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