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  1. Howdy M. M. Wright I sent you a email and also a P.M. Thanks Buckey
  2. Howdy I'm looking for a uncut butt stock for a Winchester 94 carbine. I'm trying to replace a butt stock on my 1953 vintage carbine. I would like to find an original stock if possible. Thanks Buckey
  3. Looking for a single stage reloading press. Helping a pard to get started in reloading. Just let me know if you have one that is no longer used and gathering dust. Thanks Buckey
  4. Congratulations Oregonian nice pair of Rugers. You have been on quite a spending spree lately. Enjoy
  5. Looking for a Ruger Old Model Vaquero in 44-40 Blued in a 4 5/8 barrel. Trying to locate a revolver to complete a pair for a pard starting out in CAS. Thanks for looking
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