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  1. For Sale 500 pieces of 44-40 brass. Appears to be once fired. 250 pieces are Starline, and 250 pieces are CBC. $175.00 Shipped Thanks Buckey
  2. These Barrels and Stocks are left over parts from builds years ago. 4- Wooden Stocks 2- Blued Barrels 1- Stainless Barrel SPF Includes sights and barrel bands. $90.00 Barrel and Stock - Shipped $45.00 Barrel or Stock Shipped I can send photos if requested. Thanks Buckey
  3. For Sale RCBS Trim Pro brass trimmer. Includes .25 cal. pilot and #04 shell plate. $45.00 shipped.
  4. I posted a wanted to buy a Taurus Raging Judge and was contacted by Couture that he had one for sale. Asked for my email address to send photos and information which he did. Still not sure if he is for real. Guess might have to ask for more I.D. and a photo of him holding firearm. You can never be to careful in dealing with non SASS members. Thats kind of funny that he has posted other things for sale to other SASS members.
  5. Howdy I know it's a long shot but I'm looking for a Tauras Raging Judge revolver with a 6 1/2-inch BBL. They are chambered in .45 LC, .410 shotshell and .454 Casull. If anyone has one that they are interested in selling I'm in the market for one. Thanks Buckey
  6. Howdy Three Foot Looks like a done deal. I will take it. Sent PM Thanks Buckey
  7. Howdy Looking for a S&W 500 with a 8 3/8" barrel. IF anyone has one for sale I'm interested in purchasing. Thanks Buckey
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